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A summary of B2B sales and business best practices for LinkedIn.


  • 1. Gold Mobile | LinkedIn Best Practices | Version 1.01
  • 2. Gold Mobile | LinkedIn Best Practices | Version 1.0Introduction to LinkedIn Best Practices:In this report you will find a compilation of the best practices for creating and maintaining your LinkedInprofile. Making the most out of your LinkedIn profile will not only help you build your own professionalbrand but also help us in representing Gold Mobiles greatest asset and thats our people.The website relaunch was just the first step in improving how we highlight our products and now it istime to take the second step, to show that you, us, are what make Gold Mobile the premier company towork with.The Best Practices of LinkedIn:LinkedIns profiles may seem pretty straight forward; you have a picture, name, headline, summary,experiences, education, connections, and recommendations. Thats eight different aspects of yourprofile alone that you can take advantage of. But wait thats not all! LinkedIn also incorporates a robustsearch and prospecting tool, a messaging service, tool and app platform, and a dizzying array of industryand interest specific networking groups.So the first best practice of LinkedIn is not to think of it as a social media site, but rather it is anetworking platform. And the second best practice is that your profile is never complete; it needs tobe continually updated and maintained, weekly if not daily.Your Profile Picture:The profile picture on any social media site is the first thingpeople look at, study after study confirms this. SinceLinkedIn is a site for professional networking, your pictureshould represent the professional in you, not the goof ballyour friends know. A picture doesnt have to be professionally taken but it helps You should be dressed business casual or business professional Your demeanor should be inviting, friendly, and amiable Take special note of the shape of a photo as well, the picture to the right might look more professional but would have to be cropped into a square to use with LinkedIn which then wouldnt look as good as the one on the left2
  • 3. Gold Mobile | LinkedIn Best Practices | Version 1.0Your Name and Headline:The best practices here are to correctly spell your name and use proper capitalization. It happens andyoull see it fairly often, some may not take LinkedIns opportunities seriously enough or are rushing justto get their profile complete. Your name should also include your name and any titles or salutationsyouve earned. Examples might include Dr., Ph.D., M.B.A., J.D., etc Proper use of your name andsalutations helps prospects in locating yourprofile, especially if you have a common name.The headline is just below your name is oftenconsidered a place for your current job title, butthats not correct it can be so much more. Theheadline has 120 characters available for youruse and should be a space for you to leverageyour personal brand as well as a place to targetkeywords.Examples of Fully Utilized Headlines: Web and Social Media Manager |SEO, SEM, & Content Management |Social Media Marketing Blogger Product & Project Manager | Team Lead | Mobile Marketing Implementation and Mobile CMS Expert Sr. Sales Representative | Specializing in Food Service Mobile Transactions and Enterprise Loyalty RewardsFor Sales Representative we would like you to focus your headline on your sales vertical and key productofferings that loyalty decision makers or expertise-seekers might search for. A well worded and properlyorganized LinkedIn profile could very well put you in the spotlight where individuals will reach out to youfor your expertise.For our Support people we would like you to also focus your headline on your title, function, and area ofparticular expertise. Again people that are active in groups, have a well organized profile, and regularlyupdate are often asked for their thoughts on various subjects related to their background.LinkedIn Connections:There are two theories on which are the best way to have connections on LinkedIn, Quality or Quantity.LinkedIns philosophy is Quality connections are better than having a plethora of connections, and evengoes so far as to limit the number of connections a person may have. Ultimately however this depends3
  • 4. Gold Mobile | LinkedIn Best Practices | Version 1.0on your strategy and your personality, if youre trying to build a large connection of people that will seeyour updates and which you can contact later without using one of the paid for plans; quantity may bethe way you want to go. Or maybe you want to develop a pool of people that you know in your industry,and who know you. People that you believe when you ask them for an introduction or arecommendation they will reliably provide you with a good reference.A few other best practices to use with your connections:LinkedIn has a 3,000 connection soft cap to reduce spam and unwanted connections. What this means isthat when you send out a connection request to another user you can do that 3,000 times until LinkedInstops you from sending out more. However this is a soft cap, once you reach the 3,000 you can sendLinkedIn Support a message explaining your situation and need for additional connections. They thenwill most likely lift your cap for another 500-1,000 people. Each time you reach this new cap you cansend another request to raise the cap but LinkedIn will consider each request based on your profile,feedback scores, and connection ratio (which is not clearly defined).Leading LinkedIn marketers believe that you should end emails with a prospect stating that you will sendthem an invitation to connect on LinkedIn shortly. The thought being that this provides you with anotherway to communicate with the prospect and with that prospects connections within the company. It alsohelps make your information readily available to them should they need it.Another best practice of LinkedIn connections is to review a persons profile for a few minutes prior to ameeting or call. Assuming they have filled out their LinkedIn profile you should be able to remember afew key details about them so that you have something in common to better relate to them and theircompany.And finally the last recommendation is not to SPAM your connections with messages or constant statusupdates about Gold Mobile products and services. Occasionally mentioning in a comment on anothersstatus is acceptable as long as it is applicable to the subject at hand. Dont be afraid to share outsidearticles regularly and often, but vary the content so that your connections are interested in what you aresharing.4
  • 5. Gold Mobile | LinkedIn Best Practices | Version 1.0The Summary dont Underutilize it:Many people neglect their personal summary, fill itdirectly from their resume, or worse dont use it atall. Develop your professional brand andincorporate the Gold Mobile brand. This area is notonly great for you to summarize your specialtiesand strengths but it is also a great area to usekeywords to help your LinkedIn search ranking. Awell thought out and properly organizedprofessional summary will go a long way todemonstrate the understanding, insight, andunique abilities that you bring to your industry.Within the summary there is also a section forSpecialties which you focus on. This differs fromSkills and Expertise, which appears separately in your profile. When selecting your specialties you shouldonly pick 6-8 areas which you specifically specialize in. Examples of this could be, Loyalty Marketing,Mobile Marketing Implementation, Food Service Mobile Transactions, Social Media Management, etc. Itis common and acceptable to see keywords listed both Specialties and Skills and Experience; howeverSkills and Expertise should be a much more robust list. The second difference is that while Specialties arekeyword rich, they are not linked to keyword search like with Skills and Expertise.RecommendationsMatthew Levy a Senior HR Director for Johnson & Johnson and President of Corner Office CareerCoaching stresses the idea of being a Go-giver, as outlined in the book called The Go-Giver by BobBurg as the key behind gathering great LinkedIn recommendations.To the books author the key to success in business is giving rather than trying to receive and that youwill achieve more as a Go-giver than a Go-getter. In this case rather than soliciting LinkedInrecommendations, offer them and send them out to your connections. Following the template belowwill help you create references that are organized and which show thorough thought in therecommendation. Often your connections will return the favor with the same time and considerationthat you demonstrated in your recommendation. Matthew also suggests that if you are in the middle ofyour career you should have 10 or more recommendations to stand out in the minds of your prospects.5
  • 6. Gold Mobile | LinkedIn Best Practices | Version 1.0When creating a recommendation consider the following questions: What makes this person unique? What project did they work on which exceeded your expectations? Why do you like working/would you want to work with this person again? What hard skills and soft skills did they bring to the project? What accomplishments are notable from this project?ApplicationsLinkedIn like Facebook and Twitter is not just awebsite; it is a social media platform. LinkedIncan be used on many sites as a Single-Sign-On(