2012 Selling on LinkedIn Playbook

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  • 1. 2012 LinkedIn Sales Playbook How To Leverage LinkedIn To Generate Sales Following the 3 Stage LinkedIn Sales Playbook Maximizes your Ability to Leverage LinkedIn to Generate New Sales. 1. Developing Your 12. Converting Event Attendees Profile Into Sales Opportunities 2. Adding Applications11. Creating and Promoting Events 3. Joining Groups10. Engaging In Group Linked 4. Posting Updates Discussions Lead Generation Roadmap 9. Creating Your Own 5. Following Prospects Linkedin Group 8. Establishing Yourself 6. Adding Connections As A thought Leader 7. Developing A Sales Strategy Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 1 1
  • 2. How To Leverage LinkedIn To Generate Sales There are 12 Key Components to a LinkedIn Sales Strategy and Each Component Is Critical To The Systems Ability To Generate Sales LinkedIn Lead Sales Playbook - Components 2012 LinkedIn Generation System- Components1 Developing Your Profile 7 Developing A Sales Strategy2 Adding Applications 8 Establishing Thought Leadership3 Joining Groups 9 Creating Your Own Group4 Posting Updates 10 Engaging In Group Discussions5 Following Prospects 11 Creating and Promoting Events6 Adding Connections 12 Converting Attendees Into Sales 2
  • 3. LinkedIn Lead Generation - Processes Within each LinkedIn Lead Generation System Component is a Set of Processes that Maximize the Overall Lead Generation Systems Effectiveness and EfficiencyBusiness Value of Executing the Key Benefits:LinkedIn Lead Generation Roadmap: Increased Lead Generation LinkedIn provides a unique and highly Faster Speedeffective method to quickly generate andmaintain a steady flow of new leads Higher Quality Executing the OE LinkedIn Lead Improved EffectivenessGeneration System provides a provenmethod to generate new leads quickly and Increased Efficiencyeffectively and with maximum efficiency Grow Sales Provides a sustainable competitive edge Increase Profitsand increases sales, profit and customergrowth capabilities Attract and Retain More Customers 3
  • 4. 1. Developing Your LinkedIn Profile Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile Is The Foundation Of Leveraging LinkedIn To Identify New Prospects and Generate New Leads.Business Value of Setting Up Your Key LinkedIn Profile Components:LinkedIn Profile: Image and headline LinkedIn is the foundation stone in Connections and recommendationsleveraging social media to generate newbusiness to business sales leads Website links The quality in which you set up your Summary and specialtiesprofile will play a significant role in your Applicationsability to leverage LinkedIn to identify newprospects and generate new leads Experience Skills Interests / associations / awards Contact information 4
  • 5. 2A. Adding LinkedIn Recommendations Adding Recommendations To Your LinkedIn Profile Is A Key Factor For LinkedIn Members In Determining Credibility and ValueBusiness Value of Adding Key Benefits:Recommendations: Eliminates prospect doubt Many professional business people use Establishes credibilityLinkedIn as a primary tool to gatherintelligence in making business decisions Adds value There are a small number of people that Increases profile viewsuse LinkedIn to mine data and then spammembers with non pertinent information Increases inquiries As a result, the number of Increases new lead opportunitiesrecommendations a LinkedIn member hason their profile is often a quick andeffective method for establishing thecredibility of the profile owner 5
  • 6. 2B. Adding LinkedIn Applications Adding LinkedIn Applications Increases The Ability To Market Your Offering Through Various, Effective Multimedia FormatsBusiness Value of Adding LinkedIn Key Benefits:Applications: LinkedIns application function allows Multimedia marketing presentationsyou to add Powerpoint, Video, Audio, Video presentationsPDF and event collateral to your profile Testimonials This allows you to convey product and Sales sheetsservice introductions, case studies,testimonials, industry studies and other Technical data sheetskey thought knowledge information in Podcasts and webcastsmultimedia formats that are significantlymore effective than standard emails thatwould be primary marketing andcommunication tools outside of theLinkedIn site 6
  • 7. 3. Joining LinkedIn Groups Joining LinkedIn Groups extends your network further to help identify new prospects and generate new leads.Business Value of Joining LinkedIn Key Benefits:Groups: Maximizes target prospect visibility Provides you with the ability to directly and increases contact capabilityaccess and communicate with key target Extends market reachprospects through multiple and highlyeffective internal LinkedIn communication Optimizes lead generationchannels. Provides the ability to post yourmarketing messages and events in view oflarge blocks of key decision makersincreasing event attendance and leadgeneration opportunities. 7
  • 8. 4. Posting LinkedIn Updates Posting LinkedIn Updates creates and maintains top of mind awareness, creates greater interest and increases lead generation opportunitiesBusiness Value of Posting LinkedIn Key Benefits:Updates: Establishes and maintains LinkedIn provides you with the ability to Thought Knowledge Leadershippost valuable information about your Increases event attendancetarget industry and market segmentswhich establishes you as a thought leader Generates inbound inquiriesand creates a competitive advantage in Provides leads w/ contact informationthe minds of your prospects Provides the ability to post yourmarketing messages and events in view oftarget prospects which increases eventattendance and new lead generationopportunities. 8
  • 9. 5. Following Prospects: Companies and Contacts Following companies and contacts on LinkedIn provides you with key business intelligence on target prospects that identifies new potential lead generation opportunities within target prospect accountsBusiness Value of Following Key Benefits:Companies / Contacts: Acquire key business intelligence LinkedIn provides you with the ability to Identify valid business reasonsset up filters that allow you to identifycompanies and contacts that meet your Notification of key decision makerideal customer profile. changes Following companies and contacts Generates new lead generationprovides you with up to date key business opportunitiesintelligence that can be leveraged to buildand maintain new business relationshipsand gen