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Alfred Adler

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Alfred Adler. Presented by: Jake Metz and Megan Wolberg. The grandfather of humanistic psychology. The basics. Alfred Adler was born February 7, 1870 in Pen zing, Austria He was born to a Jewish grain merchant. Who was very supportive throughout Adler’s sickness. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Alfred Adler

  • Alfred AdlerPresented by: Jake Metz and Megan WolbergThe grandfather of humanistic psychology

  • The basicsAlfred Adler was born February 7, 1870 in Pen zing, Austria He was born to a Jewish grain merchant. Who was very supportive throughout Adlers sickness.As a young child Adler developed Rickets, which kept the very active child from walking, because of this, he decided to become a physician.

  • The beginningAdlers father was one of his earliest influence, because of his father he became determined to excel. He was good at math.Adler successfully earned his medical degree graduating from the University of Vienna, in 1895.He began his medical career as an ophthalmologist

  • Psychology At first he studied with Sigmund Freud, but Adler rejected Freud's emphasis on sex, and maintained that personality difficulties are rooted in a feeling of inferiority deriving from restrictions on the individual's need for self-assertion. He came to view Freud inflexible in his views and obsessed with sex and death, so he started a new branch in psychology that he called individual psychology.

  • Individual psychology He studied individual personalities by interviewing and studying one person at a time.Was interested in this field of study because Alfred felt each person was unique and no previous theory applied to all people.

  • Major DiscoveriesHe basically discovered/founded Individual psychologyAlfred came up with the term inferiority complex

    "We all wish to overcome difficulties. We all strive to reach a goal by the attainment of which we shall feel strong, superior, and complete"

    He also discovered that birth order had a lot to do with personality and how a person turned out to be (lifestyle)

  • His Literature Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical CompensationIndividual Psychology Of Alfred AdlerCase Of Miss RSocial InterestMenschenkenntnisWhat Life Could Mean to You

    And Many more

  • Influence on modern psychologyHe taught us that everyone is different.He greatly influenced therapy and child developmentHe also influenced important psychologists such as Maslow, Rogers, and Horney

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