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LinkedIn Company Quick Facts

Do you know why you want to be on LinkedIn?

place to get business intelligence, to research problems, to establish an online presence where other people in the network can find



First Steps: gather you data



The First WindowYour LinkedIn Profile

The first window into finding out more about you is your LinkedIn Profile. What story does it tell about you? Have you designed your profile to reach those who are searching on LinkedIn for your specific skills?

Building your reputation and tell your story using your LinkedIn Profile

TIP: the headliner is what people see first when they perform a Google search. Use keywords when writing your headline.

NOTE: LinkedIn will not show your Profile as 100% complete unless you have at least 3 recommendations.


Optimize Your Profile for Exposure

LinkedIn is a place toget business intelligenceresearch problems and competitorsestablish an online presence where other people in the network can locate you external or internal to LinkedIn


LinkedIn Profile AnatomyProfessional Headline 120 characters Who are you? What do you offer?Custom URLAppropriate PhotoProfiles with photos receive 14 times more profile views.

Members with profile photos receive 14 times more profile views than those without.NOTE: LinkedIn prohibits the use of additional information with your name. Use your first and last name only.9

Make Use of Your Background Profile Image


Website Field: label with a call-to-actionUse the Other category tocreate a label as acall-to-action

Are you findable in LinkedIn Advanced Searches?Fill out your Profile in detail.Use keywords strategically but sparingly. Dont be guilty of keyword stuffing

The following is an Excerpt from LinkedIn Help:

Practices to Avoid When Optimizing Your Profile for LinkedIn SearchHaving a rich, accurate, and complete profile is the best way to ensure the right people find your profile. We work hard to protect searchers from behavior that's intended to mislead our search engine. Below are some practices that should be avoided when optimizing profiles for search:Headline violations- The name fields of your account must reflect only your first and last name, with no extra information. Learn more aboutwhy you should only use your real name.Keyword stuffing/repetitive information- Although we've provided tips onoptimizing your profile with keywords, the same words or phrases shouldn't be repeatedly used.Experience/education manipulations- Avoid artificially inflating the Experience/Education fields. These sections should accurately reflect your professional experience and education.Promotions and advertisements- Don't use profiles as advertisements for products or services.Profile of an organization- Profiles shouldn't be created for organizations or companies. Instead, you can create a presence for your organization or company with aCompany Page.


Tips to Improve Your Ranking in LinkedIn Search ResultsComplete ProfileCurrent and past positionsSchools attendedAreas of studyAdd skillsUse conventional job titles Dont get cute. People dont search cute titles.

Below are some ideas for improving your ranking in people search results.Complete your profile- Make sure you can be found by your current position, past positions, the schools you attended, what you studied, etc. Profile completeness not only helps you show up in more searches, but also improves how you are matched in our system.Add skills- Skills are among the most common queries performed by recruiters and hiring managers.Connect to all the people with whom you have a professional relationship- The more connections you have, the more likely you will have a connection to the searcher. Closer connections, such as a 2nd-degree connection compared to a 3rd-degree connection, improve your ranking in searches.Use standard job titles- Some people like to have fun job titles like "Chief Janitor" or "Head of Query Understanding". While these titles may favorably communicate your personality, they aren't great for your searchability. Standard job titles may be boring, but they are what other members search for. Learn more aboutediting your profile.13

What you doHow you can help AccomplishmentsUse bulleted lists

Summary Section2000 characters to say more..

Summary Section: include video and publications

Join LinkedIn GroupsBe helpful EngageLearn


Boost Your Professional Brand via Groups

Groups appear on you profile. It provides people with a pulse for what you are interested in and how serious you are about keeping up within your own area of expertise. 17

Join the conversation and participate in Groups

Focus on being helpful. Share content and questions that arent self serving.

Here are a few tips for starting a conversation in groups:Be thoughtful: Starting and participating in conversations within LinkedIn Groups is easy. Ask thought provoking questions relevant to the interest and intent of the group to generate an engaging conversation among members of a group.Be helpful: Groups can be a great way to showcase your expertise on a subject matter so wherever you can, provide insightful answers that can really help another member. If youre sharing an article, its helpful to provide context on its relevance to the group to guide the discussion or just get things started.Be relevant:Groups are a great way to boost your professional brand on LinkedIn, network with leaders in your field and capture the attention of potential recruiters, employers or business partners in your field but remember to focus on sharing content and questions that arent self-promotional in nature.


Getting Started With Groups

Increase Your VisibilityStatus Updates * LinkedIn PublisherRegular Status UpdatesLinkedIn PublisherA blogging tool on your profile.


Status Updates

Tip: Plan status updates to coincide with your LinkedIn goals. Goal Examples

Gain visibilitySubject matter expertShare informationAttract new clients


LinkedIns Publishing PlatformBENEFITSA blog within your ProfileShowcase your expertiseContent becomes part of your profileFollow members NOT in your network Reach a larger groupBuild your own group of followersPhotosVideosYou have valuable experience to share and now you can!



Recommendations reach out and recommend

Be genuine and ethical.Recommend people who you truly know their work.

Dont ask anyone to recommend your work if they dont know your work.

Show Your Strengths: Add Skills

Show your strengthsKeep your skills list updatedReach out and thank people for skills endorsementDont endorse people for skills you have not seen demonstrated.

Skills & Expertise is a great way to find the exact keyword terms related to your field. You can include of to 50 skills. Its an opportunity for endorsements.25

Connection Strategies

Tips:Connect with business and personal friendsConnect with those who have larger networks


Grow Your Network


Endorsements - the mini recommendation

Giving endorsements gains visibility.Thank people for endorsing you.


Follow LinkedIn Company Pages

Stay on top of what your competitors are doing. Great source of information for a possible interview. See your degrees of separation.Follow your customers pages.Follow your vendors pages.


Mobile apps to keep you LinkedIn connected on-the-go

LinkedIn App * LinkedIn Groups * LinkedIn Pulse


Lets stay connected

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