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Food pyramid Life sciences: Part 2

24 food pyramid

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Food pyramidLife sciences: Part 2

Page 2: 24 food pyramid

Food pyramidFats



fruits Vegetables


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Our bodies need a balanced diet to work properly . We should drink water and eat the right amounts of items from the four main food groups.

The four groups are:1) Carbohydrates.2) Vitamins and minerals.3) Proteins.4) Fat.

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1)Carbohydrates group. It provides energy . It is required for

movement and for working.

Starch group Sugar group

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Starch group Gives energy that is released slowly Example : Bread, pasta , potatoes , rice.

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Sugar group Release energy more quickly Example: Sugar , sweets .

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2)Vitamins and minerals group Important for good health, prevents


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3)Proteins group Important for growth1)Dairy group. 2)Meat group.Ex :Milk , cheese, yogurt. Ex :Fish, meat , eggs.

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4)Fats group Source of energy, they are easily stored

by the body. Example: Sunflower oil, butter, olive oil. A healthy diet avoids too much fats.

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A balanced diet The right amount of food from the four

food groups