"Simple, Sane & Successful Inbound Marketing" (Hubspot Inbound Conference)

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From Aaron Ross Hubspot Inbound Conference 2013

Text of "Simple, Sane & Successful Inbound Marketing" (Hubspot Inbound Conference)

  • 1.#INBOUND13 Simple, Sane & Successful Inbound Marketing AARON ROSS Author Predictable Revenue @motoceo www.linkedin.com/in/aaronross

2. Slides: PredictableRevenue.com/inbound 3. 1 Clear The Clutter 2 Learn Via Live Events 3 Focus On Partnering 4 Pick A Niche, Get Rich 3 Focus On Partnering 4 Pick A Niche, Get Rich 5 3 Simple Messaging Tricks 6 How To Be Different 7 Two Favorite Revenue Tips 8 Accelerating Inbound With Outbound 8 Ideas You Can Try Right Away 4. #1 Bestseller 25 Hour Week $0 Marketing 5. 1 Build it and they will come (and buy) 2 More is better 3 Inbound leads are free 4 Itll take a few months Common Hidden Beliefs of Inbound 6. Clear The Clutter 1 7. Pick Thing 8. 2 Learn With Live Events 9. 1. Clarify your messaging & buyer personas 2. Create reusable content 3. Build your audience 4. Generate leads & revenue 5. Connect with real live humans (oh my!) Why Live Events Are Awesome 10. #INBOUND2013 11. 1. PICK A DATE 2. Exhibit PDA 3. Change as needed 4. Dont chicken out 5. Learning > Results (esp. Ideal Customers) Power Tips 12. Pick A Date! 13. 3 Focus On Partnering 14. Hubspot + Predictable Revenue 15. 1. Hard to build an audience from scratch 2. They bring a pre-made audience & brand 3. You help them by helping their audience 4. Start with who you already know or follow Easier & Simpler With Partners 16. Partners Push You Give You Courage Make It Fun 17. 4 Pick A Niche, Get Rich 18. Afraid To Focus On A Niche? Boring Too small Not sexy Limiting 19. Feel Like Youre Just Banging Around? 20. Whos been your ideal customer? What are you the BEST in the world at? Get SPECIFIC 21. _______ provides professional consulting services to develop and support online business solutions. From startup to Fortune 500 companies, _________ assists clients to maximize their return on investment in the Cloud by providing implementation, development, and value-added software solutions. Speaking to Everyone = No One Listens 22. 5 Messaging 23. We provide a leading, next generation scalable, social platform for crowdfunded glazed-eye jargonation 24. Create with a passion for customer success Need nothing Truth is the best form of marketing Best ideas are independent of your stuff Sell Ideas, Not Stuff 25. 1. How do you help customers / people? 2. So what? 3. Whats so great about that? (WISGAT) If ideal clients dont get it easilychange it Awesomely Simple Messaging Tricks 26. 6 How To Be Different 27. Being different => Fear of criticism => Conformity => Average Life & $$$ Who The Heck Are YOU? 28. Listen To Your Weird & Unpopular Whispers 29. 7 Two Favorite Revenue Tips 30. Make ONE person responsible for executing and understanding lead follow up 1) Dont Send Leads Straight To Salespeople 31. Raise your prices by 10x?! Work backwards what kinds of Ideal Customer would pay that much, and why? 2) Design A High-Priced Offering 32. 8 Accelerate Inbound w/Outbound 33. Prospecting exposes you to cold reality & forces you to focus 34. Want A Closer Look & Details? 35. #INBOUND2013 www.PredictableRevenue.c om /inbound 36. QUESTIONS ? 37. @motoceo www.LinkedIn.com/in/aaronross aaron@PredictableRevenue.com Contact Me