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The New Food Guide Pyramid. The Old Food Pyramid

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Text of The New Food Guide Pyramid. The Old Food Pyramid

  • The New Food Guide Pyramid

  • The Old Food Pyramid

  • The Old Food Pyramid


  • Grains: Bread,Cereal,Rice,& PastaBased on one ounce1 slice of bread1 oz ready to eat cereal cup cooked cereal cup rice cup pasta

  • Vegetables1 cup raw leafy vegetables, lettuce and spinach cup cut up raw vegetables cup cooked vegetables cup or 6oz. vegetable juice

  • Fruit1 medium piece of raw fruit, apple, banana, orange or peach, for example cup cut-up raw fruit cup canned fruit (not in sugar syrup) of fruit juice (100% juice)

  • Milk1 cup milk or yogurt1 oz. natural cheese ( ie. cheddar or swiss)2 oz. processed cheese ( ie. American)

  • Meat & BeansMeat, Poultry, Fish, Dried Beans, Eggs & Nuts2-3 oz. cooked, lean meat, poultry or fish 1 ounce of meat equals cup cooked beans or1 egg or2 Tablespoons peanut butter

  • Fats, Oils & SweetsUse limitedTIPSMake most of your fat sources from fish, nuts & vegetable oilsLimit solid fats like butter, margarine, shortening & lard Keep saturated fats, trans fats, & salt lowChoose food & beverages low in added sugars

  • Physical ActivityFind your balance between food and physical activityStay within your daily calorie needsBe physically active for 30 minutes most days60 minutes of physical activity needed to prevent weight gainChildren and teenagers should be physically active of 60 minutes most days

  • Diet Related IllnessesHeart diseaseHypertensionDiabetes Type I & Type IIOsteoporosisObesityStrokeCancer

  • Heart Disease

  • Heart DiseaseThe number 1 killer of men and womenPrevention StepsStop smoking ( DONT START!!)Reduce consumption of fat especially saturated fatReduce consumption of cholesterolAchieve and maintain desirable body weightReduce intake of salt/sodiumIncrease exercise

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  • Hypertension

  • HypertensionHigh blood pressureAKA The Silent KillerPrevention StepsReduce sodiumWeight controlIncrease physical activityAlcohol in moderationAdd calcium rich foodsIncrease of magnesium, potassium & vitamin C

  • Diabetes The body is unable to handle carbohydrates normallyType I about 10% of total casesUsed to be called juvenile diabetesCaused by genetics, viral infection, other diseases or toxins Type IIAbout 90% of total casesUsed to be called adult onsetObesity worsens insulin resistanceIncidence increases with ageNow occurring in children

  • DiabetesAffected areasRisk factors

  • DiabetesPrevention StepsWeight control & ExerciseTo control diabetesBalanced diabetic dietHigh in complex carbohydratesProvides enough fiberLow in saturated fatNot too high in proteinIncrease and maintain exerciseTake necessary medicine to control glucose level

  • Osteoporosis

  • OsteoporosisAKA Brittle bone diseasePrevention stepsAdequate calcium during preteen and teen yearsNeed vitamin D to absorb calciumExercise with impact to build boneMuscle strengthening promotes bone growthStrong muscles improves balance to help prevent fallsCalcium and vitamin D supplements as you ageNo smokingAlcohol in moderation

  • Stroke

  • StrokeBlood clot to the brain or hemorrhagePrevention stepsSame as for Heart Disease

  • CancerColon cancer

  • CancerPrevention stepsDo Not SmokeHigh fiber dietDiet low in saturated fat Diet low in smoked and charbroiled foodsEat foods containing Vitamin C and beta-caroteneEat plenty of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, greens and bok choy

  • Obesity

  • ObesityWell balanced dietDiet high in complex carbohydratesDiet low in saturated fatIncrease exercise

  • The Deadly QuartetType II diabetesObesityHigh blood cholesterol (high LDL)Hypertension

  • You Are What You Eat.

  • Healthy Foods and Active Lifestyle Can Be Fun