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Makabayan Decalogue

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Makabayan is thewhere the learner can apply practical knowledge and life skills and demonstrate deeper appreciation of Filipino culture.

G oals:To develop the personal, social and work special skills of learners that is, to develop socio-cultural and politico-economic literacy.

The need to empower Filipino learners for lifelong learning as this would allow them to best confront the challenges post by the changing social forces.

O bjectives:develop cerebral competence and skills that are basic to literacy, productivity and entrepreneurship.nurture desirable values that help one come up with appropriate assessment and judgment.

equip learners with essential training for self-empowerment, leadership, responsible citizenship and intelligent fellowship.provide opportunities from discovery and development of talents in arts, music and literature.

Makabayan is a work- in- progress, not a completed work.

Makabayan is a work- in- progress from below not from above.

Makabayan is our responsibility, not that of Dep. Ed.

Makabayan like BEC is integrative.

Makabayan has the psychomotor objective of engaging multiple intelligences of students.

Makabayan has the cognitive objective of acquainting students with the way human body works in the context of human society.


Makabayan has the affective objective of socializing students in the context of their own generation.

Makabayan is the content part of the BEC for which Filipno, English, Math, and Science are tools.

Makabayan prepare students for the long term goal of lifelong learning and the short term goal of earning livelihood.

Makabayan is the heart of BEC.