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LinkedIn Targeting Playbook

Contents1.What are the basics of targeting on LinkedIn?2.How to run account-based marketing campaigns with Account Targeting3.What are member personas and how can I use them?4.What are the LinkedIn Targeting best practices?2

Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionalsLinkedIn Marketing Solutions mission

Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals

Influenced by their professional networksOpinions from their professional peers impact personal buying decisionA professional audience Brand-loyal professionals with more purchasing power than other social platformsIn an aspirational mindsetOpportunity for marketers to align their brands with members professional successMindset + Context


Reach the right professional audiencesMarket to who mattersRich demographic dataJob Function, Seniority, Company Name, Geo, IndustryInterest-based targetingGroup Membership, Skills, Fields of StudyPersona targetingJob Searchers, Opinion Leaders, Mass Affluent, Business TravelersYour own audience dataTarget Account Lists


Targeting on LinkedIn 101

DanieSeattle, Washington USABoston UniversityCommunicationBachelor of Science2011, 25-34Simply Measured51-200 employeesInternetSenior Marketing ManagerMarketing, Senior ICCMA, LEWIS, Social ToolsSEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging

Build a relevant target audience on LinkedInLinkedIn Targeting CapabilitiesUse LinkedIns 15 targeting dimensions to define your ideal customer:

User-provided targeting facets are based on information members enter when building their profile

Derived facets are based on user-provided standardized data USER-PROVIDED

GeographyTitleCompanyCompany Following Group MembershipSchoolGraduation Year Field of StudyDERIVED

Geography (IP)Function SeniorityYears of ExperienceCompany SizeCompany IndustryGenderAge

User-provided targeting fields


Member-specified locationGroup MembershipCompany Following

SchoolField of StudyGraduation Year

10Targeting by Function Inferred from user-entered titleUser-entered Title Standardized Title SeniorityFunction

Levels of Seniority:Unpaid / Training / Entry IC* / Senior IC* / Manager / Director / VP / CXO / Partner / Owner*Individual contributor (IC) includes highly skilled professionals e.g. engineer, teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc

IP or member-entered

Sponsored Content will be delivered to members who fit the geo-targeting criteria by either IP or member entered geography

Like Sponsored Content, Text ads do not have a priority of delivery for IP or member-entered locationMember-entered geo

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads use member-entered locations only

Sponsored InMail uses member-entered locations when available (If the member in your target audience doesnt have a location specified in their profile, Sponsored InMail uses IP).IP only

Traditional display ads are the only ad type on LinkedIn using IP only targeting.

11Geo-targeting by Product

12Targeting by Company Size and Company IndustryMember industry is directly inferred from their current experienceCompany Entered NameCompany Entered IndustryCompany Entered # of employees

Sample Targeting Facets:Company Name LinkedInCompany Industry InternetCompany Size 5,000-10,000

Large companies may span several industries but can only choose one. Spot-check company pages to ensure you are targeting the correct industry.

Industry targeting is derived from the standardized company of the member's current position.

13Targeting by SeniorityFocus on hands-on influencersTarget senior individual contributors (ICs) as part of your audienceSenior ICs test products and influence the purchaseSenior ICs represent a much bigger audience than the person that will ultimately sign the contract

PRO TIPCraft different messages for ICs versus Owners/Partners/CXOs.ManagerSeniorEntryDirector


Targeting by Years of Experience (YoE)Years of experience is calculated based on all the positions listed in a members profile using the month and year from start and end dates.

Count begins with first listed position

Gaps in experience are not counted

Overlapping positions are not counted

Creative Years of Experience Targeting CombinationsEntry / Senior IC + YOE = experienced decision-makers & influencersSkills + YOE = skilled expertsDegrees + YOE = educated professionals Functions + YOE = seasoned functional leadersYOE = great alternative to Run of Site


Targeting by Professional Skills

Reach experts in their fields who have:

Explicitly added their skills into the skills section

Have skills mentioned on their profile text, but not within the explicit skills section

Have inferred skills based on explicit skills and key values they entered

How are inferred skills defined? We define an inferred skill to be an entity associated with a score that represents the likelihood that a member has that particular skill. We use a complex algorithm based on profile attributes and look-alike modeling. Given a profile that contains a set of uniquelyidentifiedskills, we define the likelihood that this member has otherskillsbased on our standardized library of skills. Ex. If a member has Product Management as their skill they would also have skills such as business development and project management. part of the algorithm we are alsoreferencingat look-alike members. Members who share these profile attributes are likely to have similar skills and expertise.For instance, if a member is an Apple employee, it's likely that he knows the skill iOS because other employees at Apple know this skill as well. Similarly, most members of an interest group like "Healthcare professionals" should have many skills in common.We also noticed that other features can be predictive such as the keywords on the member's profile or the frequency of the skill in the member's connections.16

LinkedIn Member Personas


What are Member Personas?Unique aggregations of targeting facets, which are built based on member entered data and user behavior Action or trigger-based (e.g. Job Searchers)Intent-based (e.g. Opinion Leaders)Data model-based (e.g. SMB Inferred)

* Member Personas are only available for Sponsored InMail and managed service Sponsored Content campaigns



LinkedIn Member PersonasFINSERV

Finance & Banking Followers, Mass Affluent, Active Traders, Credit Card, Finance Followers, Financial Advisor Network, Fortune 1Ks, Finance Opinion Leaders


Outside of Home Country Connections, Canada Dual Language, Ex-Pat Segment, Newcomers to CanadaTECH

IT Committee, Technology Followers, CI/TO NetworkGeneral Use

Retail Followers, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Followers, SMB Inferred, Young & Upwardly Mobile, Opinion Leaders, Business Travelers, Small Business Growth, Energy Followers, CEO Network, Mobile/Device, Automotive Followers, Freelancers,EDU

Education Followers, Students, Higher Ed Followers, Career Starters, Job Searchers, Unemployed Professionals, Career Changers, Bachelors but no Masters, 2-7 Years of experience, 13+ Years of Experience, Undergrad Senior, Veterans, Company Changers

Ex. Business Traveler Segment: The Business travelers segment is a modeled segment that incorporates hundreds of member profile and behavioral features to train a regression model that optimizes to target members with highest likelihood to engage with travel content such as those from airline companies on LinkedIn. The signals we look at include, but are not limited to:members' online behavior(page views, searches, connections sent/accept, ip location, etc.), member profiles, including title, company, industry, function, seniority,, industry follows, company industry follows, group membership.


Power of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

21The Buying Committee







Now all possess budget, purchase authority, and influence in buying decisions


Align sales and marketing by seamlessly engaging influencers and decision-makers across your key accounts with Account Targeting on LinkedIn


Source: LinkedIn data;

Senior Level Decision Influencers60M+

Decision Makers40M+

C-level execs6.8M+

Opinion Leaders10.7M+

Match your target account list to over 8MM+ Company Pages on LinkedIn

So, what does our 400M member case look like? Its a high-quality professional audience with serious scale. Well can dive deeper there in terms of the audiences that you care most about but just to give you a sense, we have over 10M Opinion Leaders (a specific segment you can buy) 6M C-Level Execs, 4M IT Decision Makers, and 3M MBA graduates. Great marketing starts with finding the right people, and LinkedIn is the best place for that.23

Extend Account-based marketing seamlessly across devices with Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail


Align program dollars and resources against priority accounts that are determined in partnership with your sales team

Use CaseWhyHowAudience and reachAccurately target influencers across prospect organization RelevancyTailor Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail campaigns to accounts that matter most Business impactDeliver relevant content that translates into meaningful results Your