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  • 1. Changing Dynamics in the Resort Sector Muriel Muirden WATG November 2013

2. GEN-Y IMPACT High Performers / High Maintenance.Global citizens, socially and environmentally conscious, superb multitaskers.From their hotel experience they want flexibility / multiple options / total connectivity.They want wow factor design, community connection, casual service and animated environments.And just when it couldnt get any tougher they have no sense of brand fidelity. 3. FAMILY VALUES Multi-generational travel increasing globally and driving demand for forms of lodging that can accommodate large family groups.Gen X parents placing strong emphasis on outdoor education and childrens programming.Boomer grandparents want shared experiences.Need for resorts to offer broad-based amenity and sports strategies to appeal to all age cohorts.Need for golf-lite solutions that connect younger generations to the game. 4. CYCLING THE NEW GOLF Atlantic Surf Pods, Cornwall, UKFamily active break market up 30% in Europe.Cycling is cool and hip designer stores for bikes and cycling gear are booming cycling and walking holidays experiencing 20% yearon-year growth rate.Endemic of several key trends including family values, the pursuit of happiness, craving simplicity, back to nature.Eco Pods: resort expansion strategies based on glamping concepts generating premium rates for the back to nature experience.Time to rethink on-site resort amenity away from golf towards maximising opportunities to enjoy and experience the natural environment. 5. The OUT Hotel, NYCMICE IS BACKAND ITS FUN! Bounce back in the conference and meetings market.Seeking fun environments, casual approach and healthy eating options.Breakout space with pool tables, comfy sofas and environments that encourage social interaction.Outdoor breakout spaces being designed in a resort context.Lords South Beach, MiamiBusiness Playground Meeting Room, Pullman St. Pancras, UK 6. Hyatt AndazREDEFINING LUXURY Need a radical rethink of luxury resort hotel product to get finance traction.Do we need large reception spaces? Hyatt Andaz has replaced check in desks with hosts equipped with tablet computers.Can a seasonal resort sustain six to eight food and beverage outlets? Using technology, we can create chameleon facilities that can change in ambience and reinvent themselves.With a desire for de-cluttering can we relook at room bay sizes?Back of house areas can be more efficient we need to invest time and energy into rethinking how hotels operate.Spas and clubhouses have grown in size to a level where intimacy is questionable and development costs simply cannot be carried.Four Seasons Anahita 7. Htel Plaza Athne, Paris, FranceDESIGN TRENDS OF NOTE Animated Lobbies: more of a social space than an administrative space. Chameleon-like activities from day to night (internet caf to animated cocktail bar). Music, lighting, technology and art play a key role.Pop Culture: pop-up restaurants seasonal themes or celebrity brand driven revitalises the image and atmosphere of a hotel property.Gadgets Galore: bedside tablets that can change all facilities and information throughout the room and the ambience.Outdoor Public Spaces: greater emphasis on design of outdoor spaces as an extension of hotel lobbies and aspirational refuges for guests.Bright Colours Back in Fashion: aimed at lifting spirits in challenging times.Fitness Focus: trend for healthier travel, driving food and beverage concepts, in-room fitness innovations and best in class hotel gyms.Green is the New Black: vertical gardens as an interior design statement and a statement of eco-integrity. Rooftop and resort gardens pushing the farm to table concept.