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USDA Food Pyramid 1992 Harvard Food Pyramid GNLD Wellness Pyramid Exercise & Weight Control

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Text of USDA Food Pyramid 1992 Harvard Food Pyramid GNLD Wellness Pyramid Exercise & Weight Control

PowerPoint PresentationThroughout our history GNLD has been about empowering people to take control of their lives…
Their health…
Their financial future and security…
When it comes to taking control of health the need has never been greater than it is today…
The reality is that we are not winning the war against disease…we are losing it!
Much of the reason for this is bad diets based on bad food!
USDA Food Pyramid
We’ve been being told that for decades…
In the 1990’s we were told to follow the USDA’s Healthy Food pyramid…
(Speak briefly about the whole grains and Fruit & Vegetable layers as critical for a foundation for optimal health.
Harvard Food Pyramid
Most recently the healthy food pyramid was further refined by the Harvard School of Medicine
This new pyramid includes a more realistic look at food and adds an the important foundation elements of regular exercise and weight control…
Also, for the first time the importance of plant sourced oils; where the lipids and sterols are found was highlighted…
Something GNLD has been talking about for nearly 50 years!
GNLD Wellness Pyramid
Exercise & Weight Control
Because weight control and active lifestyle have always been important parts of our philosophy for health and vitality we have now added a foundation of Exercise and Weight Control…creating the GNLD Wellness Pyramid
Lifestyle Food Pyramid
Whole Grains
No matter how you look at it though reality is that their Lifestyle Pyramid is upside down.
Too much of the wrong stuff….not enough of the right stuff…
…and we are starting to pay a huge price for it…!
Today the world is facing a global health challenge.
A challenge that is larger and more threatening than we have ever encountered before.
It has the potential of causing the strongest economies to collapse under it’s monumental burden.
That challenge is Chronic Disease…
According to the World Health Organization….
The top-5 chronic diseases driving this crisis are:
heart disease
respiratory disease,
and diabetes.
The magnitude and scale are so great that health authorities world wide have begun sounding the alarm.
Preventing Chronic Diseases:
A Vital Investment
Chronic Disease Report: 2005
The problem has become so large and foreboding that the WHO published a special report in early 2006 that looked at the situation as of the end of 2005.
In that report they sound a strong alarm….pointing out that the problem is huge…and we NEED to do something about it or we are in big trouble…
“Chronic disease causes 2X deaths from all infectious diseases”
35 million death / year today (60%)!
41 million by 2015……..a 17% INCREASE.
Chronic Disease Report:
They point to some surprising facts…
“Already Chronic Disease kills 2X more people than all infectious disease (Including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria), maternal and birth related conditions and nutritional deficiencies COMBINED!”
They show that the incidence of Chronic Disease in the population is growing faster than the population itself…
This means more people are getting these disease…
We are LOSING this battle!!!
Now…just to make sure you don’ t think this applies to some other people in some other country, take a look at what the WHO says about the situation in the United States…
In 2002 Chronic Disease accounted for 88% of all deaths…
Essentially 9 out of 10 people here today will die from Chronic Disease!!!
(Point out some elements of chart as you see appropriate)
And for the Canadians in the audience…the situation is no better…in fact the WHO data says it’s slightly worse…
In 2002 89% of all deaths in Canada we attributed to Chronic Disease…
Again 9 out of 10 of you…!
What is the cause?
“The causes of the main chronic disease epidemics are well established and well known.”
unhealthy diet
physical inactivity
tobacco use
Perhaps the most alarming part of this is that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Chronic disease are all largely preventable.
The causes of Chronic Disease are well known.
#1 is unhealthy diet
#3 is smoking.
Strategy for prevention:
If you smoke…QUIT!
Their strategy for prevention is…
If you smoke…quit!
If you are inactive…get active!
And, most importantly…FIX YOUR DIET!!!
Get rid of the excesses of refined, processed, fast and convenience foods and get back to giving your body the whole food nutrition it needs in order to thrive.
The Critical Role of Good Nutrition
“Research shows that good nutrition can help to lower people’s risk for many chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.”
Strategy for prevention:
And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agrees.
They point out that Good nutrition plays a critical role in battle against Chronic Disease Lowering peoples risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.
And how does the WHO, the CDC, and major healthy authorities tell us to fix our diet?
A review of each of the primary Chronic Disease categories
And the guidance of the world’s leading health authorities
gives a consistent and compelling message…let’s take a look.
Chronic Disease Report:
#1 cause….unhealthy diet
Heart Disease / CVD / Stroke
The WHO tells us that Heart, cardio-vascular disease and stroke account for nearly 1/3 of all deaths.
The #1 contributor to the problem is poor diet….
Chronic Disease Report:
More fruits vegetables, nuts and whole grains;
Maintain healthy weight.
Increase the consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,
Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains…
Control your weight.
Their nutritional keys to heart health are….
Eat more fruits and vegetables…
Eat more whole grains….
Now let’s take a look at cancer….
Chronic Disease Report:
20 million suffer today -------30 million within 20 years.
New cases expected to rise from 10 million to 15 million by 2020.
50% increases! We’re losing this battle!
20 million people suffer from cancer…
That will increase to 30 million within 20 years…..
In the next 13 year…by 2020…new case of cancer are expected to rise from 10 to 15 million annually…
These are 50% increases!!!
Much faster than general population growth…..meaning more people will get more cancer.
We’re losing the battle!
Dietary factors account for 20% to 30% of all cancers!
Chronic Disease Report:
The cause…..according to the WHO, many cancers are directly attributable to dietary factors…
After smoking….dietary factors account for at least 20% to 30% of all cancers.
Their strategy for prevention…
Eat more whole grains…
If you smoke…QUIT!
Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Again the US CDC agrees…pointing out that diets rich in fruits and vegetables reduce the likelihood of cancer occurring.
Fruits, vegetables, and grain
Numerous studies have found evidence that carotenoids reduce the risk of some cancers.
The strategy for prevention:
Further support for dietary change comes form the US National Cancer Institute.
They recommend people eat more fruits, vegetables and grains because they contain a n umber of phyto-nutrients that reduce cancer risk…
Specifically drawing attention to the numerous studies that have proven that carotenoids prevent some cancers.
A powerful and important message!
Now let’s look at Diabetes…
Chronic Disease Report:
171 million people today. 350 million by 2030
A 100% increase! We’re losing this battle!
Of all the chronic diseases Diabetes is growing the fastest and going to be the biggest problem.
Today Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions…
171 million people already have the disease….and perhaps twice as many more have a condition doctors and scientists are calling “pre-diabetes”.
One person will die from the disease every 5 seconds!!!
These numbers are expected to double by 2030….340 million people with fully diagnosed Diabetes…and perhaps twice as many with pre-Diabetes…that’s 1 billion people somehow caught up in the Diabetes epidemic!
We’re really losing this battle!
So what are we to do?
Vegetables and fruits
According to the American Diabetes Association good prevention strategy can start with diet by…
Getting away from fast, convenience, processed foods and…
Eating more fruits and vegetables…
Eating more Whole grains….
Does that sound familiar???
Be physically active
The US National Health Institutes ..National Diabetes Education Program also points to diet as a strategy for prevention.
They recommend people reduce their consumption of fast, convenience, processed foods and…
Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
And get physically active…..
The WHO, CDC and all these other health authorities know and agree that eating specific foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish; and assuring an abundance of the powerful protector nutrient they contain can help us win this battle against Chronic Disease.
Through well funded campaigns and publications such as this one the WHO and others point to the critical role of nutrition to protecting your health and assuring Chronic disease is not part of your future.
The importance of whole foods and the miraculous nutrients they provide us is not a new idea.
We’ve been hear about them being…
“Better than Vitamins”
The “Best way to stay healthy”…
Indeed, this is a message that has been at the core of GNLD’s philosophy for optimal health for the entire 50 year existence of the company.
Whole foods are the “Nature’s Blueprint for Human Nutrition”…
GNLD Wellness Solutions for a
Global Health Crisis
People everywhere need to hear about this Global Health Crisis…
Ad they need to hear about GNLD’s 2 Wellness Solutions…
that empower them to create and pursue their own Strategy for Prevention…
To assure Chronic Disease is never a factor in their life or the lives of those around them.
Here’s how they work…
Exercise and Weight Management
Global Health Crisis
The foundation of everyone's “Wellness Pyramid” should be Regular Exercise and Weight Management.
Exercise really means living a lifestyle where physical activity is part of a regular daily routine…
It can mean visiting the gym or going for a walk. It can also mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going dancing, riding a bike, going for a swim, playing tennis or golf or a combination of all of these and more sprinkled regularly throughout your days.
When it comes to a solution for Weight Management…there is none better than our GR2 Control Weight Loss Program.
This clinically tested, proven and scientifically published program and put your metabolism to work for you…helping your body burn fat rather than make it.
Fix your diet!
Global Health Crisis
The importance of fixing your diet for health protection and disease prevention is a message GNLD has been delivering since it’s inception in 1958…
We have been pointing to these foods and the nutrients they contain as the keys to long-term health and vitality for decades.
The core of our product line is built upon and around the foods and nutrients that are now so strongly embraced.
Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates provides the “lipids & sterols” from the exact same whole grains the WHO and others point to as important to chronic disease prevention…
Fix your diet!
Global Health Crisis
The importance of fruits and vegetables and the power phyto-nutrients they contain is a message that was pioneered by GNLD long before it became as recognized as it is today…
Carotenoid Complex provides the exact same nutrients from the exact same sources the WHO and other recommend …whole food, human food chain nutrients…
GNLD Wellness Solutions for a
Global Health Crisis
Fix your diet!
The amazing importance of omega-3 fatty acids and the powerful roles they play in every cell, every tissue, every organ and every system of the body is another message GNLD has been sounding for decades…
Our Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus provides the exact omega-3’s from the exact sources the WHO and others so strongly support….
Nutritional Solutions
Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates provide whole grain “lipids & sterols”.
Research shows that when these key nutrients are deficient in the diet cell structure; it’s membrane, and cell function; it’s ability to take in nutrients, utilize them for the production of energy or other cellular activities, and eliminate waste, becomes compromised. If enough of our cells become sluggish like this…you do too.
Conversely, when in abundance these nutrients have been shown to support healthy membrane structure and improve nutrient utilization efficiency; when your cells are efficient and energetic you feel more energetic too.
(Tell as much of the Tre-en-en story as is time-appropriate.)
This is an exclusive product, derived entirely from whole food sources within the human food chain; wheat rice and soybeans. It has been proven to have a positive effect on nutrient utilization efficiency at the cellular level.
It is only available from GNLD
Carotenoids are known as protector nutrients.
They actually take up residence in your cell membranes and protect them from harmful biochemical events such as oxidation (attack by free-radicals) that can modify cell structure and cause unnecessary accumulation of damage that leads to at least premature aging and possibly disease.
Investigations conducted by researchers from the USDA have shown that Carotenoid Complex can reduce indicators of oxidative events in cell membranes as much as 44%.
(Tell as much of the Carotenoid Complex story as is time-appropriate…whole food sources…USDA researcher test results…publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals…etc.)
Balances &
Omega-3 fatty acids are key building blocks of the cells and tissues of our body.
They are also key components needed to balance the forces of inflammation and anti-inflammation that are critical to health. Research shows that a deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids biases your body toward inflammation, accelerated aging and disease. Conversely, an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids provide the building blocks needed for the anti-inflammatory forces to balance your body toward health and longevity.
They are critical to life, everyday of your life, from the point of conception onward.
(Tell as much of the Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus story as is time-appropriate.)
GNLD’s Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus is derived entirely from sources within the human food chain and is the first Omega-3 supplement to deliver all-8 members of the Omega-3 family involved in human nutrition.
It’s an exclusive formula and technology available only from GNLD.
Balances &
Exercise & Weight Control
As I stated in the beginning of this presentation, throughout our history GNLD has been about empowering people to take control of their lives…
Their health…
Their financial future and security…
When it comes to taking control of health the need has never been greater than it is today…
The combination of the GNLD Pro-Vitality Program and GR2 Control gives you the power to build your personal Wellness Pyramid broad, strong and enduring…
Truly….Nutritional solutions for a global health crisis.