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Tiger Tales January 2014

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  • STuDENT LIFE AT WooDBErrY ForEST SCHooL january 2014

    The house That Tigers Builtpartnering With habitat For humanity

    Most people think the time it takes to build a house is measured in months, but Woodberry boys know a house can go up in hours if there are enough hands and hammers. Eighty Tigers got up early on a November Sunday, reported to the temporary job site on campus, and began to assemble walls for the first-ever Wood-berry Forest/Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build. Five hours later, what had been a pile of lumber looked a lot more like a house.In December, several students spent another Blitz Build day with a crew of local volunteers to raise those Tiger-built walls at their permanent Orange County homesite, thirty minutes away. They also helped add a roof and siding. Working alongside the volunteers was the family of six who is buying the house and will soon call it home. Theyll be reminded every day of the generosity of the boys of Woodberry Forest School. And those boys wont soon forget the feeling they got some call it Habititis when they gave a helping hand to a deserving family.

    JFk 22 Nov 1963student-created art commemorates kennedy assassination

    Fourteen years ago about the time many current Woodberry boys were toddlers art teacher Kelly Lonergan started a project with his Varsity Art students that explored the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since then, more than sixty students in the afterschool art program have helped create eleven works of art, which were displayed in the Baker Gallery for the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting. How do students create composite paintings?

    I photocopy a picture and cut it into one-inch squares. Each student paints what he sees in his square on a large piece of paper. He doesnt know what the photo shows until everyone is finished and we put it together on the wall.Why did you choose this specific event?

    I was a child when Kennedy was assassinated. The images, which fascinated me then, continue to fascinate our students today. My goal over the years was to complete the series in time for this years anniversary.What are some things students learn from the project?

    They learn art concepts like shape, color, and value. And they find out something about working as a team every student made a contribution to the whole. The accuracy of each square is very impor-tant, but, in the end, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The project also communicates the shock, drama, confusion, and mystery of an important event in American history.

    Woodberry boys are required to complete sixty hours of community service before graduation. While some hours are earned during summer projects, such as building trails and refurbishing elementary schools, boys serve throughout the year, too. Students volunteer with the local Boys and Girls Club or Senior Center, participate in blood drives, or develop their own projects!

    Serving the Community fast fact

    125 years of educating boys

  • 2 Woodberry Forest school125 years of educating boys

    student snapshot

    Eric Ways 14Eric Ways 14 shines brightly wherever he finds himself around the Woodberry campus. Whether hes earning High Honors in the classroom, running around the Finch Track or Barbee Center breaking yet another sprinting record he holds school and state records in the 300m, 500m, and 4x400m or starring on stage, all eyes are on this outgoing North Carolina star.

    How did you first learn about Woodberry Forest?

    My mom and I were extras in a film and spent our downtime in a room with the other extras. We met a Woodberry mom who told me I should look at the WFS website. It sounded like a great adventure, so I applied! And my mom was happy that Id get such a good education.

    What have you been involved in at the Forest?

    Ive played football and soccer, and I run track. This is my second year as varsity track captain. I am also a reader in Chapel, a campus tour guide, and a mem-ber of both the Woodberry Christian Fellowship and the Caucus, our student diversity group. And I love to act I played the lead in The Outsiders and have had roles in five other plays.

    What are your plans for the future?

    I got a scholarship to Notre Dame University to run track, and I plan to study film and television. Of all the schools that recruited me, Notre Dame is the most like Woodberry. The track team is a family, and they have an excellent sprinting coach. Maybe with a LOT of training Ill qualify for the Olympics.

    How has Woodberry prepared you for Notre Dame?

    Coach Phillips has really helped me! He knows what hes talking about hes made me a lot faster, and his positive attitude makes track practice the best part of my day. Also, I know Im ready for college academi-cally. Ive always been a good student, but Woodberry has taken me to the next level.

    Take Advantage of Overnight VisitsProspective students have the opportunity to spend the night at Woodberry Sunday through Friday. Stay in the dorms with your guide, and even attend classes with him the next day before your scheduled interview. See what it's like to live at the Forest!

    Call the admissions office today to schedule your visit.

    above: Perry and friends in front of the trevi fountain in rome

    Semi-Formala Festive tradition

    Its not difficult to guess what Woodberry boys enjoy most about the January semi-formal welcoming girls to campus! A longstanding Woodberry tradition, even featured in a 1944 issue of Life magazine, semi-formal attracts more than 200 girls to campus each year. Many boys bring a date from home, but some invite girls from Chatham, Foxcroft, Madeira, St. Margarets, St. Marys, and other schools. Attendees enjoy a catered dinner, a photo booth, and non-stop dancing this year to Groovetown, a North Carolinabased band that plays everything from Motown to todays hits. Ties are loosened, shoes are kicked off, and the action doesn't stop until 11:00 p.m., when boys return to their dorms, girls retire to their accommodations in the Wall Room, and all proclaim this years semi-formal the best ever!

    Noland Fellowshipperry hammond studies in rome

    Sixth-form student Perry Hammond pursued a longtime passion last summer: studying ancient stories and poems in Latin at the actual locations in Italy where they were set. This life-changing experience was made possible by the Noland Fellowship program, a prestigious summer study opportunity at Woodberry Forest.

    To be selected as the 2013 Noland Fellow, Perry developed a proposal for participating in the Latin in Rome program, three weeks of study and travel for outstanding high school Latin students. Scholars from the University of Dallas, which sponsors the program, accompanied a small group of highly motivated students from across the United States to ancient cities around Rome and the Bay of Naples. The students translated Latin passages relevant to their location, immersed themselves in local history and culture, and enjoyed wonderful food with new friends.

    For Perry, a trip highlight occurred as his group sat atop the acropolis at Cumae, an ancient city near Naples. We translated passages from the Aeneid about Aeneas visit to Cumae. This moment culminated for me more than six years of Latin study.

  • tiger tales january 2014 3

    staff feature

    Clyde FirmanFor the past eighteen

    years, the Forest has been home to Clyde Firman, Woodberry's director of

    food services, and his wife, Tammy, director of health services. Clyde, a native of southeastern Virginia, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He also coaches Woodberrys skeet team and advises the Rod & Gun Club.Which entre is the most popular with the boys?

    Its a tie between chicken tortellini and ribs. We pre-pare 800 portions for our seated meal, which student waiters serve in the Reynolds Family Dining Room.A new building that features updated dining facili-ties is taking shape on campus. What will boys find most appealing about the new dining room?

    Theyll appreciate the additional space. Well be able to preserve the home-like feel of our current dining room while adding special locations for hot food items, our soup and salad bar and, of course, our soft-serve ice cream bar. What is the appeal of the Rod & Gun Club?

    Were incredibly fortunate to have a campus where boys can safely hunt, fish, help keep Robertson Lake clean, and just generally practice good conservation. Boys who join the club have been hunting and fish-ing since childhood. Where does the food come from for Woodberrys annual wild game cookout?

    We hunt some of it on campus ducks, geese, squirrels, and the occasional rabbit. Boys contribute venison they harvest at home, and I purchase other foods, such as quail, wild boar sausage, and roasted oysters. The boys cook everything and invite their classmates to give it a try.Tell us about the legendary Currituck hunting trip.

    Interest is so high that were running two weekend trips. The boys love staying at Stuarts Hunting Lodge on Bells Island, in Currituck County, North Carolina, and hunting geese, ducks, and swans.

    A Glimpse into the Classroomactive learning For inquisitive tigers

    Woodberry teachers, always eager to engage their students, take teaching beyond the behind-the-desk routine. During the winter trimester, theyve found plenty of great ways to get students involved in learning.

    Matthew Keatings Honors Introduction to Computer Science students learned the Java programming language in preparation for the AP exam. Theyve also worked with the Finch, a robot with on-board light and temperature sensors they can program to move, talk, light up, and draw.

    In one of the Manning Family Science Buildings labs, Gregory Guldin turned out t

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