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Lessons from the 2010 electoral campaign.

Text of Makabayan Online

  • 1. MAKABAYANonlineLessons from the 2010 electoral campaign ren guray|makabayan secretariat
  • 2. MachineryCoalition Members
  • 3. Election 2010 markedour serious effort toutilize the internet forcampaigning. Notes for and by the harassed
  • 4. Makabayan Lessons Online campaign is effective Funnel content back to your website Why Obama doesnt work Finding a niche; your message Have a dedicated team, duo or person Be consistent with the message Think POPCORN
  • 5. Popcorn?! Yes, new media is like poppin corn!
  • 6. Online media 1. Quick cooking 2. It pops everywhere 3. Full of air 4. Appetizing 5. Easy and convenient 6. Has a lot of flavors to choose from 7. Everyone knows how to make it,but only a few will make a business out of it
  • 7. Tips for peoples organizations You are not UG. Make yourself easy to contact. Show your faces. Personalize. Tell us what you do. Exactly. Connect then INTERACT
  • 8. more Tips for peoples organizations Give freebies. Bawal magdamot. Patrons will come from overseas. Appeal to them. Know your online audience. Talk to them.
  • 9. T-shirts, pins,tarpaulin, posters, flyers, campaigns
  • 10. Do NOT get lost!
  • 11. Focus on a few tools instead
  • 12. Choose yourbattles . Do not engage trolls. Breed attack dogs. Have a counterprop plan.
  • 13. Dont take yourself too seriously...Bawal ang masyadong agit. Internet is a place to recruit not alienate. It is not the actual venue for concrete actions.