Social Selling Experts Share Best Practices Using LinkedIn

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  1. 1. Social Selling Experts Lightning SessionRalf VonSosenGlobal Head of MarketingLinkedIn Sales Solutions
  2. 2. JillRowley,SocialSellingEvangelistUsingsocialnetworkingtobuildyourprofessionalbrand.RonanKeane,Digital&SocialMmktgLeader,XOComm.UsingLinkedIntofindtherightpeople,connectwithprospect,andclosethedeal.JillKonrath,AuthorAGILESELLING,SNAPSelling,&SellingtoBigCosTransformingyourorganizaQonandgeRngsalesteamstoadoptsocialselling.
  3. 3. Jill RowleySocial Selling EvangelistUsing social networking tobuild your professional brand.
  4. 4. The ABCs of Social Selling Always Be Connecting@jill_rowley | #SocialSelling
  5. 5. Personal Branding on Twitter@jill_rowley #SocialSelling
  6. 6. When I was a quota carrying Sales Rep@jill_rowley #SocialSelling
  7. 7. Meet the Modern BuyerDigitally-driven@jill_rowley #SocialSellingSocially-connectedMobileEmpowered
  8. 8. Decision-makers are moreknowledgeable.Unlimitedaccesstoreal-QmeinformaQon"The best reps are not just present in social, they position themselves ascredible and influential sources in customer networks. Thisaboutyourcompany,products,compeaffords Qtors,them more customers,access to buyers.industryexperts- Sales andExecutive influencersCouncil
  9. 9. It all comes down to trust.
  10. 10. Always look at things through