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Where does your child go from here?. 030 Internship Program (P. 8). Career Experience Student Initiated Primarily Seniors (Juniors qualify too) Selection GPA in the 80% Good Attendance No discipline problems Credits 1 Credit for less than 10 hours per week - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Career ExperienceStudent InitiatedPrimarily Seniors (Juniors qualify too)SelectionGPA in the 80%Good Attendance No discipline problemsCredits1 Credit for less than 10 hours per week2 Credits for 10 hour or more per week

  • **Time CardsDaily LogsMonthly Goals & ObjectivesProject each Marking PeriodAttend Monthly Intern MeetingsMentor Evaluations

  • **Work ExperiencePrerequisitesPassing Grade in all Academic SubjectsPrimarily SeniorsRequirementsMust be a Paid PositionTime Cards and Weekly LogsEvaluations by Supervisors

  • **

    Career Exploration in Health Care and Medical Careers will be called Healthare Career Exploration Program1 Year Program beginning 2015-1610 openings for Juniors from Hershey and 10 from Lower Dauphin.SitesHershey Medical CenterCountry MeadowsVISTA SchoolDrayer HummelstownAllegheny Valley School, etc.Only Senior Year - Approximately 35 clinical rotations. 1 to 5 days in length, 1.5 hours per day from 8-9:30 am (Requires periods 1-3) Look at ways to prepare during 11th grade Seminars Various health care careers and related clinical topicsPresented by the Hershey Medical Center staff and community health/medical related businesses. PLEASE TAKE A HANDOUT!

  • **Grades 9 10 11 12Applications are done online in May for the following school year. Do not register on course selection cards!Students may volunteer in:Early Childhood CenterPrimary and Intermediate SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School

    *Listen for morning announcements in the Spring.

  • **Medical Career Exploration4:00 to 6:00 Mondays at Hershey Medical CenterSponsored by Medical StudentsApplications will be available in the SpringRuns September through December with final presentation in lecture room at med center

    *Listen for morning announcements in April for signup procedures (Usually due by June 1) Application is online too on HMC website

  • **A national program at Dauphin County Technical School for aspiring students of Architecture and Engineering Tuesdays 4:30 to 6:30 pm Professional Thursdays 4:30 to 6:30 pm Skilled TradesApplications are available in the Fall onlineRuns October through February*Listen for morning announcements in the Fallonline registration at www. acementor.org and listen for cutoff date for registration

  • **Bonnie S. RitcheySchool to Career Coordinator531-2244 Ext 1228britchey@hershey.k12.pa.us

    Room 228High School OfficeDuring Homeroom

  • Business Education Mr. Gustantino Mrs. RitcheyMr. RuhlP. 27-28

  • 1 year course for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade (1 credit)Will learn basics of accountingManual and computer data entryLearn to prepare journals, ledgers, financial reports, and spreadsheetsGood course to test the waters of accounting and business professionsAll business majors must take at least 1 course in accounting.

  • Prerequisite successful completion of Accounting 1For students looking to pursue a business major in collegeStudy Inventory, Depreciation, Corporate Accounting, Corporate Fraud, and Cost AccountingUse spreadsheets dailyGain firm grasp of the accounting profession and what doors it can open

  • 12th Grade OnlyKeep the books of the school storeLearn about different entrepreneurial ideasMarketing, Management, Finance, and More!!

  • One semester course (.5 credits) Basic understanding of management of money. Topics include:Payroll deductions and management of moneyConsumer purchasing, Identity TheftSavings and checking accountsConsumer creditStock Market GameTaxes and major purchases and much more!

  • Includes a variety of marketing and management concepts utilized in the Sports and Entertainment industry. Computer simulations, classroom activities and real-world events. Students will manage a virtual professional football franchise Decision-making requirements for franchise location, ticket prices, advertising, promotion, staffing, and other critical business components.Students will also work collaboratively to market and manage different Hershey High School sporting and entertainment events.

  • One semester course (.5 credit)9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade electiveTo master touch typing and develop proper keyboarding techniques, speed, accuracy, and some document production.Microtype and Word software programs are usedA lifetime skill needed to succeed!

  • One semester course (.5 credit)10th, 11th and 12th grade electiveDifferent applications and programs used at the college level.Opportunity to show creativity though a variety of activities and projectsSkills for college level presentations and resume writingThis is the perfect course for anyone who enjoys creative opportunities, working with others, and who wants to become more proficient with different technologies

  • 808-Energy Power & Transportation(1-semester)(.5-crd)809-Survey Of Engineering(1-semester)(.5crd)810-Communication & Digital Media(1-semester)(.5-crd)812-Engineering Design I(2-semesters) (1-crd)813-Engineering Design II(2-semesters) (1-crd)814-Architectural Drawing and Design(2-semesters) (1-crd)815-Engineering Technology Systems(1-semester) (.5-crd)817-Manufacturing Technology I(semester)(.5-crd)819-Manufacturing Technology II (semester)(.5-crd)

  • Prerequisites: None Credit: .5Grade: 10, 11, 12Energy, Power and Transportation will provide a comprehensive study of the elements and concepts associated with Energy, Power and Transportation and their relationships to one another, the environment and their technological processes. The course will include individual and group classroom instruction and hands-on activities and projects to enhance the learning of the concepts and provide a strong emphasis on 21 century STEM/STEAM Initiative.

  • Survey Of Engineering

    Prerequisites: Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Engineering Design I, Manufacturing Technology, completion or concurrent enrollment in Physics Credit: .5Grade: 11, 12Students explore the varied engineering disciplines including Aerospace, Bio- Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Nuclear, and Computer Engineering/Computer Science. The course will include individual and group classroom instruction and exposure to the practices of real world engineers with an emphasis on project-based learning. A key focus of this course will be on solving real-world problems within our community.

  • Prerequisite:NoneCredit: .5Grade: 11,12A survey photography course which teaches principles of photography and fundamentalcamera techniques.Instruction and experiences include: Using 35 mm SLR camera, digital camera, photo-editing software, darkroom equipment, mounting and displaying of photos.

  • Prerequisites:NoneCredit: 1Grade: 9,10,11,12 Utilization and Implementation of CADD (Computer Aided Drawing & Design) throughout the course. Introduction to: Geometric, Orthographic, Section View, Perspective, Auxiliary and Assembly drawing techniques and processes, along with Technical sketching and Dimensioning. Introduction to UCS & WCS coordinate drawing, along with introduction to 3D Modeling and Rendering drawing techniques. Introduction to individual and group projects incorporating periodically, the design and assembly of proto-type models to coincide with computer generated designs. Strong emphasis on STEM/STEAM problem solving, critical thinking, analytic thinking and creativity throughout the course. Use of the AutoDesk Cad software programs throughout the course.

  • Prerequisites:Completion of Engineering Design ICredit: 1Grade: 10,11,12Utilization and implementation of CADD (Computer Aided Drawing & Design) throughout the course. Incorporation of Engineering Drawing I techniques and processes into select individual and group research projects. Advanced exposure to 3-D Modeling, Rendering and 3-D Visualization through the course. Design and assembly of advanced proto-type models to coincide with computer generated design projects. Implementation and usage of the Internet for in-depth project research and exploration. Incorporating the relationship of the course with the practices of business and industry through projects, research and periodic enrichment experiences throughout the school year. Strong emphasis on STEM/STEAM problem solving, critical thinking, analytic thinking and creativity throughout the course.Use of the AutoDesk Cad software programs throughout the course.

  • Prerequisite: Engineering Drawing II (or by selective arrangement) Credit: 1Grade: 11,12

    Utilization and implementation of AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drawing & Design) throughout the course. Course includes: the research and study of various facets of residential and commercial building structure principles and design. Layout and design of: foundation, floor, wall, roof and elevation plans, through the use of : 2-D and 3-D modeling, rendering and drawing techniques and processes. Design and assembly of: Proto-type models to coincide with computer generated house and building plans. Strong emphasis on: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Analytic thinking and Creativity throughout the course.

  • Prerequisites:NoneCredit: .5Grade: 10,11,12An exploration and application class involving "pre-engineering and manufacturing technologies in Electricity & Electronics, Mechanical Systems, Automation & Material Handling, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control areas of study. Each area features project-based learning, interactive computer based training, multi-media instruction and hands-on experimentation with industrial equipment and software. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of interpersonal skills, collaborative learning, critical thinking and decision-making.

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