How to engage your audience

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  • How to engage

    your audience

    Part 3 of a 4 part series

  • The challenge creating a direct relationship with your viewer

    Now that youve built your audience and figured out how to reach them (click here for a refresher!), its time to engage them.

    This is the creative side of developing your audience. Your goal at this stage is to influence behavior and encourage them to take an action, like watching, downloading, following, liking, signing up, buying, subscribing, registering, voting, etc.

  • Engage fans across all screens with emotion, connection,

    participation, cooperation and loyalty.

    Leverage creative technologies

    to provide the most impactful messaging based on

    audience knowledge and segmentation.

    Provide 1:1 messaging

    through dynamic creative executions where applicable.

    Capitalize on interactivity

    within units to provide the best possible experience for viewers with the brand

    and content.

    Create compelling offers, incentives and messaging

    that will incent your fans to act.

    Engaging your audience requires you to:

  • Now what?

    Once your creative is out and fans start to engage, its time to measure. Dont miss out on Part IV coming soon!

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