Interactive Tools and Toys to Engage Your Audience

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Alex Lam, from a full-service digital agency called Integricity (, presents a general overview of several tools that can be used to further enhance brands, service and product offerings.He starts with an interesting look at the current statistics of the digital landscape to illustrate how important the digital component is in businesses. Aside from touching on social media buzztopics like Facebook and Twitter, Alex explains how SEO, online payment, e-newsletters, video and flash games can be used.Speaking duration: 30 minutesAudience: SMEsHost: DiGi TelecommunicationsDate: 23 Sept 2010


  • 1. interactive tools + toys to engage your audiencealex lam

2. alex lam aka TheBackpackrAdventure / travel junkieIntegricity Group DIGITAL | TECHNOLOGY | VISUALS 3. then now 4. then now 5. then now 6. the digital era 7. the digital era 8. quick stats 9. video internet statistics: 2008 10. average attention span 5 12minutestoday 11. connect with people 12. where are the people? 13. For the first time, video audienceexceeds email audience! !"#$%&'()*&+,&-()&./*&0 shift of internet use 14. one-way communication IS OVER 15. golden question should we get started on twitter or facebook? 16. flash games in facebook 17. idiot box evolution 18. online video 19. streaming video 20. online payment 21. online payment 22. email newsletters 23. email newsletters 24. email newsletters 25. email newsletters 26. email newsletters 27. email newsletters 28. Build it and they will come!SEO 29. consolidate andstrategiseTHE MESSAGE 30. alex lam @TheBackpackr