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Personal Branding Playbook for LinkedIn. How to create a winning profile and establish a network using LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool and a social media channel.

Text of Personal Branding Playbook for LinkedIn

  • 1. Professional Branding Playbook

2. PROFESSIONALBrandingYour LinkedIn identity starts here.Products covered in this playbook:Personal ProfileLinkedIn GroupsPremium Subscriptions 3. Professional BrandingCreate awinning profile1 of 4Beginner:Put a face to your name.Professional headshotsgenerate more profileviews and drive higheroverall engagement.Including a photo in yourprofile brings it to life andlets people know yourefor real.Beginner:Tell your full story.Use the Summary andExperience sections ofyour profile to showcaseyour career and accom-plishments.These sectionsare foundational and helpestablish your brand onLinkedIn.Beginner:Create a punchy headline.Your headline is the firstthing people look at on yourLinkedIn profile. Try describingyourself creatively in one lineto capture peoples attention.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 3 4. Professional BrandingCreate awinning profile1 of 4Int ermediat e :Let your network speakfor you.Get endorsements andrecommendations fromcolleagues, employers,and customers who canspeak credibly about yourabilities and contributions.This will help catch the eyeof prospective customersand clients.Int ermediat e :Showcase your work.Nothing shows your qualityof work to potential businesscontacts better than rich,tangible examples. Uploador link to previous work, suchas blog posts, presentations,images, and websites, andgive people a reason toengage with you.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 4 5. Professional BrandingCreate awinning profile1 of 4Advanced :Optimize your profile for search.Get found! Add words or phrases throughoutyour profile that highlight your best skills toimprove your visibility in LinkedIn and Googlesearch results.Advanced :Create a unique URL.Choose a personalized URL to improve searchengine optimization (SEO) and make it easy forpeople to find you.Advanced :Link to the rest of your web presence.Maximize opportunities to showcase your workexperience by linking your LinkedIn Profile toyour websites, blogs, and other social platforms.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 5To learn more about unique URLs, go 6. Professional BrandingStay informed2 of 4Beginner: Follow relevant channels and Influencers.Stay informed and challenge your current thinking byfollowing channels and thought leaders (Influencers) relevant toyour industry or specialization.Beginner: Follow companies.Learn directly from industry leaders and best-in-class brands byfollowing companies on LinkedIn, getting their updates right inyour feed.Beginner: Find and join LinkedIn Groups.Look for groups relating to your industry, function, and careerinterest then join a few to stay up to date on trending topicsand news.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 6To learn more about channels and Influencers, goto 7. Professional BrandingEstablish yournetwork3 of 4Beginner:Connect with a broad range of contacts.Build your initial network by connectingwith colleagues, clients, friends, and family.Remember that building out your network helpsyou connect not only with who you know, butalso who they know.Int ermediat e :Reach out to fellow alumni.Broaden your network by connecting withmembers from your alma mater. Using UniversityPages, quickly sort alumni by function, location,and current company, and find contacts that willhelp you achieve your business goals.Im an alumnus hereWho you knowNotable alumnih e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 7514,820Similar schoolsUniversityExplore Careers of 228,521+ AlumniGeneral InformationShare something or ask a question...Find your peersFollowAustin, Texas Area 8. Professional BrandingEstablish yournetwork3 of 4Int ermediat e :Search on LinkedIn.Run a LinkedIn people search to find contactsthat might help you achieve your business goals.Use keywords and search filters like location andindustry to illustrate the type of connection yourelooking for.Advanced :Narrow down your results.Spend less time searching and more timeengaging use additional Premium search filterssuch as function, years of experience, and senioritylevel to quickly find the right business contact.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 8 9. Professional BrandingEstablish yournetwork3 of 4Advanced :Message potential contacts outside your network.Message any potential business contact on LinkedIn usingInMail, a Premium feature. On average, the response rate forInMail messages is 3x higher than email. Plus, if you dont geta response to your InMail within seven days, youll receiveanother InMail credit for free.Advanced :Stay in touch.Keeping an active line of communication with your contactsis key to maintaining a quality network. Use LinkedInContacts to set reminders and follow up with businesscontacts one day, one week, or one month down the road.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 9To learn more about LinkedIn Contacts, go 10. Professional BrandingBuild your brand4 of 4Beginner:Share updates with your network.Pass along interesting articles, news, or videosyou find informative. Not only will your networkappreciate getting this information, but theyll start tolook to you for expertise and insights.Beginner:Like, comment, or share updates you enjoy.Taking an action on updates keeps the conversationgoing and helps spread that information acrossLinkedIn. And remember, if you found it interesting,chances are your network will too.Int ermediat e :Integrate your personal brand into updates.Dont be shy. Promote your accomplishments,bodies of work, and other accolades throughsharing on LinkedIn. For every four updates coveringnews and trends, try sharing a post promoting yourpersonal brand.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 10 11. Professional BrandingBuild your brand4 of 4Int ermediat e :Get a deeper look at whosviewing your profile.With Whos Viewed Your Profile, see the types,industries, and locations of members viewingyou, as well as which keywords are beingused in LinkedIn search to find you. Use thisinformation to fine-tune your profile.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 11 12. Professional BrandingBuild your brand4 of 4Advanced : Engage in LinkedIn Groups.Use LinkedIn Groups as a public forum to discuss topicsand trends with thought leaders or experts. By providingknowledgeable insights, you can build a rapport with othertop contributors and eventually establish yourself as one, too.Advanced : Leverage existing content streams.Use successful business-oriented blog posts, articles,and updates from your other social platforms to create ahigh-quality stream of personal updates.Advanced : Link to your personal communications.Embed your LinkedIn profile into your email signature oradd your personalized profile URL to your business card. Thisprovides new contacts with an easy way to learn more about you.Advanced : Start a dialogue.Increase exposure for your posts and start a conversation arounda topic by mentioning companies or connections in updates.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 12 13. Professional BrandingchecklistMonthlychecklist:Review and update your profile,adding rich content to showcaseyour most recent work.Get recommended bycolleagues, customers, orbusiness partners.Set reminders to stay in touchwith important connections usingLinkedIn Contacts, or get in touchusing InMail and Introductions.Dailychecklist:Stay up to date on industrynews and insights using LinkedInchannels and Influencers assources.Build your reputation by postingquality updates.Weeklychecklist:Connect with new and existingbusiness contacts.Participate in LinkedIn Groupdiscussions relevant to yourindustry or function.Review whos viewing your profileto see if youre attracting the rightaudience.h e l p . l i n ke d i n . c o m 13 14. H I R I N GBui l d yourp i p e l ine1 o f 5Ready to get started? Great!Did you find the information in this guide helpful?Share your comments at