What To Do When Your Audience Doesn't Want to Engage?

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  1. 1. What to Do When YourAudience Doesnt Wantto Engage?Marisa Peacock!Principal, The Strategic Peacockimage: elbonino via Pixabay
  2. 2. @marisacp51 social media strategymarisa peacockimage: Sean Park2009 via flckr
  3. 3. ForrestersLadder of SocialTechnographics!In 2007, Forrester Researchdeveloped its SocialTechnographics data, whichclassifies consumers into 7overlapping levels of socialtechnology participation.
  4. 4. Who Are These Wallflowers?The Joiner The person who signs up and maintains multipleprofiles across social networks.! !! The Spectator The most common type of user. This personmay also be referred to as a lurker. They read blogs, view user-generatedcontent, read online forums and search for user reviewsand ratings. They do not upload or share much content.!! The Inactive The person who is online but who does notactively use any form of social media.!! !image: wallflower in honey by Sara Lee Parker
  5. 5. Got Inactive Fans? Defined as users that are following you and havent tweeted/postedin the last 3 months Sites like FakeFollowerCheck, JustUnfollow and apps like Socialbrocan tell you whos inactive on Twitter & Instagram Facebook insights will show how many fans are engaged
  6. 6. Fake or Inactive? Fake users dont really exist and were created tosend out spam, win contests or boost followercounts! Inactive users are online but dont participate in anyform of social media. Doesnt post anything or readanything which is user-generated content.image: Shutterstock
  7. 7. Inactive vs. Spectator Inactive users may not have intended to stayconnected to a brand after liking or following it! Spectators are interested, but have not beencompelled to go beyond watching and occasionallyliking or favoriting something.image: Glyn Kirk/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
  8. 8. Spectator vs. Joiner Spectators are interested, but have not beencompelled to go beyond reading, watching andoccasionally liking or favoriting something.! Joiners are present on social media websites tomaintain their own profile and their relationshipcircle. They also absorb information to upgrade theirown knowledge.image: stock photo
  9. 9. Can You Re-Engage !Inactive Users? Start with your email marketing. Identifyyour inactive email recipients thosewho have never opened an email. ! Export email addresses and upload intoprograms that can link email addressesto social networks. (CubeSocial,FullContact, TowerData)! Sample their social media activity are there any networks they are activeon?image: Fortune Cookie by Natalie Dee
  10. 10. You May Not Want To In April 2013, Burger King of Norway wanted to find out justhow many of its 38,000 Facebook fans actually were fans ofthe brand Decided to re-launch its Facebook page by offering all ofthe followers of its previous page a free Big Mac to not jointhe new page (thats almost 1,000 Big Macs) Approx. two-thirds (or 28,000) of its Facebook fans took upthe offer, leaving just 8,000 fans on the new page
  11. 11. We stopped focusing on how many likes we had, and put time and resourcesinto finding out what to talk about and how to engage our fans.!! Sven Hars, Burger King Scandinavia marketing director
  12. 12. Identify Your Spectators Do you recognize the names of those whofrequently like or favorite your posts? ! Are they current or former customers?! What is it that you want them to do? ! What does their customer journey look like?image: stock photo
  13. 13. Leverage Influencers Partner with influencers - get them to share yourcontent, review products, etc Invite influencers to contribute a new voice to yourpage Deliver promotional content by targeting theaccounts users followimage: stock photo
  14. 14. Reward Any Engagement Offer coupons, promotional codes through directmessage, email Let them know you care, are interested in their opinion Give them individual, personalized attention - phonecall, nudges, notesimage: Maridav via Thinkstock
  15. 15. Redefine Engagement What does meaningful engagement look like for youraudience? what is reasonable? How can you measure successful engagement? Record milestones, set benchmarks for success; Experiment with different tactics posting time,accessibility, etcimage: stock photo
  16. 16. Questions?Contact me @marisacp51marisa@strategicpeacock.comimage: JessMadeThis via Etsy