How To Engage Your Audience in Just 6 Seconds

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How To Engage Your Audience in Just 6 Seconds Using Vine Videos by Anthony Troli @anthonytroli #SMX #23A #smxsocial13

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  • 1. How to engage your audience in just six seconds Anthony Troli @anthonytroli #SMX #SMXsocial13 #23A
  • 2. About Me Viner with 300k+ followers PopShorts Head Brand Consultant Award winning short film writer, producer, and director Production Assistant at The Soup, Funny or Die, and Gary Sanchez Productions (Will Ferrells production company)
  • 3. Comedy ComedianChris 750k Followers
  • 4. Relatable & School Nash Grier 2.4M Followers
  • 5. Animals BarkleyThePom 240k Followers
  • 6. How To / Life Hack Great use of stop-motion!
  • 7. Pranks
  • 8. Contests (if you already have a large following, or seed your vines)
  • 9. Creative
  • 10. X vs Y Jordan Burt 2.4M Followers
  • 11. Extreme / Awesome
  • 12. #JohnnyDepp at the #LoneRanger Flying practice for #disneyplanes premiere red carpet. Walt Disney Pictures 18k Followers DO NOT Use Vine like Snap 112 likes 445 Chat 14 revines 82 7 comments 17 comments DO Plan Interaction 0.7%InteractionVines 3% Out Your
  • 13. BusterLightyear Flex Buzz Before & After PIXAR VINES (unofficial fan account) 447k Followers 1) 109k likes Media Interesting 131k mash-up 2) Nostalgic Popular music 124.5k revines 82k revines 3) Reaction Clip Clevercomments 3.8k comments 2.65k juxtaposition 58% 41% Interaction
  • 14. 1) Uses currenta prop Great use of Internet humor 2) Exaggerated facial 2) Highly Shareable and expressions Tag-able 3) Uses popular hashtags
  • 15. KingBach 3.6M Followers Dont be boring 1) Great punch line Relatable Dont sell so hard into a 2) Turns the product 2) Great #Remake choose to Be propcareful if you use stop-motion
  • 16. What works well on Vine? Comedy Relatable Animals How-tos / Life-hacks Creative (stop-motion or not) Contests Content & music mash-ups Pranks X vs Y Interesting facts Extreme / Awesome Fail Vines Vines that keep up with the latest trends Planned out Vines (plan each shot)
  • 17. What doesnt work well? Anything that comes off overly self-serving Unimpressive stop-motion Snap Chat style videos Vines that try to do too much
  • 18. Advice Use a TV style countdown Sync your music (match cuts) Use a tripod with iPhone mount Dont try to hack Vine Focus on the content of your Vine. Dont worry about the quality of the video so much. Use this simple check before you post a video: 1) Would you share it with a friend? 2) Would it make you want to watch it again? Make Vine videos where the content is relevant to your brand / product, but dont oversell it! If you have a budget: Seed your videos and work with established Viners to build your following If you do work with a Viner, trust them! They know your Vine audience better than you do!
  • 19. Contact Info @anthonytroli #SMX #SMXsocial13 #23A