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WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?. A response with embedded benefits Raymond De Young Re-Imaging Our Economic System 2013 MSU CCED Institute 26 March 2013. Raymond De Young Re-Imagining our Economic System 2013 MSU CCED Institute 26 March 2013. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?A response with embedded benefitsRaymond De Young Re-ImagingOur Economic System2013 MSU CCED Institute 26March 2013Raymond De Young

Re-Imagining our Economic System2013 MSU CCED Institute26 March 2013

Source: Joel Pett, Cartoonist Group Image Number 41786 1Embedded benefitsSimplificationContextPre-familiarizationOverview

Premise:End of cheap energyRising defensive expenditures

Result:Business-as-usual disruptedResponse:Localization Psychological aspects:Simplifies behavior changePre-familiarization will ease the changeEmbedded benefits within the change


Adapted from Holmgren (2009) Future Scenarios Scenarios Embedded benefitsSimplificationContextPre-familiarizationScenario analysis

3Do we pick which scenario to pursue?The scenario we end up on is notprimarily based on our choices Largely due to biophysical realities driven by geology, biology and climateOur choices are in crafting responses4

One response: Sudden localismRandom House, 2009Jeff RubinCanadian economist, author and former chief economist at CIBC World Markets

Other authors, darker visions:The Long DescentThe Revenge of GaiaThe Long EmergencyThe Collapse of Complex Societies

5Another response: Localization

A process ofTransitioning to place-based communitiesAdapting goals, expectations and daily patterns to biophysical limitsShifting our attention from Centrifugal forces of industrialization toward(cheap and plentiful raw materials and energy, displaced wastes, consumerism, concentrated governance)Centripetal forces of localization (sustainable use of local energy and materials, local production and provisioning, discursive governance )

6A process of rebuilding

With more focus onPersonal proficiency Community self-reliancePlace-based social interactionsLocally provisioned goods & services

7Embedded benefitsSimplificationContextPre-familiarizationBehavior change is simplified

No choice but to live simpler livesLess need to persuade or motivate peoplePeople will change behaviorWithout awaiting our interventionsWithout seeking permission

8Embedded benefitsSimplificationContextPre-familiarizationGaining experience beforehand

People not limited by status quoBut they need to pre-familiarize

9Embedded benefitsSimplificationContextPre-familiarizationBenefits from process of localization

Intrinsic satisfactions derived fromCompetence learning skillsFrugality being resourcefulParticipation helping othersBehavioral aesthetics

10Raymond De Young

Associate Professor of Environmental Psychology and PlanningSchool of Natural Resources and Environmentwww-personal.umich.edu/~rdeyoungrdeyoung@umich.edu

Drawing source: Agricultural urbanism by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, LLC at www.lindroth.cc/pdf/QuickReadAgf.pdfDe Young & Princen (2012) The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press11