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<p>Presented By: Rittu Chawla</p> <p>What is Quality Circle..?Quality Circle is one of the employee participation methods. It implies the development of skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity of the people through cumulative process of education, training, work experience and participation. It also implies the creation of facilitative conditions and environment of work, which creates and sustains their motivation and commitment towards work excellence. Quality Circles have emerged as a mechanism to develop and utilize the tremendous potential of people for improvement in product quality and productivity.</p> <p>History of Quality Circle Quality circles were first established in Japan in 1962, and</p> <p>Kaoru Ishikawa has been credited with their creation. The movement in Japan was coordinated by the Japanese</p> <p>Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). The use of quality circles then spread beyond Japan.</p> <p>Quality circles have been implemented even in educational sectors in India and QCFI (Quality Circle Forum of India) formulated in 1982, is promoting such activities.</p> <p>Characteristics of QC Small group of employees optimum of 8-10 members</p> <p> Members are from same work area or doing similar type</p> <p>of job. Membership is voluntary Meet regularly for an hour every week They meet to identify, analyze, and resolve work related problems Resolve work related problems, leading improvement in their total performance. Quality circle enrich the work life of the employees</p> <p>Structure of Quality CircleTop management Steering Committee Coordinator</p> <p>Facilitator</p> <p>Leader</p> <p>Member</p> <p>Roles and ResponsibilityI.</p> <p>Top management :The success of the quality circles depends solely on the attitude of the Top management and plays an important role to ensure the success of implementation of quality circles in the organization.</p> <p>II. Steering committee: Called middle management consists of chief executive heads of different divisions or a coordinator plays a positive role in quality circles activities for the success of the efforts. III. Coordinator :also acts as facilitators is an individual responsible for coordinating and directing the quality circles activities within an organization and carries out such functions.</p> <p>ContIV. Facilitator: Acts as a catalyst, innovator, promoter</p> <p>and teacher and is nominated by the management. V. Leader : Of the quality circles is chosen by the members among themselves and they may decide to have a leader by rotation since the members are the basic elements of the structure of quality circle. VI. Members :Of the quality circles are the small group of people from the same work area or doing similar type of work whereas non-members are those who are not members of the quality circle but may be involved in the circle recommendation.</p> <p>THE IMPACT OF QUALITY CIRCLE Improvement of human relations and workplace</p> <p>morale Promotion of work culture Enhancement of job interest Effective team work Reducing defects and improving quality Improvement of productivity Enhancing problem solving capacity Improving communication &amp; interaction Catalyzing attitude change Promotion of personal &amp; leadership development</p> <p>Organizations Implementing Quality Circle. BHEL -1980 Mr. S.R. Udapa (GM Operations) </p> <p>1st Indian to start quality circle Hero Honda motors Sunrise Quality circle Lucas TVS, Chennai honey bee quality circle Tata Refectories (located in Orissa) Niharika quality circle (saved Rs.4000 Crore p.a) Kudhremukh Iron Ore Plant (located in Karnataka) Soorthy Quality Circle in 2001. Samsung India has bagged award in the Distinguished Category at the International Quality Circle Convention 2002 organised by the Quality Circle Forum of India in Lucknow</p> <p>Recent News on Quality CircleThe Hindu Date: 24-04-2010 BHUBANESWAR: Smelter plant of National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) won the gold, while Basundhara of OCL India emerged runner-up on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) standard at All Orissa quality circle convention that concluded here on Thursday. TATA Steel, Joda, Balasore Alloys, Balgopalpur, Alumina Refinery, NALCO, Hirakud Power and HINDALCO were awarded for meritorious performances.</p> <p>The All Orissa quality circle convention, the flagship event on quality in the State, was organised by NALCO for the 15th successive year. It is organised with the aim of spreading the quality movement in the State. As many as 17 organisations of Orissa participated in the convention this year.</p> <p>Thank you</p>