LinkedIn Workshop Tips and Best Practices #Freberg16

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  1. 1. LinkedIn Workshop @ K F R E B E R G For #Freberg16
  2. 2. Before you do anything @ K F R E B E R G Download the app Check LinkedIn Student Resources Review Readings for class
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn? @ K F R E B E R G Online professional branding Networking with industry Explore companies and opportunities Connect with fellow professionals on topics Research internships and interest groups Learn and develop professional etiquette
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn? @ K F R E B E R G Completing profile is essential! Not completed = risk of being not being noticed More information + professional evidence = more opportunities to stand out & separate yourself from other applicants in industry
  5. 5. The Ultimate Goal for LinkedIn @ K F R E B E R G You want to show people what you have done and what you can bring to the table for their professional organization and business. Make sure to provide clear descriptions of items, projects, work experience, and provided testimonies for your work
  6. 6. LinkedIn Workshop @ K F R E B E R G Best Practices and Recommendations
  7. 7. 1. Set up Profile @ K F R E B E R G Head Shot Professional Photo and Name Consistent with other platforms Aligned with Professional Persona Contact Information
  8. 8. 1a. Write strong heading @ K F R E B E R G 12o characters - Use key words Different roles you have Location Similar to objective section in resume One sentence max Create customized URL
  9. 9. 2. Outline Key Information @ K F R E B E R G Education Professional Experiences Jobs & Internships Courses + Projects Volunteer Efforts
  10. 10. 2a. Add evidence + work @ K F R E B E R G Course projects & Activities Professional Societies Campaign Proposals Writing Samples Slide decks Research Reports & Infographics
  11. 11. 2b. Provide rationale for work @ K F R E B E R G Summary of Projects Members who were part of projects Team capstone projects, internships, papers, etc For class projects, connect with professor Align with education + specific job experience
  12. 12. 2c. Honors and Awards @ K F R E B E R G Professional Awards School Awards Organization Awards and Scholarships Certifications
  13. 13. 3. Write your summary @ K F R E B E R G Three paragraphs Who you are as a professional Goals and inspirations What you have done What you can bring to the table
  14. 14. 3a. Tell your story @ K F R E B E R G Best opportunity to show off your accomplishments Written in first person to tell your story Authenticity is KEY! Be your own best brand advocate
  15. 15. 4. Add rich content @ K F R E B E R G Writing samples are always good Add video links (YouTube) Visual presentations w/ Slideshare Infographics / Websites / Blogs Strategic Briefs + Social Media Messages
  16. 16. 5. Recommendations @ K F R E B E R G Fellow colleagues Internship Supervisors Fellow team members Professors and Advisors Employers
  17. 17. 5a. Recommendations @ K F R E B E R G Ask ahead of time Approach professionally Have range of recommendations associated with experiences May be asked to write one in return
  18. 18. 6. Set a content calendar @ K F R E B E R G Use LinkedIn Publish feature Determine topics Use key words associated with posts
  19. 19. 6a. Engage audiences w/ content @ K F R E B E R G Utilize same principles for blogs Look at analytics as a guide Take the initiative to share content Be generous to generate a following Engage with comments & feedback Share across platforms
  20. 20. 6b. Follow Thought Leaders @ K F R E B E R G Join groups of interest you want to work for Research and follow brand & company pages Follow key influencers Read content Share on LinkedIn + other platforms
  21. 21. 7. Review personal analytics @ K F R E B E R G To determine who's viewed your profile Trends over time LinkedIn Post analytics Which industry + role Based on content shared or updated
  22. 22. 8. Reaching out to professionals @ K F R E B E R G Use proper email etiquette Do this before a job or internship interview Introduce yourself briefly Demonstrate your knowledge & interest in area Conclude with proper salutations
  23. 23. 8. Resources @ K F R E B E R G LinkedIn Higher Education for Students LinkedIn Higher Education Slideshare: University Career Centers
  24. 24. Questions or Comments? @ K F R E B E R G Thank you for your time.