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Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

Overview of LinkedIn


2Profile Creation and Management

3Networking Best Practices


5CTLGroups Company Page

Launched in 2003

Worlds largest professional networkOver 225 million users

Mobile app available


Tailor shared info by managing privacy settings

Connections = Contacts (similar to Facebook friends)

Mission:Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful


Profile Types

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


BasicFull profile

Network with other users

Participate in groupsProfile Types

PaidAll of the basic options

Email non-connections

Save searches and search results

See full names

Enhanced customer serviceProfile Types

Profile Management

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


Can be created / updated by you, admin, or Marketing

Live documentEvolves as your career progressesKeep it currentProfile Management

Spend 20 minutes/week on Profile and/or participating in GroupsMaintain visibilityLinkedIns ongoing updatesProfile Management

Profile Essentials

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


Profile EssentialsKeep it focused, top-loaded

Use a professional photoProfile Essentials

Married women may wish to include maiden namesAdjust privacy settings to determine public accessProfile Essentials

Profile Strength

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects





All-StarProfile Strength

Achieving 100% (All-Star status) is importantLinkedIn search results higher rankingGoogle search resultsTip: Customize your Public Profiles URL to be your actual name Profile Strength

To accomplish 100%, you need to include:Industry and Location

Current Position (with description)

2 Past Positions


Skills (minimum of 3)

Profile Photo

At least 50 Connections

Profile Strength

Profile Creation

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


Include link to a company or personal website E-mail address, other contact InfoTwitter accountCustomized URL


Like a mini-blog/ newsfeedPost news, speaking engagementsLink to articlesLatest activity such as adding information or connecting to people (customizable)


Describe yourself in a personal way, demonstrating your characterDescribe your accomplishmentsNOT a list of dutiesEnd with brief description of your work

Specialties: most important key words relating to your profession to be linked to in a site searchKeep this section professional, engaging and clear, focusing on your objectivesSummary

Separate entry for each position at each companyCompany logo auto-fillTime framesDescribe accomplishments and experience; not a list of dutiesEdit display names of companies if they need to be confidentialExperience

BenefitsConnections can quickly ascertain your abilitiesAutomatically categorized in a group of professionals with the same expertiseReinforces the professional brand, or type of thought leadership you are trying to convey Skills & Expertise

BasicsEndorsementsThe more endorsements, the higher ranking

Be specificMaterials Consulting & Proposal Writing instead of Consulting, Writing

Be honestSkills & Expertise

List all college degreesEducation

Honors & Awards


ConnectionsCustomize visibilityOther

Networking Best Practices

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


Home PageShare an UpdateShare industry information: links, articles, etc.Update Title/Position; PromotionsAttach an Image

View Connections updates / customizeNetworking Best Practices

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


ConnectionsNetwork/ContactsView by Tags, Companies, Titles, Locations, etc.View time since last conversationRemove:Hover over contactMoreRemove ConnectionNetworking Best Practices

ConnectionsNetwork StatisticsHome Page/Your LinkedIn NetworkPeopleShared ConnectionsContacts of ConnectionsSize of NetworkNetworking Best Practices

Send and accept invitations only to people you know/have met

Personalize requests

Whos Viewed Your ProfileNetworking Best Practices


Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


Choose carefully Appears on their profiles, which contains everything they present about themselves; reviewed by readers of your profileWrite sparingly to retain valueSwapping recommendations reduces value of both recommendationsTo return the favor, wait awhile before doing soRecommendations

Clarify that you are not doing this as a representative of CTLGroup Clarify opinion was formed at another company, etc. Reason: May appear that CTLGroup endorses the individual; potential liability situationIf you are unsure, check with MarketingRecommendations


Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects



Groups Great opportunity for networking, visibility, and sharing professional knowledge

One of the best ways to deliver to and gain value from other users

CTLGroup staff encouraged to participate in relevant industry-related groups

Groups Select what order Group memberships are displayed on profileInterests/Groups/Reorder

Select what Groups appear on your profile, other settingsProfile/Groups/Visible

Groups Be professional, kind, polite, and respectful of other group members.

Remember that your comments reflect your own knowledge as well as the reputation of CTLGroup.

Engage in group discussions and get to know people before requesting that they become one of your Connections.

Groups Do not directly promote CTLGroups services

Forum for thought leadership and discussion, not direct marketing

Do not post CTLGroup job listings (this is handled by HR)

Avoid messages that: advertise job opportunities; recruit candidates; feature resumes and applications; self-promote ones availability for positions

Groups Avoid Spam messages and postings, including:Multiple unsolicited messages to group members. Can result in being removed and blocked from the group.

Posting the same discussion repeatedly to promote product, service or company

Posting irrelevant commercial comments in discussions Posting comments in discussion moving it to the top of discussions

CTLGroups Company Page

Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects


CTLGroups Company PageRecent Updates

About CTLGroup




Add:QualityFront page stories/regular projects