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STUDENTS QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE (SQCC)Make a circle in order to Develop

You and Around You

WORKING PROCESS1. Have a subject to work on 2. Make a Circle 3. Brain Storming 4. Short Listing 5. Voting

6. Problem Selection7. Survey & Data Collection 8. Fishbone Diagram

9. Finding the Solutions10. Action Planning 11. Getting the Result

BENEFITS Increasing your & your circles brain activities.

Increasing your solving power.Developing your creativity. Getting the habit of Group Work. Finding the problems around you. Solving the problems around you. Finally

Develop Yourself and Around You

SUBJECT TO WORK ONWe can work on many subjects, for example we can study a case on social problems or institutional problems.But most of the CASE STUDY are done on following subjects

Institution Sociality


MAKING CIRCLEYou have to make STUDENT QUALITY CONTROL CIRCLE (SQCC).In order to make a circle you should have the following facts in mind. A circle would made of 8-10 members.

Members of different quality should be included Everyone should have equal right. A Leader & D.Leader should be selected by ALL. Leader will maintain Discipline in circle.

BRAIN STORMINGBrain storming is a process in which every member would participate to CONTRIBUTE IDEAS.In order to participate Brain Storming method you have to follow these Techniques . Every member would sit in CIRCLE. All would write down Ideas. Every member would give at least 5-10 ideas. No one should neglect anyone. No CRITISISM is allowed. No NEGETIVE REACTION is allowed.

SHORT LISTINGBy BRAIN STORMING you will get at least 2050 problems. But some of them will be similar to others. Thus you have to make a SHORT LIST from them. TECHNIQUES : Nice use of words. Problem name should at least longer than 3 words.

Interesting word should be used. Number the listed Probs..

VOTING & PROBLEM SELECTIONAmong the listed problems you have to select ONLY ONE problem for Case Study. Voting process is used in order to find out the highest rated Problem. Follow these steps to get success : o Every member should get an individual BALLOT PAPER o Every member would rate all the problems out of 10 o The HIGHEST rated Problem would be studied In order to present VOTING RESULT you have to show PIE,BAR,PARETTO etc CHART

SURVEY & DATA COLLECTIONTo study about THE PROBLEM you have to SURVEY about the Problem & find out thinkings of normal peoples about the Problem. To SUVEY.. Selecting a number of people as SAMPLE. Make some questions (open & close minded) to get IDEAS Surveying on your SAMPLE by QUESTIONING.

Analyze the answers & find out the major CAUSES of the PROBLEM Finally SORTING the FINDINGS.

FISHBONE DIAGRAMAfter the attack of US Force in the Hiroshima & Nagasaki area,one of the GREATEST PROFFESSOR of TOKYO UNIVERSITTY Dr.Kaoru Ishikawa invented a way in order to show MAJOR CAUSES & ROLES of PEOPLE in a Diagram.It is called ISHIKAWA DIAGRAM / FISHBONE DIAGRAM.








SOLUTIONSFrom Ishikawa / Fishbone Diagram you will easily get the sollutions.You have to finnd way HOW YOU CAN STOP THE ROLES!!! By stopping the roles of people you will be able to CLEAR the CAUSES.By clearing the causes step by step you will be able to solve the PROBLEM. The ways will be your SOLLUTIONS.

ACTION PLANTo solve the problem you have to take some actions.The planning of the action is called ACTION PLAN.In the plan you will show some STEPS as adopting them we can SOLVE THE PROBLEM EASILY But among all the actions the first action must be TAKING PERMISSION FROM THE CHIEF PATRON then the others.

RESULT / EXPECTED TANGINLE GAINSFinally you have to show your expected gains from your planning. What kinds of benefit you may get by adopting those actions!!!!!!!! Will that solve the problem or not and BLA. BLA ..BLA