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<ul><li><p>TIPS ON HOW TO ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE </p><p>By gatha Rassa Lyra de Oliveira</p></li><li><p>HERE ARE A FEW PRO- </p><p>TIPS TO GET YOU </p><p>STARTED. People skim instead of reading </p><p>Quickly and easily </p><p>communicate </p><p>Maximize engagement </p></li><li><p>People like interaction with posts and giving their opinion. </p><p>A great example is the LIKE vs SHARE. </p><p>01 THE COMPETITION</p></li><li><p>You have to include 2-4 options and your audience will </p><p>comment which one they like. It's also a good way for a </p><p>little bit of market research. </p><p>02THE POLL</p></li><li><p>Just simple ask if your audience like it. </p><p>03 ASK FOR IT</p></li><li><p>Tempt your Fans with a great tagline and then prompt </p><p>them to the source of the development. </p><p>04 SNEAK PEEK </p></li><li><p>Whether its a recipe, a statistic, a fun fact </p><p>or a brilliant insight, offering something </p><p>new is a great strategy to increase involvement among </p><p>Fans. </p><p>05 OFFER ADVICE</p></li><li><p>Do this by providing a specific picture or hashtag, </p><p>changing the tone and language you use, or talking about </p><p>niche subject matter. </p><p>06 GEO-TARGET</p></li><li><p>Whether its an inspiring or funny quote, an easily-agreed- </p><p>upon opinion, or an interesting fact, appealing to the world </p><p>at large is a great way to garner some quick and easy likes. </p><p>07 THE APPEAL </p></li><li><p>Your Fans will respond more enthusiastically and more </p><p>often if they feel youre engaging with them as individuals. </p><p>08 SHOWCASE</p></li><li><p>Use a cute or appealing image </p><p>09 GO ADORABLE</p></li><li><p>People expect to see celebrities and historical figures so a </p><p>genuine face, with a story behind it, can be a powerful tool </p><p>to drive participation. </p><p>10 USE REAL PEOPLE </p></li><li><p>Depending on your social media persona and tone, using a </p><p>meme or humorous Ecard can be a great way to engage</p><p>with your Fans. </p><p>11 MEMES</p></li><li><p>QUESTIONS</p><p>1 - In your opinion, which tip is the best one? 2 - Have you ever got engaged by any of these tips? </p></li><li><p>THANKS!</p></li></ul>