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  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    Finally get a

    magazine made just

    thinking of you...

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles



    Publisher: Flor Nayely Bautista Urbina

    Investigator: Victor Isai Cabrera Cortes

    Researcher: Vanesa Rodrguez Resendiz

    Director: Mayte Olmos Figueroa

    Photographer: Lilia Vanesa Guerrero Loza

    Designer: Marlon Armando Cadena Olvera

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    Productora: Mara de los ngeles VzquezCerezo

    TOP 10:

    1. Shakira. It leaves the sun

    2. Marco I gave Mauro. As of today

    3. OV7. I confess gave Mauro. As


    4. Camila. Bsame

    5. Gloria Trevi. I laugh to me of you

    6. DULCE Maria. No longer

    7. Alejandra Guzmn. Day of luck

    8. Zoe. I dreamed

    9. Belanova. I am not going away to die

    10. Enrique Churches. You do not say to me that no


    ZoEZoe she is one bandMexican ofalternative rock. It was founded on 1997in Cuernavaca,Morelos by singerLeon Larregui, guitarist Sergio Acosta, bearMosqueda angel,teclista Jesus

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    Bez and drummerAlberto Cabrera. Goatherd was replaced later byJorge Siddhartha and

    later by Rodrigo Guardiola


    Rocanlover (2003-2005)

    In November of 2003, Zoe sends their second

    album, produced by Phil Vinall, who had worked

    previously with bands like Placebo, Elastic and

    Pulp. The producer had mixed the songs of its first

    disc. This new album takes the name of

    Rocanlover, same name that receives fans of Zoe,

    calls thus from that point and to date by the band.Zoe lent several of the songs of this one disc for

    soundtrack of the films To love Hurts to

    You,Ladies NightandTheDreamer.

    RexCommander memo and the Atomic Heart of the Milky Route (2006-2008)

    Memo Rex Commander and the Atomic Heart of the Milky Route (2006-2008)

    The first six months of year 2006 assets for Zoe were enough; they continuedgiving shows very strategic like the Festival Latino lives and they committed

    with the production of his third album. In January of that year the band went to

    Manzanillo to begin with the pre-production of the album with the British

    producer Phil Vinall. It arrived February, with more shows and more pre-

    production in the CD. of Mexico. In March the songs of the disc were recorded in

    Sonic Ranch Studios in Screw, Texas. In April the post-production was carriedout more and shows. The songs were mixed in May (that same month they

    participated by third occasion in the Festival Lives Latin). The album was readyat the beginning of June.

    Memo Rex Commander and the Atomic Heart of the Milky Route it on sale left

    the 12 2006 July , making debut in number one in sales in Mexico. First the

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    simple one was Via Milky. The album reached Disco de Oro thanks to his than

    50 , 000 units sold more in four weeks after its launching, in addition to being

    very well received by the specialized critic. The disc was presented/displayed the

    15 of July of that same year in the Metropolitn Theater with two dates, totallyexhausted from weeks before the show.

    Reptilectric (2008 - 2010)

    From 2007 principles, to Leon Larregui the Reptilectric word was happened to

    him, which was created to start off to read about the Mayan prophecies. It is

    related to the God Maya Kukulcn, in addition to which that word was used as a

    concept to design the songs and the art of the disc. It was decided that that

    would be the name of its following album

    Unplugged (2011 - present one)

    In March of 2011 the band sends to the market the album Zoe Unplugged,

    compilation of his more successful subjects in hearing aid. First the simple one

    is I dreamed in where it will count again on the collaboration of Enrique

    Bunbury, Chetes, The Blondo ofHello Seahorse! AndAdrian Dargelos, the 18 of

    February of 2011 east video in the channel of MTV music was released. The 20of March the Unplugged presentation was transmitted by he himself channel,

    and the 22 of March left to the market the album.


    Hello small, we left top them of this week here, that good is possible to say that to the songsestan very good, and

    tambien wehappened to leave a

    probadit to them

    history of this

    grupazo of rock

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    ZOE that it has a very great and spectacular trajectory, so that they know a little but aqui

    we left its history and we hoped them that they like, in the following edition we will speak of

    the bands that were in the Latin American festival lives Latin 2011 and that so went it

    The man, from its earliest beginnings, such as social and religious at the same time, felt

    the need to communicate with peers and with supernatural powers. To this end, prior to

    the domain of language and the dissemination of oral expression, had to resort to their

    own limitations, his own body, to contact the gods, nature worship and express their

    congeners instinctively and their own sen spontaneous feelings, needs or fears.

    So with a rhythmic body movements that follow a pattern, usually accompanied with

    music served as a form of communication or expression as human beings express

    themselves through movement. Dance is the transformation of normal functions and

    expressions in movement out of the ordinary for extraordinary purposes. Even an action

    as normal as walking is done in a manner prescribed dance in circles or in a specific

    rhythm and within a particular context among other things.


    Theater dance: ballet

    Over the centuries, dance was stripped of its features is rituals and mystery, and

    definitively consolidated Renaissance mentality became a theatrical show where imple

    body movements by the dancers pursued results essentially artistic creation Thepursuit of beauty the expression of feelings.


    The pro ceremonial and religious substantiate the dance certainly has its origin has

    been kept alive in the Eastern tradition, filled with symbolism, each of the movements

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    and gestures of the dancers and their garments. In Chinese drama, the color had a

    precise meaning, so that the hierarchy of the characters, their age and their characters

    come represented by a particular color. What happened with my mo facial makeup,

    which in closed a significant feature. In Japan, the theater has no counterpart in the

    dengaku peasant, the kabuki, in turn, uses the mimed dance the classical repertoire.Folk dances.

    The configuration of a genre of dance theater to the area circumscribed finished

    establishing artistic discipline policy that first led to the development of ballet and,

    later, created a framework within which to develop genres like mustc hall, cabaret or

    multiple forms of dance nematogrficas ci. In this context, emerged rum specific

    dance forms such as tap dancing (tap) or swing, and important figures such as

    Josephine Baker, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire or Gene Kellv.



    The purpose of salsa is the dance, but there is always room for experimentation (Latin

    jazz), the social content (Ruben Blades) or more carnal love (romantic salsa)


    The most representative of the Colombian native rhythms

    reflects the heritage of Africa in the rhythmic foundation,

    the Indian in the melody and dance, and the whitedresses and letters. Of black origin, etymologically comes

    from "cumbia", an African dance of Spanish Guinea. Its

    musical structure is bietnica with basic rhythmic nuances.

    Developed from the seventeenth century and is played

    with a -3 base drums-percussion, bagpipes and maracas

    accompaniment. In some regions of Colombia is used in

    its execution the accordion as an instrument of Colombia methodical.


    The ska is a music style originated in the late 50's and popularized during the first half of

    the 60 predominantly derived from the fusion of black American music of the era as

    popular with Jamaican rhythms, being the direct precursor to rocksteady and later of

    reggae.1 As a genre particularly suited for mergers has been built through different

    variants, the most diverse musical languages. From the beginning, ska versions of

  • 8/6/2019 Revist de Ingles


    popular compositions for film and television ("The James Bond Theme", "Exodus", "A

    Shot in the Dark" "The Untouchables", etc.) Outlined its particular identity, including

    street, nostalgic and "mysterious" feature that would preserve through the ages. Was

    strongly associated with the Rude Boy and the independence of Jamaica in the UK,

    though it became popular around the world since shortly after birth. Its main objective isto erase discrimination primarily on the black population.


    The rock is a musical genre of the twentieth century and

    contemporary times which are born each of the various

    music genres derived from rock and roll.1 usually interpreted,

    among many other instruments are added occasionally, with

    guitar, drums, bass and occasional keyboard instruments as

    organ, piano, or synthesizers.

    The original rock is derived from many sources, mainly blues,

    rhythm and blues and country, but also gospel, jazz and folk.