LinkedIn Best Practices for Rehab Therapists

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Make sure visitors to your LinkedIn profile page know you mean business. Use these 10 easy-to-implement tips to make sure you look the part.

Text of LinkedIn Best Practices for Rehab Therapists


2. Tips for Success 3. 1 Profile Picture 4. Make sure your headshot represents you and your personal brand in the best way possible. A quality photo of you in your best professional attire will let visitors to your page know you mean business. If you can, get the picture done professionally, or better yet, see if you can get an aspiring photographer friend to do you a quick favor. Remember, first impressions matter. Make yours a great one! Your profile picture is the first thing people see when visiting your page, and it appears alongside all your posts. 5. Make the best use of this real estate and speak directly to referring physicians and potential new patients. Use a keyword-rich description to communicate your specialties and unique qualifications in your headline. Your current position and employer are listed in the Experience section, so no need to include it in your headline. The goal here is to include as many relevant keywords as possible so you show up in searches. Your name and professional headline are as much a part of your personal brand as the profile picture. 6. Your LinkedIn URL: Make it Pretty! People are more likely to click on (or remember) a short, neat URL like this one: Not this one: 3 7. 4 Make sure people can reach you! 8. Make it easy for people to contact you via email or phone, or let them know where else they can find you online. 9. This brief, keyword-rich description should provide a window into your professional life. 5 SUMMARY 10. SPOTLIGHT specific work experiences. 5 11. elaborate here. Be detailed. Give examples. be specific. 12. ADD RICH MEDIA 7 13. You can add rich media to the Summary, Experience, and Education sections of your profile. This is great for customer testimonials or a professionally done short promotional video for your practice. You can now add videos, images, presentations, and other documents to your LinkedIn profile. A well thought out slideshare presentation can be an excellent way to communicate what you do and why you do it. Take advantage of this feature only if you have high quality visual content. Remember, this is your professional profile! 14. Find and network with like-minded professionals in LinkedIn Groups. 9 15. Ask for recommendations and endorsements! 10 16. Download Beyond the Social Media Standard Whitepaper (by clicking right here) 17. What Next? Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Connect on LinkedIn: @WebPT Guess What Else? MORE SLIDES (this is a link) Check out our blog: 18. Want More? Top 10 Blog Posts on Using Social to Market Your Practice (you can click on this one, too) WebPT believes in empowering the rehab community to achieve greatness in therapy practice. Thats why we created an intuitive, web-based electronic medical record software and combined it with exceptional, comprehensive practice management services. WebPT gives therapists peace of mind, so they can get back to what truly matterstheir patients. 19.