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  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue


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    Albay mayors warnvs harming dolphins

    Mayor ROSALTRIPLE C ALLIANCE GBC/ARCILLA/REYES/MMECTourism industry players and stakeholders from Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur and Catanduaneslaid out the tourism development plans for the three provinces, dubbed as Triple C, the counterpartof the Almasor alliance of Albay, Masbate and Sorsogon. Host CamSur Governor Migz Villafuerte(top left photo) assured he will sustain and amplify tourism initiative that have catapulted CamSurinto a world-class destination and a prominent spot of the global tourism industry.

    Bicol tourism council tacklessnags on "Triple C" cluster

    NEW FACILITYSenator Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino IV joins Naga City

    Mayor John G. Bongat and Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado in the

    Blessing and Inauguration of the new Market Enterprise and

    Promotions Ofce (MEPO) and the newly renovated FreshFish Section and Naga City Peoples Mall (NCPM) Materials

    Recovery Facility in a ceremony at Naga City People's Mall.



    competitiveness of the new-

    ly formed three-province

    cluster of tourism develop-

    ment area (TDA) in Bicol

    faces obstacles ranging

    from limited market access

    to lack of industry manpow-

    er capabilities, according to

    local tourism authorities.

    These were identied dur-

    ing recent assessment and val-

    idation activities conducted

    by the Bicol Regional Tour-

    ism Council (BRTC) toward

    the preparation of a devel-

    opment strategy that would

    be included in the TourismDevelopment Plan (TDP) for

    20152020, Department of

    Tourism Regional Director

    Maria Ong-Ravanilla based

    here on Monday said.

    The cluster, known as the

    Triple C, was formally

    formed by the BRTC last

    September through the sign-

    ing of a Memorandum of

    Agreement (MOA) among

    the governors of the three

    provinces involved -- Cama-

    rines Norte, Camarines Sur

    and Catanduanes.

    The MOA ensures the

    commitment of each province

    to the tourism alliance that

    would seek to address the

    obstacles challenging the TDP

    which, apart from working

    with local government units

    in developing their areas and

    setting up tourist facilities,


    mayors of this city and its

    neighboring town of Sto.

    Domingo on Monday issued

    separate warnings against

    seaborne activities that may

    harm the dolphins that now

    frolic at the local waters.

    I dont want a repeat of

    what happened to the butand-

    ing (whale sharks). I warn ev-

    eryone from engaging in any

    activity that could be harmful

    to the dolphins, City Mayor

    Noel Rosal said.

    He issued the warning on

    reports that a pod of dolphins

    has been appearing and frol-

    icking before the public off

    the coastlines of the city and

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  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue



    local clients will stick with their (domestic)banks. In the medium term, however,

    as the transacting public gets to knowthe character and capabilities of the newplayers the clients will gradually solicit

    their services especially when it comesto FX transactions and big ticket credits.

    That will spell trouble for our local bankswhich may just choose to welcome foreigninvestments in their equity.

    TALENTS: Aside from our preciousgift of life, our Lord has provided us with

    talents. In real terms, these gifts areTime, Talents and Treasures. In our Biblereading today we are admonished to

    use the talents which God has given for our own good, and for our familyand associates, as well as for our needy

    brethren. We must use these gifts well, forthe noble purposes that they were givento us.

    Wise use of the gifts given us makesour Lord happy; but failure to positively

    So, the DOT in the region with the help of theBicol Regional Tourism Council (BRTC) is nowworking to make workable the clustering of thethree provinces of Bicol, known as Triple C, as a

    tourism development area or TDA. Fine.We ask though, among the strategies identied

    by the BRTC, why are the desirable standards andstrategies like people participation, accountabilityand transparency as good governance measureappear invisible?

    We ask because, for instance, a local columnisthas recently complained about his not-sotourist-friendly experience in Caramoan, whichinterestingly is part of what the DOT calls thesubcluster Caramoan-Catanduanes Tourism Link,which really, is neat phrasing.

    You have a tourism destination where exclusionis the rule, then you are promoting tourism apartheidand segregation.

    We ask because the DPWH will soon demolisha century-old bridge in barangay Santiago inIriga to be replaced with a new one as part of thegovernments National Tourism Development Plan.Isnt a 100-year old bridge an important culturalresource which by itself is already a tourism come-on and potential part of a tourism circuit andresource that would link and include the home ofthe sinarapan, the mythical hunter-turned-stone,Sarikaw; the smallest species of the biggest owerin the world, the rafesia baletei found in theremaining fasteness of Mt. Asog, or the Barit riveritself, source of the rst hydro-electric power plantin this part of the region? Does the DOT have aninventory of these cultural, natural and historicalresources as it appears the department is justrelying on old data? Why the sudden decisionto pursue the project when originally the DPWHrevealed in a public hearing in the parish churchof the same barangay that it will not demolishthe bridge? Is the concept of the DOT of tourismresource still the built-up and man-made kind anddoes not include those with historical value?

    We ask because we believe that tourism plans

    and projects without peoples participation oraccess will not be sustainable in the long-term.

    We believe that like any other governmentproject, tourism programs should be guided bythe standards of accountability and transparency.How many for instance, is the annual total numberof tourists in either CWC or Caramoan; and howmuch income do they bring to the provincialcoffers? After all, the public as taxpayers has theright to know these too, not only those meant forpogi points .

    What we are saying is that the DOT shouldfactor people in its tourism equation. For a well-coordinated utilization of the local Culture andresources, the participation of the Community willensure the Cash and sustainability of the tourismprogram; i.e. the Triple C of tourism program wherepeople are included, and therefore matters.

    After all, for whom is a tourism program but thepeoples?

    utilize them disappoints our GreatBenefactor. These talents enable us to

    live progressively and productively. OurLord Giver has equivalent expectations.To those to whom so much have been

    given so much are expected in return.So, it is not just putting to good use the

    gifts we have been endowed with butalso to use all our gathered fruits for thegood of our fellowmen.

    GOODWILL: Doing good attractsothers to follow worthy examples.During my birthday last September,

    instead of tendering a food-cum-drinksparty, Acyatan Foundation conducted

    a Free Medical Clinic for indigents inBarangay Gulang-Gulang in LucenaCity. My associates learned about our

    plan and they volunteered to donatemedicines and some funds to cover theexpenses. Our doctor friends offered

    free consultancy services.The fruitful experience served as

    contagion affecting our friends, leadingto a second Free Medical Clinic onDecember 14, 2014. This time, venue

    is at North Lucena Elementary School

    in Brgy. l. Chair Nilo Villapando and hiscouncil will gather patients. RC Metro

    Lucena (co-sponsor) will donate food forthe patients and participants. Doctors

    are from Sacred Heart College HSClass 1986. BLD-Lucena and AcyatanFoundation will provide medicines and

    services.PROVERBS: The way of the Lord is

    a refuge to the righteous. The righteous

    will never be uprooted.

    (PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement

    Awardee).BANKING: The nancial market is

    abuzz with the ASEAN integration due

    next year. Local bankers are fearfulthat the invasion by the global banks

    may put them on the negative side ofcompetition. They say their operationsmight be dwarfed by huge transactions

    of incoming giant nancial groups. Theyare afraid that their old turfs will soonbe taken over by the bigger foreign-

    capitalized banks.The Monetary Board of the BSP

    approved last week the implementing rulesand regulations (IRR) of RA No. 10641.This is the law that opened up the banking

    sector after removing the former 10-bankrestrictions and allowed foreign banks toacquire up to 100% of the voting stock of

    existing domestic banks. Capital stocks ofthese incoming banks are usually publicly

    listed in their home countries, hence sizeis assured.

    MARKET: From the foreign bankers

    standpoint, the Philippines is green

    potential area for growth. Of our totalpopulation of 100 million- only 27% have

    bank accounts, hence 73 million arepossible bank clients of the future. So also,

    as the GNP and GDP continue to expand,more and more corporate accounts areexpected to be generated not only in the

    form of loans and credit, but also by wayof deposits accounts.

    The International Finance Corporation

    opines that at least in the beginning the

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    gospel truth. It can be invented to suit

    the story teller.I, myself, alswo want to know the truth.

    Inspite of ten televised hearings of theBlue Ribbon sub-committee, VP Binay

    has still the highest satisfaction ratingamong government ofcials per surveysof SWS and Pulse Asia.

    I have seen VP Binay talk to thousandsof people in the 4 thdistrict of this province

    particularly in Tigaon and the responseto him was positive. I observed he isapproachable and can connect to the

    people. No wonder, he is inspired toaccept the invitation of his friends and

    allies who give him opportunities to talkdirectly to the people.

    ******Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy, manager of

    the Department of Healths Emerging

    and Re-emerging Infectious DiseaseProgram says in the Philippine Daily

    Inquirer dated October 18, 2014, thefollowing excerpts: Stay Informed, butDont Panic.

    No specic treatmentDiscovered in 1976, Ebola is caused

    by a virulent virus and has no specictreatment at this time. Experimental

    vaccines and treatments for Ebola areunder development, but they havenot yet been fully tested for safety or

    effectiveness, according to Dr. LyndonLee Suy, manager of the Department

    of Healths Emerging and Re-emerging

    Infectious Diseases Program.

    To improve patients chance of

    survival, the only option is to make surethat he/she is given intravenous uidsand his/her electrolytes (body salts)balanced, maintaining oxygen status

    and blood pressure, and treat otherinfections if they occur.

    The outbreak in West Africa isthe worlds deadliest to date and itis creating psychological reactions

    around the world as people try toprocess the threat. Worst, fear and

    misinformation seem to be spreadingfaster than this disease.

    Be informedRight now, being informed on Ebola

    risks is perhaps the best guard against

    panic, Lee Suy reminded the public.Here are some important reminders

    from the United States Centers for

    Disease Control and Prevention aswell as the DOH:

    1. There is no risk unless the personhas had recent travel to affected areas

    of West Africa or direct, close contactwith patients infected with Ebola. In this

    regard, be vigilant if you feel sick afterhaving close contact with a travelerfrom West Africa.

    2. Ebola can incubate for 21days in someone before it becomes

    symptomatic. This means a personmight be harboring the virus as he orshe hops on a plane and no one would

    be able to detect it.3. Ebola is difficult to diagnose

    in its early stage because earlysymptoms are also symptoms of

    other diseases such as malaria andtyphoid fever. However, since Ebola is

    most contagious when the person issymptomatic, watch out for someonesuffering from fever, sweating along

    with body aches and pains, vomiting,and having uncontrollable diarrhea.

    Bleeding is seldom observed so dontbelieve what Hollywood has projected

    The Tempo dated Nov. 13, 2014

    reported the following: From Beijing,

    China, Pres. Aquino still trusts VicePresident Jejomar C. Binay. Aquinosaid work-wise, Binay is performing wellin Housing and Urban Development

    Coordinating Council and he doesnot see any reason why he should be

    expelled from the Cabinet.Ginagawa niya iyon talagang area

    of responsibility niya, I think the VicePresident also, without taking anyside is also entitled to presumption of

    innocence until proven guilty, which isour fundamental right.

    Pag lahat na lang ba ng inaakusahanay guilty kaagad, mayroon kaya akong

    mare-recruit?This stand of the President is correct

    because he respect the fundamental

    right of a citizen to the presumption of

    innocence. As President, he is expectedto uphold and follow the rule of lawespecially due process.

    That is why, I am in favor of Binays

    backing out of a debate with Sen. AntonioTrillanes because it will not achieve

    anything. No matter what Trillanes willsay against Binay will not change thosewho are for Binay. No matter what Binay

    will also say against Trillanes will not beacceptable to those who are for Trillanes.

    Trillanes only missed the opportunityfor pre-judging without due process.

    Binay missed to show his mastery ofargumentation and debate.

    Sen. Trillanes said on TV that he will

    not stop until VP Binay is put on jail. So,their hearing in the Senate Blue Ribbon

    sub-committee is not really in aid oflegislation but for the political persecution

    of VP Binay and his family.If Senators Trillanes, Alan Cayetano

    and Koko Pimentel have proof or evidence

    against the Vice President, they shouldle charges in court against him. There,

    witnesses can be crossed-examinedand documents examined and veried,personal opinion and stories are not


    Tourism for whom?


    Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU



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    LTO deputizes 68PNP-Masbate members

    LERCsInclusive development will be translated into reality in Naga

    City with the focus of socio-economic programs for the LeastEconomically Resilient Communities" (LERCs) as dened in

    E.O. No. 20 issued on June 20, 2014 by Mayor John Bongat .

    UNITED BICOL PWDsPersons with Disabilities in the region have formed itself into the Bicol

    Federation of Persons with Disability, where Jovencio Claveria of Naga City

    was elected president. They are joined by Mayor John Bongat and Councilor

    Nathan Sergio.

    EN ESPAAMembers of the League of Municipalities of the Phillipines

    Executive Committee, like Deputy Secretary General Daet

    Mayor Tito S. Sarion is joined by Philippine Consul General

    Jordi Puig Roches when they made a courtesy call on him

    while attending the 13th Congress of Educating Cities.

    DAET, Camarines Norte

    The governments price

    monitoring arm remindedthe public of their role in

    observing the prices of

    goods and services during

    the monthly Talakayan

    sa PIA of the Camarines

    Norte Information Center

    in line with the Consum-

    ers Welfare Month in Oc-

    tober held here recently.

    DTI STIDS Elenita Avila

    said that they are ensuring

    that the prime and basic com-

    modities like sardines, soap

    and construction materials

    are available at reasonable

    prices or Suggested Retail

    Price (SRP).

    She said that in the moni-toring of the liqueed petro-

    leum gas (LPG), the Depart-

    ment of Energy (DOE) do

    the checking of the contents

    while the DTI task is to ob-

    serve if the tank is re-quali-


    She also claried that the

    monitoring of the weight and

    measures is under the local

    government unit concerned

    through the municipal and

    provincial treasurer.

    Avila said that they ob-

    serve what are being dis-

    played because they are not

    allowed to enter at the back

    or at the warehouse of an es-tablishment.

    She said that they do the

    monitoring on a monthly ba-

    sis but if there are bad weath-

    er, typhoon and disaster they

    it weekly or daily.

    She urged the public to

    be aware of the product s tan-

    dard mark like the Philippine

    Standard (PS) for the local

    products while Import Com-

    modity Clearance (ICC) for

    the imported goods and they

    can detect if these marks are

    genuine through their micro-

    testing facility.

    She said that for the wel-

    fare of consumers, their ofcehas conducted several activi-

    ties in line with the Consum-

    ers Welfare Month in Oc-

    tober like the Diskuwento

    Caravan in Jose Panganiban

    and Paracale towns, quiz bee,

    product standard fair and con-

    sumer against common fraud

    in partnership with the Cen-

    tral Bank of the Philippines.

    NFA Warehouse Super-

    visor Rudy Lozano on the

    other hand said that NFA rice

    at their outlets is P27.00 and

    P32.00 per kilo and they have

    a monitoring team to ensure

    that these will not be sale at a

    high price.He said that they do the

    monitoring on a daily ba-

    sis and if the outlet will be

    caught selling NFA rice at a

    high price they will be sus-

    pended from trading the com-


    He claried that the NFA

    do not monitor the commer-

    cial rice but if they noticed

    that there are abrupt increas-

    es they distribute more of the

    NFA rice in order to stabilize

    the prices in the market.

    He also ensure that the

    NFA has a stocks of 3,300

    bags of imported rice, 2,400

    bags of local rice and 1,700bags of palay that will last un-

    til December this year aside

    from the coming of 100,000

    bags of imported rice.

    PENR Ofcer Ponciano

    Mabeza Jr. said that their

    agency concern is in the

    monitoring forest products

    like charcoal, rattan and ply-


    He said that in the prov-

    ince they have only issued

    two permits for the outlets

    of lumber and they only give

    license for the production of

    charcoal to those who owned

    a land and to the owners of

    furniture shops.He claried that monitor-

    ing of coco lumber is in the

    hands of the Philippine Coco-

    nut Authority (PCA).

    The Talakayan sa PIA is

    a monthly kapihan conducted

    by the Philippine Information

    Agency Camarines Norte fa-

    cilitated by ICM Rose Man-

    langit and attended by media

    persons of various media out-

    lets in the province. PIA


    NAGA CITY --- In the

    recent Regional PWD sum-

    mit, held for the rst time

    and conducted here, City

    Councilor David Casper

    Nathan Sergio expressed

    his full support towards the

    inclusion of PWDs in all

    legislative and administra-

    tive measures supportive of

    the rights of Persons with


    Sergio chairs the Commit-

    tee on Persons with Disabili-

    ties and is responsible for

    the creation of the Persons

    with Disability Affairs Ofce

    (PDAO) in the City of Naga

    through Ordinance No. 2010-

    039 which he authored. This

    is pursuant to the provisions

    of Republic Act No. 10070 or

    an Act establishing an insti-

    tutional mechanism to ensure

    implementation of programs

    and services for persons with

    disabilities in every province,

    city and municipality, amend-

    ing Republic Act No. 7277 or

    the Magna Carta for Disabled


    Christopher Molin cur-

    rently heads the PDAO as


    We will develop poli-

    cies and additional initia-

    tives which we have already

    started and ensure that they

    are disability-inclusive and

    will enable PWDs to fully

    exercise their rights as man-

    dated. We will strengthen

    the PDAO and we are hope-

    ful that there will be concrete

    actions concerning benets,

    like scholarships and liveli-

    hood opportunities for this

    sector. We have laws but we

    need to put more attention to

    it to realize its worth to the

    PWDs, Sergio added.

    Sergio also stated that the

    city government of Naga un-

    der the headship of Mayor

    John Bongat is already spear-

    heading changes in the struc-

    tures and buildings inside

    the city hall. This, he said is

    a positive move that signals

    the full realization and com-

    pliance of BP 344 or the Na-

    tional Building Code of the

    Philippines otherwise known

    as an An Act to Enhance the

    Mobility of Disabled Persons

    by Requiring Certain Build-

    ings, Institutions, Establish-

    ments and Public Utilities to

    Install Facilities and Other


    The City Councilor was

    a 26th Apolinario Mabini

    awardee and received the

    honor as Disabled Filipino

    of the Year for his exemplary

    contribution in uplifting the

    lives of his fellowmen de-

    spite his disability.

    Aside from hearing lec-

    tures and discussions related

    to Disaster Risk Reduction

    and Management (DRRM)

    during the 1st Regional PWD

    Summit, the participants took

    the opportunity to elect their

    Regional PWD Federation


    Elected President for the

    Regional PWD Federation is

    Engr. Jovencio B. Claveria

    (Naga City), Professor Rex

    Bernardo from Daet, Cama-



    Sixty-eight members of

    the Philippine National

    Police from the different

    municipalities of Mas-

    bate and Masbate City

    have been deputized by

    the Land Transportation

    Ofce (LTO) regionaland provincial regula-

    tion ofces following

    their two-day deputation

    seminar conducted by the

    LTO on November 5-6 at

    the Camp Bonny Serrano


    The PNP personnel

    were deputized by the LTO

    to enforce the provisions of

    Republic Act 4136 or the

    LTO law after completing

    the needed requirements for


    They learned basic in-

    formation on motor vehicle

    (MV) registration, licens-

    ing, RA 4136 and other re-

    lated laws and rules, basic

    road rules and MV roadside

    inspection, manner of ap-

    prehending trafc violatorsand the new memorandum

    circulars on violations com-

    mitted by vehicle owners.

    The LTO assured its dep-

    utized agents that they will

    receive the deputation or-

    ders from the LTO regional

    ofce the soonest possible

    time so that they can start

    enforcing trafc rules in the


  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue




    Kagadanan nin Duwang Artista

    na obrang gibo sa ceramic,

    sarong halas na takot kaptan

    kan mga tawo huli ta garo ini

    buhay. Kan siya nababangkay,

    nahiling kan iba na nagkanap ini

    parayo sa diklom. Bilang iskultor

    matibay si Neneng. Katubuankan saiyang materyal, mga ugat

    nin kahoy na saiyang kinutkot sa

    saiyang lati sa taas kan Mt. Iriga

    (pamana saiya ni Atty. Reyes)

    asin ibinaba sa saiyang harong

    sa barangay San Isidro. Mayong

    kolor an saiyang mga pinintura

    sa kanbas, mamundo asin an

    tanawon may mga solitaryong

    tawo. Alagad, parte siya kan

    samong grupo an Sig-Angan Art

    Chefs na nag-Primer Premyo

    sa ginibong Pintahan sa Dalan

    sa Kapitolyo, asin nagika-Tolo

    man siya sa mural competition

    sa lakeshore dike sa Bato. Inibako man siya kadto sa workshop

    na pigkondusir ni Imelda Cajipe

    Indaya digdi sa Naga. Kaiba sa

    kolektor kan saiyang mga obra

    iyo sinda Mely Zaens kan Jumel

    asin si Beth Guysayko, magin

    si ako, sarong Last Supper kun

    sain si Hudas iyo lang an iba an

    direksyon kan hiling.

    Kan magwaras nin talento

    an Kagurangnan, kataid niya si

    Neneng. Mayaman siya kaini.

    Alagad, nagadan siyang

    pobre, siring kan katubuan kan

    mga artista asin syudadano

    sa tikapo tang banwaan.

    Paaram Lading asin Neneng.

    Mabuhay an mga artista kan


    Duwang daing gayong

    bistadong artista sa Iriga an

    toninong na namaaram sa

    kinaban kan nakaaging semana.

    An enot, si Lading Nagrampa, na

    sarong matibay na koreograpo

    asin naglaog kan rinampo, sarongbayle nin mga Agta, sa taunan na

    Tinagba Festival kan syudad.

    An ika-duwa, si Andres

    Macaorog. Si Neneng (iyong gaha

    saiya dawa kabalangon an saiyang

    hawak asin lalawgon) organikong

    para-oma, dating amateur

    boxer, nalaos na SOS Daredevil

    stuntman, dai nabistong voice

    talent, emcee sa mga programa

    asin amateur show sa baryo, asin

    matibay na iskultor nin mga ugat

    nin nagadan na kahoy. Bilang para-

    oma, an abono sana ni Neneng

    iyo an mga hinugas asin binasura

    sa kusina alagad an saiyang mgatalong asin purupagolong, kasing

    laba kan ki Tiyong Leon (sabi).

    Bilang voice talent, nadadangog

    lang an saiyang boses bilang

    emcee sa mga amateur show sa

    baryo, alagad napaparani niya an

    mga ikos sa saiyang ngiyaw, asin

    napapatakig sa takot an mga ido

    kun siya nagbabatok. Sa harong,

    igwa siya kadtong ido, na si Delnor,

    na kaduet niyang magkahol kun

    bangging matanga. Huli ta solo-

    solo sa buhay asin sa saiyang

    harong, ginigibo niyang kaulay

    an sadiri sa paagi nin dialogo nin

    maniba ibang karakter na siya

    man lang an nagtataram. Sarong

    banggi, nagdaralagan an saiyang

    pagtaraid ta huna may kaiwal

    *sarong tataramon sa Rinconada na boot sabihon,baga, na tinatahuban nin abo nganing magdanay asinmagkaigwang pampapamakot o pantao sa mga daingkalayong pagtaraid harong. Mawot palaadon giraraysa espasyong ini an pagsurat sa tataramon na Bikol,siring sa suanoy asin mitikong pagdara nin kalayo niPrometheus sa mga tawo. Ipadara an rawit-dawit asin

    rikastorya (ash ction) na may 100 na tataramon,kaiba an halipot na bio-data asin malinaw na retratosa [email protected]

    siya. Si Neneng man lang idto

    kalaban si Neneng aka gurang na

    siga, hambugon na istambay, etc.

    Minsan, inarog niya an diskurso

    kan dating Mayor kan Iriga, si

    Mayor Jose Villanueva na mas

    bagay kataid ni Primera Dama,

    Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

    Bilang amateur boxer, garo

    naenotan niya si Mike Tyson namangagat kan saiyang kalaban,

    kaya dai siya nagin professional.

    Bilang SOS Daredevil Stuntman,

    nacut kan editor sa pelikula an

    pagtalon niya sa San Juanico

    bridge, enot ki Dante Varona.

    Idto si huring aldaw niya bilang

    stuntman, ta naguli sa Iriga hali sa

    Manila, disganado kan palakaw

    sa pelikula kun sain pangaturugan

    niya man na magbida.

    Kan kajovenan niya, dinara siya

    sa Marikina kan depuntong Atty.

    Jose Calleja Reyes (nagbuhay kan

    Tinagba bilang festival kan Iriga )

    na nagpaadal saiya sa National

    Manpower Training Center. Digdi,nanudan niya an paggibo nin

    ceramics. Igwa siyang nabayaan



    Pirang beses ko pigpobaran

    Na pasimplehon ang namamatean,

    Dae ko aram kung ini maintindihan

    Lalo na pagabot sa kwerentadahan.

    Pig porbaran ko an Matematika

    Asin pigresolbar gamit ang gabos na pormula,

    Pasimplehon ko pa daa

    Ta dae maintindihan kan sakuyang kaiba.

    Pig porbaranko an AghamPara maaraman an agam-agam,

    Sagkod para sakuyang mapaghurop-hurupan

    Kung ano ang dapat na porbaran.

    Pig porbaran ko an Kasaysayan

    Para maaraman an saimong inagihan,

    Nin huli ta ako nariribungan

    Sa namamatean.

    Pig porbaran ko an Musika

    Sagkod an mga nota,

    Kaogmahan sa talinga an nakua

    Nin huli ta nagkanta ka.

    Pig porbaran ko an Sining

    Para ika mahiling,

    Pero ano daw ta ako napuling

    Sa sakuyang nahiling.

    Pig porbaran ko an Linggwistika

    Para maaraman kung tama ang saimong


    Asin ako nag duduwaduwa

    Kung tama an sakuyang kalkula.

    Pig porbaran ko na lingawan ka,

    Pero dae ko palan kaya

    Sakuyang nakua an tamang kwentada

    Na padangat taka.

    *Si Ariane estudyante sa CBSUA-Calabanga kun sain

    siya nagin saro sa fellows kan Writers Workshop na

    ginibo digdi.

    in its movies (in a number of movies, Ebola virus strikeseveryone in its path and causes them to hemorrhage from

    their eyeballs, ears and mouth until there is no more bloodto spill).

    4. An accurate test for Ebola can only be done a few daysafter the onset of symptoms. The most accurate of these islikely the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, a technique

    that looks for genetic material from the virus and createsenough copies of it that it can be detected. Another test is the

    antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Elisa),which looks for antibodies produced by the bodys immunesystem in response to the virus. However, this test can take

    even longer than three days to give a positive result for aninfected person.

    5. Unlike u or pneumonia, Ebola is a difcult disease tocontract since direct contact with the bodily uids of another

    Ebola patient is needed. By direct contact, this means bodily

    uids such as vomit, excrement, semen, sweat or blood, willneed to get into the broken skin (such as a scratch or wound)

    or onto ones mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes, sexorgan).

    6. Since Ebola virus can also live for a few hours onsurfaces, and up to a few days in blood outside of the body,the risk of getting Ebola by touching a contaminated surface is

    high. However, you will need to put or rub your hands in yourmouth or eyes for transmission to occur (which is why frequent

    washing of hands or the use of hand sanitizer is advised).7. Should one exhibit symptoms of Ebola, the DOH has

    designated the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine inAlabang, Muntinlupa City; Lung Center of the Philippines inQuezon City; and the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila to receive

    and treat symptomatic cases of Ebola.

    FROM MY WINDOW . . .

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue



    Early Christmas sale opens in Naga

    Products made out of water hyacinth were among the saleable items in last years pre-

    Christmas bazaar and agro-fair.

    Pistang KalagAmay na napagmata si Andrei asin nahiling nya na sibot

    sibot an saiyang ina sa pagpreparar nin mga lulutuon na

    kakanon. Mama, tano po ta maluto ka kayan?, an hapot ni

    Andrei. Sa aga baga kaya pistang kalag na. Mabisita kita

    ki Lolo mo sa kamposanto. Balon ta ini., an simbag kan ina.

    Naamay ngani magduman sinda Kuya mo saka si Papa mo

    ta malinig kan panchong, lapida saka mahawan kan mga doot

    sa palibot., padagos na sabi kan ina.

    Ako palan Mama mangungua naman sa natad ta nin mga

    burak na dadarhon ki Lolo!, maogmang sabi ni Andrei. Maray

    ngani ta namurak ining mga tinanom ni Mama. May madadara

    akong burak sa kamposanto an ngurobngurob ni Andrei.

    Pagkaaga handa na an pamilya sa pagbisita sa kamposanto.

    Dara na ni Andrei an mga burak na kinua niya sa natad. Sinda

    Mark saka Deino na mga tugang nya may dara man nin mga

    kandila. An mga magurang ninda dara man an mga kakanon

    na balon ninda.

    Pag-abot ninda sa kamposanto kadakul na nin mga tawo

    na mabisita man sa saindang mga mahal sa buhay na idtoon

    na. Nahiling man ni Andrei si mga kaeskwela niya na mabirisita

    man. Nag abot na din an Padi tanganing mag misa para sa

    mga kalag.Mama ikakaag ko na po ining burak sa ibabaw kan

    panchong ni Lolo!, an sabi ni Andrei Kami man po susuluan

    mi mana po ining mga kandila!, an sabi ni Mark saka Deino.

    Iyo mga aki, pagkatapos nindo kayan, madya kamo ta madolot

    kita nin pangadyi ki Lolo nindo., an sabi kan ina.

    Pagkatapos nindang mangadyi kinua na kan ama ninda

    an mga dara nindang kakanon saka sarabay sindang

    nagkarakan. Banggi na kan sinda nakapuli sa saindang


    I am proud being a Grade I teacher as I am equally proved

    of being a story writer. I published this article believing that allteachers have a writer within them if only they will try writing

    at least one.

    Strengthening Bicol CultureThrough Short Stories

    By MERLE L. ARO - Teacher II

    Ragay Central School - Ragay District

    Through the years, schoolchildren have been reading storiesthey hardly comprehend because the characters, setting andthe whole plot are totally stranger to them. Those pupils are

    forced to read storybooks which are too far for the private andexclusive schools which have their hands on choosing childrensbooks according to their pupils. Sadly, in the public schools, the

    teachers are just made to receive and to reinforce their teachingmethods, styles, and strong strategies in order to instill among

    their pupils Genuine Love for Reading and Critical Thinking(GLR-CT).

    When K to 12 Curriculum kicked off in school year 2012-

    2013, of which the pioneer batches are Grade I and 7, Mother

    Tongue Based and Multi-Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) wasincluded in the Grade I Curriculum, and eventually in Grades II

    and III. Stories have begun to be written for, told to, and readby rst graders.

    This has also given opportunity to the teachers who areinclined in storytelling and storywriting to prove and showcasetheir talent and skill. I for one have laid hands in writing

    childrens stories in Bicol for my Grade I pupils. I deem it wiseto personally create stories for them knowing by heart what mypupils love to read.

    During the District In-Service Training for Grade I Teacherson Teaching Methodologies, Approaches, Strategies and

    Techniques in the K to 12 Curriculum on October 21-24, 2014,I was chosen to demonstrate teaching in MTB I, thus I took ita chance for my fellow Grade I teachers to share with my so-

    called best practice, so to say, storywriting in Bicol ChildrensStories. This is it.



    More than 20 small-and micro-entrepre-

    neurs under the GrOW

    Negosyo program of

    Mayor John G. Bongat

    will set up tents and

    booths inside the city

    hall grounds starting

    next week for their Pre-

    Christmas Bazaar and


    The city-based entre-

    preneurs will be provid-

    ed with space at the city

    hall grounds for them

    to showcase and sell

    their products before the

    Christmas season nally

    kicks off when the tra-

    ditional commercial and

    business districts around

    the city will be ooded

    with various holiday

    products and general

    merchandise until early

    January next year.

    Jaime Francisco, ac-

    count ofcer of GrOW

    Negosyo for non-food

    products, said the bazaar

    and agro-fair at the city

    hall grounds will be open

    to the public from No-

    vember 17-21, this year.

    Growing Opportuni-

    ties for Wealth (GrOW)

    Negosyo is a brainchild

    of Mayor John G. Bongat

    which aims to enhance

    the chance of small-time

    local entrepreneurs to

    improve their trade and

    contribute to the creation

    of more jobs, raise the

    household income, and

    pave the way to develop

    local products and make

    them competitive in the

    open market. All these,

    according to the mayor,

    will help strengthen the

    citys vision of economi-

    cally empowered com-


    Dy-Liacco gives wellness talk to UNEPiansLifestyle and genes could

    be the culprit for the rising

    percentage of cancer and

    diabetes worldwide. These

    two common diseases were

    probably interwoven to one

    another due to lack of disci-

    pline and lack of knowledge

    how they can be cured, least

    how they can be avoided.

    Believing that wellness is

    of primordial concern for its

    employees and personnel, the

    University of NortheasternPhilippines (UNEP) manage-

    ment invited Dr. Jimmy Dy-

    Liacco, DMM, MSJ, Litt.B

    as their guest lecturer over the

    weekend for a free seminar on

    several diseases

    Dy-Liacco tackled the

    common illnesses and dis-

    eases taking its weight on hu-

    man health. It includes cancer,

    diabetes, high blood, heart

    problems, asthma, allergies,

    psoriasis, arthritis, headaches,

    migraines, gall bladder prob-

    lems, and kidney stones.

    According to Dy-Liacco,

    persons suffering from the

    aforementioned diseases neednot spend too much on expen-

    sive medicines. They have an

    option to turn to natural foods

    and natural food supplements

    that will enhance their health


    The new CITY COLLEGE OF NAGA (CCN), owned and operated

    by the City Gov't. of Naga, was opened last week and will be

    offering in S/Y 2015-2016 1) BS Midwifery (CHED); Automotive

    (TESDA); 3) Welding (TESDA); 4) Slaughtering (TESDA); and

    5) Emergency Management Service (TESDA), as approved by

    the City College of Naga's Board of Trustees.


    DPWH Bicol regional direc-

    tor Melvin B. Navarro said

    the agency's 24/7 Call Cen-

    ter Hotline 165-02 is now

    connected with regional of-

    ces nationwide.

    We want to hear peoples

    point-of-view on DPWH pro-grams and projects, and poli-

    cies and activities as we are

    prepared to listen and learn

    from one another," Navarro

    explained, recalling what

    DPWH Secretary Rogelio L.

    Singson said.

    Operationally managed by

    DPWH Stakeholders Rela-

    tions Service, the Call Center

    under outsourced contract with

    Pilipinas Teleserve facilitates

    DPWH feedback communi-

    cation with its stakeholders

    and directly provides supportto Secretary Singsons right

    quality reform program.

    DPWH public engagement

    thru Hotline Number 165-02,

    monitored and analyzed pub-

    lic opinion and issues serve

    as basis in the formulation

    of guidelines and policy im-

    provements and/or issuances.

    Other than the 24/7 Call

    Center Hotline 165-02, the pol-

    icy of transparency in the De-

    partment via citizens feedback

    platform includes feedback

    e-mail in the DPWH, TXT 2920

    short messaging system, walk-

    in, letter referrals, social media

    (facebook and twitter), and

    media (print and broadcast)

    monitoring system.

    One of the signicant rev-

    elations made by Dy-Liacco

    was the use of rock salt to

    cure maladies. He says that

    what is bad for hypertension

    is iodized salt, which is a fake

    salt. It is made up of only 3

    synthetic chemicals, sodium,

    chloride, iodine. It does not

    melt in water (glistens like

    diamonds), does not melt in

    the body, does not melt in the

    kidneys, gives kidney stones,

    and raises blood pressure.However, he added, it is

    the salt favored by the syn-

    thetic drug-based doctors who

    say it is very clean and sani-

    tary, pointing to how white it

    is and how it glistens like dia-

    monds. The fake salt is man-

    made in a factory.

    In his article entitled

    Stress Relief..Is Salt bad for

    hypertensive? Dy-Liacco af-

    rmed that true salt is indeed

    good for human health.

    The excerpts says: The

    true salt, which comes from

    the sea and dried under the

    sun and commonly called

    rock salt, has 72 natural

    minerals including natural

    sodium, chloride, iodine. Itmelts in water, melts in your

    body, melts in the kidneys, do

    not give kidney stones, and

    best of all brings down blood

    pressure and stops/prevents

    muscle cramps, numbness,


    He further recommends

    that if you get muscle

    cramps in the lower legs at

    night, just take 1/2 teaspoon

    of rock salt and a glass of

    water, and the cramps with

    its horrific pain will be gone

    in 5 minutes.

    This valuable learning

    added more knowledge to

    the participants who are now

    more armed with informa-

    tion on how rock salt can helpthem in easing their pains and

    health problems.

    UNEP personnel were also

    given free consultation after

    the lecture at the UNEP gym-



  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue



    Balatas Road, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City


    WITH WAIVER OF RIGHTS and INTERESTNotice is hereby given that named parties are the

    legitimate children and surviving heirs of the deceasedSILVERIA BALAYE-RODRIGUEZ and ANDRES P.RODRIGUEZ, who died intestate on July 4, 2010 and

    February 15, 1986 respectively both of San Isidro,Sangay, Camarines Sur, without will or testament andno outstanding debts, left a parcel of residential land

    situated at San Isidro, Sangay, Camarines Sur; the partiesall of legal age with full civil capacity to contract agree

    to adjudicate among themselves in equal shares thedescribed property, the heirs due to personal reasons andaffections have agreed to RELINQUISH, RENOUNCE,

    QUITCLAIM and WAIVE their rights in favor of their sisterEVELYN RODRIGUEZ-DELOS NIEVES and that she shallhave the exclusive right of ownership and possession over

    the said property; as acknowledged before Notary PublicAtty. Said Alip C. Maganduga, Doc. No. 548, Page No. 55,

    Book No. VII, Series of 2012.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: November 9, 16 and 23, 2014


    Notice is hereby given that JESUS NATE is a widower,legitimate and surviving heir of the deceased FLORENCIAM. NATE, who died on August 30, 2002 at ConcepcionGrande, Naga City, that JESUS NATE is the registeredowner of parcels of land situated at Concepcion Grande,Naga City; that pursuant to Sec. 1, Rule 74 of the RevisedRules of Court of the Philippines, the surviving heir do herebyadjudicate said real property; that for and in considerationof the sum of THIRTY THOUSAND (P30,000.00) pesos, inhand paid by RIZALINA BERMEO-SOBREVILLA, of legalage, with postal address at Concepcion Grande, NagaCity, do hereby sell, cede, transfer and convey by way ofAbsolute Sale unto Rizalina Bermejo-Sobrevilla, her heirs,assigns and successors -in-interest, said parcel of land

    being Lot 1-A, Psd-05-036837, situated at ConcepcionGrande, Naga City; as acknowledged before Notary PublicAtty. Leoncio M. Clemente, Doc. No. 499, Page No. 101,Book No. 181, Series of 2009.


    Published: November 16, 23 and 30, 2014


    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are thelegitimate heirs of the late AUGUSTO B. BORJA, the heirshave executed an Extrajudicial Settlement Among Heirs

    with Waiver of Rights under Doc. No. 183, Book No. 35,Page No. 6, Series of 2010 before Notary Public Atty. Jose

    T. Rojas; said deceased left another real property of whichhe is a co-owner of a parcel of land covered by TCT No.6384, in the name of Cesar H. Federizon, et. al. containing

    an area of SIXTY THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED SIXTYONE (60,461); a portion of said real property under (TCTNo. 6384) containing an area of THIRTY THOUSANDTWO HUNDRED THIRTY ONE (30,231) square meters,more or less, the parties all of legal age with full civil

    capacity to contract agree to divide and adjudicate thedescribed property in favor of TERESITA F. BORJAwiththe other parties waiving their rights on the said property;

    as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Jose T. Rojas,Doc. No. 171, Page No. 35, Book No. 19, Series of 2014.


    Published: November 16, 23 and 30, 2014

    in the media, writers, repre-

    sentatives from the academe,

    business sector and local

    government units to solicit

    support for the publication of

    the book, which he says will

    be the rst comprehensive

    book about Magellan.

    Magellan is a Portuguese

    explorer who organized the

    Spanish expedition to the

    East Indies that resulted inthe rst circumnavigation of

    the Earth.

    The book launch set on

    March 2015 will coincide

    with the 450th anniversary

    of Christianity in the Philip-

    pines which will be held in

    Cebu City.

    GERONA . . .

    also works with the private

    sector towards the pouring

    in of more investments,

    Ravanilla, who chairs the

    BRTC, said.

    Its formation as another


    TDA in Bicol is part of the

    2011-2016 National Tour-

    ism Development Plan

    (NTDP) that recognizes ev-

    ery part of the region a tour-

    ist attraction, thus, the clus-

    tering that provides strategic

    directions and programs that

    would make local tourism

    products more competitive

    are formulated.

    The improvement of

    market access, connectiv-

    ity, destination infrastruc-

    ture and enhancement of

    tourism institutional, gov-

    ernance and industry man-

    power capabili ties , Rava -

    nilla said, are the primary

    strategies that the BRTC

    are instituting toward this


    A technical working

    group (TWG) composed of

    the regional ofces for Bicol

    of the DOT as lead agency

    and the National Econom-

    ic Development Author-

    ity (NEDA), Department

    of Budget and Management

    (DBM), Department of Ag-

    riculture (DA) and Depart-

    ment of Interior and Local

    Government (DILG), asamong the members, works

    on these strategies.

    Other members are the

    Department of Public Works

    and Highways (DPWH),

    Department of Environ-

    ment and Natural Resources

    (DENR), Department of

    Science and Technology,

    Department of Trade and

    Industry (DTI), Depart-

    ment of Social Welfare and

    Development (DSWD) and

    Philippine National Police


    These agencies form the

    panel of permanent mem-bers of the TWG while gov-

    ernors Luis Miguel Villa-

    fuerte, Edgardo Tallado and

    Araceli Wong of Camarines

    Sur, Camarines Norte and

    Catanduanes, respectively,

    as well the mayors of Naga

    and Iriga cities and all the

    56 municipalities covered

    by the three provinces are

    current members, according

    to Ravanilla.

    In the recently concluded

    initial leg of the assessment

    that ran for three days, theTWG made rounds at the

    clusters key tourism areas

    to check on the hospitality

    facilities, transportation and

    communication, cuisines,

    security and safety, exist-

    ing homegrown products

    and specialties, rest room

    areas and other basic con-

    cerns that would affect the

    impression of domestic and

    local tourists, she said.

    We named the Triple

    C cluster Gems of the Pa-

    cific for its geographical

    location which is along the

    rim of the Pacific Ocean,she said, adding that there

    are two sub-TDAs under

    this cluster -- the Caramo-

    an-Catanduanes Tourism

    Link (CCTL) covering

    the tourism town of Cara-

    moan, Camarines Sur and

    the entire Catanduanes

    area; and the Camarines

    Tourism Circuit (CTC) to

    cover the rest of Cama-

    rines Sur and the whole of

    Camarines Norte.

    For the CCTL, Caramo-

    an, which lies at the north-

    eastern tip of Camarines

    Sur separated by Maqueda

    Channel from the island-

    prov ince of Catanduanes,

    covers the Caramoan Pen-

    insula where a group ofexotic islets serving as a

    major ecotourism destina-

    tion sits.

    Caramoan town is home

    to Gota Village Resort, a

    leading destination for tour-

    ists coming from France

    and other European coun-

    tries after it was included

    among the 14 best tourism

    destinations in the world by

    Top Resa 2008 in Paris and

    adjudged ecotourism des-

    tination of the year in the

    2009 edition of Nature, one

    of Frances biggest travel

    fairs.Catanduanes, on the oth-

    er hand, is a pearly island in

    the Pacic that is virtually

    untouched, unspoiled and


    It is a promising travel

    destination owing to its

    ecotourism wonders, dive

    sites and sea surng venues

    along its long string of palm-

    fringed beaches backed by

    jungle-covered mountains

    and crowned with jewel-

    like islets.

    The island offers a to-

    tally laid-back rural charm,

    a beautiful natural environ-

    ment and plenty of easy ac-

    tion at a pace thats always


    For the CTC, Cama-rines Sur has been a long-

    time tourist destination

    with its Camarines Water

    sports Complex (CWC)

    and Peafrancia Festival

    of Naga City while Cama-

    rines Norte is famous for

    its Bagasbas Beach and

    Calaguas Islands known

    for its pristine beaches of

    a long stretch of powdery

    white sand.

    Calaguas Islands was

    named number one Philip-

    pine Gem last year and one

    of the top emerging destina-

    tions in the country.Other tourist attractions

    in Camarines Norte are the

    Mananap Falls, Mercedes

    Group of Islands, Cala-

    lanay Beach, Mt. Bagacay,

    San Pascual Water Falls,

    San Jose Beach, Mampurog

    River, Black Nazarene of

    Capalonga and Pulang Daga


    rines Norte as Vice President

    and Ferdinand Arche from

    Naga City as Secretary.

    Other set of ofcers in-

    clude: Concepcion MeaSamson from Camarines Sur

    as Assistant Secretary; Ce-

    linia Tayoyo from Ligao City

    as Treasurer; Alex Almazan


    from Camarines Norte as

    Auditor and Clemente Nava

    from Sorsogon as PIO.

    The new set of ofcers

    will carry forward the devel-opment of a Region 5 PWD

    Federation to network to

    multi-sectoral groups.

    These efforts are pursuant

    to the pronouncement made

    by President Benigno Aqui-

    no III, declaring the period

    2013-2022 as the Philippine

    Decade of Make the RightReal for Persons with Dis-

    abilities in support of the 3rd

    Asian and Pacic Decade of

    Persons with Disabiliities.

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue




    General Luna St., Naga City

    AUCTION SALEon DEC. 5, 2014 of allunredeemed articles pledged from MAY-JUNE

    2014 at 9:00 a.m.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: NOVEMBER 16, 2014


    General Luna St., Naga City

    AUCTION SALEon DEC. 12, 2014 of allunredeemed articles pledged from MAY-JUNE2014 at 9:00 a.m.BIKOL REPORTERPublished: NOVEMBER 16, 2014

    CLIMATE CHANGE CONFABProminent personalities, resource persons and key leaders of different faith-based groups

    gathered at the Fernando Hall of the Ateneo de Naga University for the Interfaith Dialogue

    on Climate Change. The delegates assessed the progress of the intervention strategies

    and action plans of different faith-based communities in promoting Climate Change

    consciousness. Former Sen. Heherson T, Alvarez, co-convenor and Commissioner of Climate

    Change Commission (CCC) discussed The Quest for Climate Justice.

    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDADPAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad,Naga City, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2014 whose terms haveexpired will be sold to public auction sale on DECEMBER 01,2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2014 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER

    PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igual-dad, Naga City, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2014 whose termshave expired will be sold to public auction sale on DECEMBER01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2014 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE SPEEDPAWNSHOP, JR. Bichara Complex, San Antonio Poblacion,Calabanga, Camarines Sur, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2014

    whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction saleon DECEMBER 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2014 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPEPAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, NagaCity, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2014 whose terms have expired

    will be sold to public auction sale on DECEMBER 01, 2014from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2014 only.


    Published: NOVEMBER 2 and 16, 2014



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPEPAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, NagaCity, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2014 whose terms have expiredwill be sold to public auction sale on DECEMBER 01, 2014from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2014 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWN-JEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall cornerJ. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned fromJUNE 1-30, 2014 whose terms have expired will be sold topublic auction sale on DECEMBER 01, 2014 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2014 only.




    of the adjoining town of Sto.

    Domingo since last week.

    Now come the dolphins

    and I would to insist that

    these animals should be left

    alone freely frolicking at our

    waters without being harmed

    by any untoward activity,

    Rosal stressed.

    He recalled that last Janu-

    ary, a pod of these gentle

    marine giants also ocked


    the waters of the city to the

    amazement of thousands of

    onlookers, including foreign

    and domestic tourists who

    were seeking interactions

    with it.

    These migratory animals

    were expected to stay for

    three to four months to feast

    on plankton that are season-

    ally abundant in the clean sea

    waters of the city.

    Amid that phenomenon,

    Rosal issued whale shark in-

    teraction guidelines that carry

    with it a Code of Conduct

    in dealing with the enormoussea mammals whose coming

    to the city waters has become

    an added attraction, draw-

    ing hundreds of tourists who

    come rushing to go seaborne

    for underwater interactions.

    Sto. Domingo Mayor Her-

    bie Aguas has also issued a

    similarly stern warning as

    he set up over the weekend

    a dolphin interaction center

    that now sees to it that good

    conduct is observed by any-

    body, including tourists, as

    they go seaborne watching.

    Early last week, a dolphin

    believed to be part of the pod

    was found dead with spear

    wounds along the shoreline

    of the municipality.

    The local police and per-

    sonnel of the Department of

    Environment and Natural Re-

    sources (DENR) have been

    conducting an investigation

    on the matter and Aguas said

    anybody who would be

    found responsible would be

    prosecuted under the law onthe protection of endangered

    wildlife species.

    Aguas said various fish-

    ing methods like purse

    seine, drift and gill nets that

    could unintentionally kill

    dolphins are also prohib-

    ited from the local coastal

    waters where they are have

    been seen frolicking. -Dan-

    ny O. Calleja

    DOLE cites 200 frmsLEGAZPI CITY -- The

    Department of Labor and

    Employment (DOLE)

    on Tuesday awarded at

    least 200 business estab-

    lishments here for com-

    pliance of the laws andregulations on employees

    welfare during the mass

    awarding ceremony of

    certicate of compliance

    held at the La Piazza

    Convention Hall.

    The businesses are en-

    gaged in construction, dis-

    tribution, education, elec-

    tric cooperative, nancial,

    malling, manpower servic-

    es, security, and retail mer-

    chandising, among others.

    DOLE Undersecretary

    Rebecca C. Chato told thebusiness owners to follow

    the labor standards and

    other laws regarding work-

    ers and always protect their

    employees by way of pay-

    ing them the minimum

    wage and respecting their

    rights to ensure a good

    playing eld for making

    business in the commu-


    Chato told the business

    owners to prevent any in-

    volvement in child labor

    and labor rights violationand exploitation because

    their products would not

    be acceptable to the world


    This, she said, is the

    present protective scheme

    measures being done by

    other countries to examine

    all the products before en-

    tering the world market.

    About 200 parents of

    child laborers in Jose Pan-

    ganiban, Camarines Norte,

    received Php1.2 million

    worth of livelihood assis-

    tance through Mayor Ri-

    carte Padilla.

    The DOLE also gave

    Php30,000 worth of liveli-

    hood assistance to parents

    of rescued minors in Para-

    cale, Camarines Norte.

    Chato lauded Legazpi

    Citys very good partner-

    ship with the DOLE that

    resulted in the continuous

    improvement of livelihood

    activities by the constitu-

    ents in different villages of

    this city.

    Mayor Noel E. Rosal

    said the awarding cer-

    emony will encourage allthe owners of business es-

    tablishments operating in

    Legazpi to work more for

    the welfare of their labor-

    ers and employees, give

    reasonable wages, provide

    them health care and as-

    sure a conducive and safe

    working environment for


    Rosal said business es-

    tablishments and other

    investors in the city have

    generated employment tothe many city residents and

    have contributed much to

    the continuous growth rate

    of the city economy.

    He urged all the business

    owners to maintain har-

    monious relationship with

    their employees to sustain

    the smooth operation of

    their establishments. -PNA

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 16 - 22 Issue


    (Turn to page 6)



    OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPERFor Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter

    Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

    8 NOVEMBER 16-22, 2014

    Gerona to launch Magellan bioNAGA CITY --- The rst comprehensive book detail-

    ing the life and expedition of Ferdinand Magellan will soon

    be out in the market following the completion of the exten-

    sive research made by Bicols very own son, Historian and

    Professor Danilo Madrid Gerona Ph.D.

    By ANA-LIZA S. MACATANGAY Councilor Nathan Ser-

    gio of this city initiated the

    project presentation on the

    book on Magellan as a way

    to promote the project and

    solicit support in realizing

    the completion of the said

    endeavor. Sergio believesthat this comprehensive book

    will create an impact not just

    in our country but also in the

    international community.

    I am proud to have initiat-

    ed this project that drumbeats

    the launching of the rst com-

    prehensive book on Magellan

    in the world, authored no less

    by a Filipino historian who

    is Bicol's pride. The book

    would impact Philippine his-

    tory, Sergio shared.

    During the project presen-

    tation, the attendees learned

    signicant facts that were

    not unraveled or discussed

    before. One of these is aboutLapu-Lapu who is depicted

    as a young warrior in most

    history books but Gerona

    found that he was already an

    ageing chieftain when Ma-

    gellan came to Mactan. Most

    of Magellans men and crew

    were also killed not by Lapu-

    Lapus men but by Humabon;

    while those who survived the

    massacre were sold as slaves

    to Chinese traders.

    In his book that is expected

    to come out in March 2015,

    Gerona wants to debunk the

    PROJECT LAUNCHCouncilor Nathan Sergio (2nd from right) recently initiated a project to help publish Danilo

    M. Geronas new book on Magellan. The historian, shown here at left, with wife Karen and

    heritage advocate Pilar D. De Guzman and other guests, made a short presentation of his book

    at the Barrymans Caf near the Naga City Hall .

    myth that we already know

    Magellan very well based on

    the earlier readings that we


    I would like to address

    what actually happened to

    the Philippines in line with

    Magellans expedition since

    this is a primordial episode

    for us as Filipinos. The fact

    remains that for 500 years

    some important facts were

    ignored in our books, he ex-


    Professor Gerona holds

    an MA in Philosophy at the

    Ateneo De Manila Univer-

    sity and PhD in Philippine

    Studies: History at the Uni-

    versity of the Philippines. As

    a renowned historian, he has

    been invited in international

    conferences and conducted

    extensive researches in Spain

    and in most part of Europe.

    The author of several

    books like, From Epic to His-

    tory: A Brief Introduction to

    Bikol History and Naga: The

    Birth and Rebirth of a City

    he has also delivered various

    lectures and seminars regard-

    ing Bicol Culture and His-


    Sergio believes that Ge-

    ronas expertise will give not

    just Bicolanos, but Filipi-

    nos as well with the factual

    glimpse of Magellans voy-

    age in the Philippines. He has

    sought the help of his friends