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HubSpot : Inbound Call Tracking App. September 27, 2012. Agenda. Introductions What is the HubSpot Inbound Call Tracking App ? How does the App help customers ? HubSpot Stats Typical customer questions Demo Questions. What is the HubSpot Call Tracking App?. Launched April, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HubSpot: Inbound Call Tracking AppSeptember 27, Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidential Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidentialwww.ringrevenue.comAgendaIntroductionsWhat is the HubSpot Inbound Call Tracking App?How does the App help customers?HubSpot StatsTypical customer questionsDemoQuestions Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidentialwww.ringrevenue.comWhat is the HubSpot Call Tracking App?Launched April, 2012Found in the HubSpot MarketplaceUsers download a snippet of javascript for their site its free to try!The appProvides unique phone numbers for businesses to assign to campaigns (search, print, billboards, etc.)Tracks calls by lead source Provides reporting and analytics to show businesses how to allocate their media budget Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidentialwww.ringrevenue.comHow Does the App Help Customers?SMBs rely on phone calls to gain new customers:Personal interactionsMore likely to convert businessMobile device usage leads to more phone callsSMBs have not had visibility into where calls are coming from, preventing them from being able to make smart decisions about where and how they advertiseHubSpot is the only ad platform of its kind that provides this level of inbound call tracking Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidentialwww.ringrevenue.comHow Does the App Help Customers?Adding a phone number to an ad increases online conversions by 5-30%Adding a phone number can increase completion of a lead form by as much as 49%Phone calls are valuable to businessesAverage phone order values 1.5-2X higher than online30-50% call-to-conversion rates (compared with 1-3% with clicks)

Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidentialwww.ringrevenue.comTypical Customer QuestionsHow do I set up the Javascript?We can help as well as provide step-by-step video instructionWhat if I go over the 1,000 minute limit?The fee for calls is .10/minute when you hit the 1,000 minute limitCan I route calls to more than one phone number?Not at this timeCan I have additional dedicated promo phone numbers?Yes, the fee is $5 per number per monthCan I use phone numbers that I already have?Absolutely, we can provide support documentation for porting numbers

Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and Confidentialwww.ringrevenue.comQuestions?Contact Copyright 2012 - Proprietary and