Where do we go from here????

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IAWG/PATH Consultation on RH Technologies for Crisis Settings Next Steps Susan Purdin Senior Technical Advisor Reproductive Health, IRC 14 May 2008. Where do we go from here????. Objectives for the session:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Agree on a list of priority technologies to introduce, adapt or develop for crisis settingsDraft a work plan for accomplishing the selected activities, including tasks, timeline, responsible persons

  • Our task now is to chart the way forward for the Technologies Working Group (TWG)

  • What should be the remit / terms of reference for the working group?How should it operate? Should there be a chair / co-chair?

  • What are the priority technologies to take forward?What underutilized, existing technologies should be rolled out? What needs to happen to do this (e.g. awareness-raising, training, etc.)What existing technologies should be adapted to work better in crisis settings? What needs to happen to do this (e.g. consultations, pilot testing, etc.)What new technologies should be developed? What needs to happen to do this (e.g. consultations, pilot testing, etc.)

  • How will field input be incorporated into TWG activities?How will the TWG interface with product developers / manufacturers?

  • Assuming the TWG reports at the annual IAWG meeting, is there a need for future technology-focused meetings / consultations? How often annual / bi-annual?

    For the various actions, what costs may be required? Are there funding ideas?

  • Process for this session (1)15 min, select tasks/topics/technologies to take forward 15 min, brainstorm things to be done5 min, identify leadership

  • Process for this session (2)30 min, draft work plans1 per category/topic3 milestones: 1) October input to NEHK, 2) IAWG November meeting (6 months out), 3) May 2009 (1 year out).Leadership15 min, immediate next activitiesInauguration of leadershipMechanism for communication: Conference call, e-mail contact,