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An updated version of my "Where to go from here slides" (added ruby monk and a link to more resources (on my blog)


  • 1. Where to go from here? Tobias Pfeiffer @PragTobpragtob.wordpress.com/

2. tryruby.org Interactive Ruby in your browser! 3. Whys poignant guide to Ruby Learn Ruby with cartoon foxes! Guaranteed: Vastly different from every bookyou know, but... Sometimes a bit too much story 4. HacketyHack Coding for beginners! Includes GUI programming Platform for beginner questions 5. Code School Learning with presentations and codingexercises! Look for the free courses 6. Ruby Koans Walk along the path of enlightment tolearn Ruby! Do this with test driven development 7. RubyMonk Interactive ruby learning in your browser With fun ZEN like comments! 8. Ruby on Rails Tutorial How I learned Rails Complete walkthrough of building miniTwitter - with tests! 9. Rails Guides Up-to-date guides about Rails 10. Codecademy Interactive coding lessons in JavaScript... And bagdes! 11. Mendicant University community of learners check the forum Special: Gregory is looking for noviceprogrammers for one-on-one teaching 12. RailsGirls Join a Rails Girls project group Join our mailing list Keep in touch with attendees andcoaches! 13. Thank you!Enjoy coding!Psssst: There are more resources out there