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New Venue

We're happy to announce our new venue for the Quay Business Forum.

We've spent a great deal of time looking at many options in the last few months and loved this space, a great localvenue with fantasticmeeting and conference facilities which ensures theongoing quality of the Quay Business Forum.@QuayForum

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Fire exit signs are located above all exit points, the assembly point is across the road on the pavement opposite the building.

Ladies & Gents toilets are located through the doorway to the left of the Champagne room, where we met for registration and in the basement bistro.

Please turn your mobile phones to silent.

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Content strategies to engage social media audiences (and rank well in search engines).Presented to: Quay Business Forum14/10/2015

Todays PresentationObjective:To provide businesses insights about choosing the right social media. We will present tools and tactics to help build engaging content strategies to build a digital profile on-line and how that influences people and search engines. Aim:To provide you with a basic tool to create engaging contentFeeling comfortable with social mediaChoosing the right tools for the job and measuring engagement

Social Media StatisticsWhat do you need to know?

Graphic courtesy of We are social

Choose your weapons!Which channels do you have to be seen on?

Lets talk content philosophiesDo you recognise any of these symptoms:

Social media snow blindness?Are you creating a social shield?Are you naturally becoming better a filtering your own email and social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter?

We need to join the revolution

How can you engage people in a more meaningful way? Look towards your existing customers.Believe in the power of building your relationships by helping people solve their problems

Content strategies to build an audienceThe world has changed there is move a way from traditional disruptive advertising in other peoples spaceNow is the time to engage people and become more human in your delivery.We need to build an audience that trusts us and wants to engage with us.

Stand out from the crowdDefine your positionHumanise your offerFind your voiceBelieve in personalising your offer

Defining your position:Think about why you started your business? What are good at?Other than money why did you start your business?In the ideal world what was it you saw your business doing?

Humanise your offerRather than selling a service or a product what/where is the emotional response / the improvement to others lives?e.g. Accountants: Auto-enrolment forecasts of pension pots rather than the legal necessitye.g. Restaurants: A great night out and guilt-free service when the dessert menu arrives.

Find your voiceDefine your top 3 products/servicesList your top 3 customersList 3 issues each may have with their business that you could solveLook for commonality with these issuesWhere can you add value and develop content to help them?

Checklist: Solve problems & make a connectionList your customersSurvey your customersEngage with themDont sell to themListen to them and start to understand issues they haveAdd value to their lives

Earn their trustBecome the recommended Go-to businessPeople want to work with people they like, know and trustTreat customers well (over deliver but not at your expense)Personalise dont mass communicateMeasure and track your influence

Why consider Google too?Personalisation is one of the core directions of the internet. Google is actively doing this. See:, Google Plus all have ranking implications.Use Googles base philosophy for SEO resultsYour business is local, customer feedback impacts your rankings

Social Media & Search EnginesThey are becoming more entwined. Tweets will be listed and searchable

Tools for the job

Now choose your weapons that fit your audience

Where is the core content going to be held and distributed: EmailBloge-BooksWhat channels do people in your space use: Imagery PinterestLive content Snapchat / FacebookCommunity forumsVideo and how-tos YoutubeLocal Search Google and Google Plus


Powerful tips for e-mail marketing by e-blueprintHow to create web content by e-blueprintCustomer Survey: Content Revolution by Mark MastersMaking the e-business transformation Peter GloorChase on Rabbit by David ParrishGoogle Analytics Hootsuite Little Birdy Brand management by HitSearch


Nick Taylore-blueprint digitalDigital Marketing AgencyPhone: +44 (0)151 203 2073 Email: Elevator, 25 Parliament street 3rd FloorLiverpool, L8 5RN

Next Quay Business Forum

Wednesday 11th November

Same time, 8.00 to 10.00am, same place

Speaker Alison McGovern, MP for Wirral South


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