Tiger Tales 2020. 12. 23.¢  Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi
Tiger Tales 2020. 12. 23.¢  Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi
Tiger Tales 2020. 12. 23.¢  Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi
Tiger Tales 2020. 12. 23.¢  Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi
Tiger Tales 2020. 12. 23.¢  Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi

Tiger Tales 2020. 12. 23.¢  Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi

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  • Tiger Tales Madison Elementary School 510 N. Palmetto Ave. Marshfield, Wi 54449 January 2021

    From the Desk of Mrs. Scheer Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful break and is ready to get back in the swing of things. The end of the second quarter is quickly approaching. Often at this time of year people set goals and make resolutions, talk to your students and see if anyone has made any new goals this year. Remember you can contact me at any time by calling the school or emailing me at scheer@marshfieldschools.org Happy New Year! Madison Elementary is on Instagram Follow us @madisonelemmarshfield on Instagram to see the latest activities and happenings! Tag us with the hashtags #madisonfamily & #madisonproud Scan the QR code or name tag to get started! Madison Elementary is on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLq6EC5jFuVDOP9a7O08P5g

    Madison Happenings & Events January 4: Classes Resume January 12: PTO Meeting 6:00 Use this link to join. https://meet.google.com/rho-dgrr-znn January 13: School Board Meeting January 20: Reinforcement Day – No In Person Classes Congratulations!!!! PBIS Monthly Winners Super Tiger: Student of the Month – Tenley O. & Kade L. Tidy Tiger: Cleanest Room – Mr. Kundinger’s Class Fire Drill Heroes: Best Fire Drill Behavior – Mrs. Lutz’s Class Golden Spoon: Respectful Cafeteria Behavior – 4th Grade No Smoking Please remember that there is no smoking on any Marshfield School District property, this includes cars. Our campuses are smoke free. Please refrain from smoking in your cars and on school grounds. No Pets There are no pets allowed on school grounds. Please do not bring dogs, cats, etc. to the sidewalk , playground, or in the school building. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Madison PTO A great way to get involved at Madison School is to become part of our parent teacher organization (PTO). We have an active and supportive PTO to which we are truly thankful. Look for our PTO on Facebook or email than at madisonpto510@gmail.com Our next virtual PTO meeting will be January 12 at 6:00. Please use the following link https://meet.google.com/rho-dgrr-znn to join the Google Meet. Thanks for supporting out PTO! PBIS Corner Madison Elementary Expectations: Our three school rules are Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. At the beginning of each school year these expectations are taught by the classroom teacher. We use the PBIS passport to teach these expectations in several different environments.

    Food Sharing Students love to bring treats to share with their class and we encourage students to bring non-food items as there is such a prevalence of allergies and food intolerances within our school community. Due to COVID precautions and restrictions this year if food items are brought into the classroom they have to be pre- packaged. Packs of bakery cupcakes and cookies are not allowed as they have to be passed out. The only person who should be handling the food is the person who is going to eat it. If a student brings a treat that is against the policy while we appreciate the generosity it will be sent home with the student. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this.

  • Help is Available Help is available in our community. If you need basic food/clothing/household items, housing assistance, mental health resources, parenting help, or support with other family struggles, there are resources offered in Marshfield. Resources and detailed information are at:

    • United Way – Call 211 or https://www.marshfieldareaunitedway.org/united-ways-2-1-1 • Wood County Crisis 715-384-5555 • The School District of Marshfield’s webpage

    (https://www.marshfieldschools.org/CommunityResources_COVID19) • Contact your student’s school counselor for more information on school and community

    resources. Winter Weather Winter is here! In order to make sure that your students are prepared, we would like to remind you of the following information. Students are expected to go outside for recess when the weather is 0 degrees or above, so please make sure that they have boots, jackets, caps, and mittens. Snow pants would also be highly recommended for any outdoor activities. Please remember to label all of your children’s belongings and have them check the lost and found regularly as it fills up overnight! Class Quarantines If you student is quarantined and unable to attend in-person school, virtual learning will be the mode of instructional delivery during the quarantine period. It will be important for students to access their Seesaw (Kindergarten-Grade 4) or Canvas (5th-6th Grade) account daily to retrieve and complete learning activities and assignments being prepared by their teacher. The classroom teacher will be communicating with students regularly throughout this quarantine period. Families are encouraged to reach out to the teacher with any academic related questions. School work provided during the quarantine period is counted toward your student’s attendance and grade. Before School Drop Off Madison doors will open at 7:35AM each day. There is no supervision provided at the school until 7:30AM. Students (plus siblings) in grades 4K-2 can be dropped off in the front of the school off Palmetto Ave. Students (plus siblings) in grades 3-6 can be dropped off in the back of the school upper parking lot off Apple Ave. This is a one way drop off. There will be staff members situated at each door to greet your students. Parents will not be allowed in the building and cannot walk their students to class due to the new COVID-19 safety procedures we have implemented across the district. After School Pick Up School is dismissed at 2:50PM each day. Grades 4K-2 will be brought out into the front of the school and will wait with their teachers. Families can pull through the line and your student will come to the car, please do not exit the vehicle. Remember there is no parking or stopping in the left lane and please do not block the entrance to the parking lot. If you need to park, please park in a designated space, and if you need to exit the vehicle you must wear a face mask. Grades 3-6 will be brought out to the upper parking lot and wait with teachers. Families will pull through and students will be brought to the vehicle. Please do not exit the vehicle.

  • Attendance School starts at 7:45. If your child will be absent or late please call the school office 715.384.8181 as soon as possible. If your child is not called in they will receive an unexcused absence. If you arrive to school tardy you will need to sign in at the office. In addition, if you are picking your student up early before the 2:50 dismissal, you will need to sign the child out in the school office as well. Any tardies, absences, or instances your child leaves early will be marked. Thank you for your cooperation with these policies. Growth Mindset Monthly News January: Feedback is a Gift In January, we will focus on giving process praise, critique, feedback and specific praise versus person praise, critique, feedback or vague praise. The right kind of feedback and praise can be a powerful motivator for reinforcing the growth mindset and the value of effort and perseverance, but the wrong kind of praise and feedback can send students spiraling into their fixed mindsets.

    Person Praise Process Praise You’re a natural at math. These problems didn’t give you much of a challenge. Let’s

    move on to something that will really stretch your brain! You’re so smart. I like how you used different strategies to figure out these

    problems. You’re such a good kid. I appreciate that you cleaned up the art center without being

    asked. Person Critique Process Critique You really messed this up. This didn’t seem to work out for you. How could you approach

    this problem differently? You did your best, but it’s just not good enough.

    You didn’t meet your goal, but what did you learn?

    Maybe piano just isn’t your thing.

    Keep practicing. Every day you get closer to mastering this.

    Vague Praise Specific Praise You’re awesome! You’re putting awesome effort in on this fraction assignment. Good work! Good work writing a detailed essay. Well done! Well done on your dance recital. I can see that you’ve practiced. Great! Great strategy; that took some creative problem solving. Person Praise/Feedback Process Praise/Feedback I don’t understand long division.

    You don’t understand long division, yet!

    Tina is the smartest kid in the class.

    Tina did well on this exam. You should ask her how she studied.

    This is too hard for me. Hard is good! It means you’re learning. (Brock & Hundley, 2016)

    From the District Nurses It is hard to believe winter break is here already! With the snow and cold that Wisconsin winters bring, it’s important to consider safety. Ice skating, sledding, skiing, & other snow activities are great ways to get exercise on a cold winter day. Here are some helpful winter safety tips to keep in mind while enjoying the snow:

  • • Dress in layers and be sure your child wear hats, mittens, and boots while playing outside. Have children come inside periodically to warm up and to avoid frostbite.

    • Remove wet clothes and boots immediately after playing. • Sled feet first or sitting up instead of lying down head first. • Skate only on approved surfaces. • Wear a helmet when skiing and consider wearing one when sledding as well. • Avoid buildi