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    Starke Marken. Strong brands.

  • www.vanwezel.be2

    Dear Customers,

    Van Wezel Autoparts (part of the Unipart Group of Com-panies is one of the leading players in manufacturing and distribution of automotive body and cooling parts due to a constant focus on quality and innovation.

    From the headquarters in Tienen (Belgium), the 2 ad-ditional warehouses in Belgium and the premises in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Holland and Italy, Van Wezel supplies its professional customers worldwide.

    With an experience of over 65 years, Van Wezel auto-parts actually offers a range of strong and reliable brands: Equipart (bodyparts), Hagus (mirrors) and In-ternational Radiators (engine & airco cooling).

    These own brands permit Van Wezel autoparts to make the difference towards low cost products which only fo-cus on price and not on quality.

    The Van Wezel autoparts customer can trust that pro-ducts labeled with the Van Wezel autoparts brands were subjected to the most demanding quality, mounting and safety tests. These products are equivalent to OE products in all areas, except for one: the price!

    Special for the Belgian market Van Wezel autoparts also has a range of OE parts for the most important car brands. The know-how and standards of the Van Wezel autoparts OE department reflect on the whole company, making sure that Van Wezel autoparts offers the same quality and craftsmanship with the in house brands to-gether with a professional customer-support.

    The constant fine tuning of the internal organization makes sure Van Wezel autoparts can keep offering the-se premium products at the best conditions!

    In the future, the focus on quality and product develop-ment will stay a top priority for Van Wezel autoparts and this in order to keep making the difference in the market of automotive body and cooling parts.

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    Content Foreword

    Van WezelAutoparts

    Industriepark 333300 Tienen


    [email protected]

    The Van Wezel Team

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    Starke Marken. Strong brands.

    Engine cooling and Airco partsHigh quality mirrorsApproved body parts

    Office and Warehouselocations

    Van Wezel at a Glance

    Sales Office

    Equipart centre








    Van Wezel autoparts is the marketleader in the Euro-pean crash-repair Automotive Aftermarket



  • www.vanwezel.be4

    Product range

    More than 28.000Crash-Repair articles!

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    The MarketBody partsAnnually there are approximately 26.5 million claims reported to the insurance companies in Europe. With Equi-part we deliver a body part that meets the demands of the customers in price and quality requirements, the best alter-native to the original part!

    MirrorsBroken car mirrors? It happens every day. Annually Van Wezel delivers with the Hagus brand over 500.000 mirrors and mirror parts! Hagus offers more than 2500 different mirror parts with a very high market coverage and availability for vehicles from European, American and Asian manufacturers.

    Engine coolingIn 80% of all car accidents the engine cooler gets damaged. With a range of over 4,000 products for engine cooling, In-ternational Radiators (exclusively distributed by Van Wezel Autoparts) is the right choice! International Radiators offers radiators, oil coolers, inter-coolers, heaters and fans for popular cars like the VW Golf to more exotic vehicles such as the Saab 9-5.

    Airco coolingAir conditioning became crucial in todays car and the per-centage cars equipped with it is increasing every year. An air conditioner automatically controls not only the cabin temperature but also air circulation, humidity and purifi-cation.The International Radiators climate program offers deep market coverage with over 2,100 International Radiators branded products. These high quality, easy to install, ther-mal products provide you with a complete cooling solution.

    Window lifterIn the last 10 years 154 500 000 vehicles were registered in Europe. 80% of these vehicles were equipped with power window lifters.An average car has 3 window lifters (2 - and 4-door vehic-les). 2.7% of all window lifters have a defect within their lifespan. This results in an annual European demand of approxi-mately 1,000,000 window lifters. Today Van Wezel autoparts covers more than 1.000 high quality articles for more than 300 different models of the most important manufacturers.

  • www.vanwezel.be6

    Starke Marken. Strong brands.

    Engine cooling and Airco partsHigh quality mirrorsApproved body parts

    Technical Center

    When Smart-Repair is not enough anymore!

    Sometimes Smart-Repair simply isnt enough. To give the end consumer a price efficient and quality effective alter-native, Van Wezel autoparts offers you: EQUIPART

    For Van Wezel autoparts, quality and innovation are not just theory or marketing. In 1996 Van Wezel autoparts set new body parts control standards by launching a comple-te new quality concept.A technical and quality center with over 150 test cars constantly available in-house. Over 15 years ofexperience and know-how in quality tests unique in the world!

    Examination of the material thickness

    Measurement of lacquer coating thickness

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    Equipart bumper fits perfectly on the wing.

    Non equivalent bumper deviates from the wing.

    Equipart bonnet, as OE / stable.

    Non equivalent bonnet, unstable.

    Comparison with Equipart

    These tests cover Off-car and On-car tests. Thismeans that not only fitting tests are executed, but also fol-lowing features are carefully controlled and compared:

    material thickness corrosion resistance fixation points fold edge sealing primer quality hinges weight surface structure crash dents welds

    Having constantly 150 test cars at its disposal offers Van Wezel autoparts the most optimal and consistent testing opportunities. Each individual Equipart reference has been mounted and checked in detail on one of these test cars by qualified staff.

    An internal developed warehouse storage and packaging method significantly reduces the risk of damaging these delicate products. Supreme product availability together with fast and safe deliveries at all times!

    All this results in a long list of over 1.500 parts for which Van Wezel autoparts assures an optimal quality for the consumer!


    Fitting test on the vehicle

    Trust is good......control is better

  • www.vanwezel.be8

    Mirrors at OEM standards

    Hagus represents over 100 years of experience & experti-se in automotive mirrors and mirror accessories. Millions of mirrors have been produced meeting the high quality standards of the Solingen (Germany) factory.

    Since 2007 Van Wezel autoparts is the sole owner of this brand and decided to continue the high quality criteria of Hagus and its mirrors. Currently Van Wezel autoparts sells over 500.000 automotive mirrors, mirror glasses, mirror covers and other mirror parts per year.

    Hagus also represents a full range of caravan mirrors. In many countries, the names Huckepack and Sekundo, are the best known brands by all caravan users. They fully represent the Hagus philosophy:high quality combined with highest possible road safety!

    One thing is sure: the initial brand logo quote Hagus - Sicher Fahren seit 1910 (Hagus - Drive Safe Since 1910) is still for 100% valid!

    TestingAll Hagus mirrors are extensively tested on multiple cri-teria. The optical tests ensure the color, shape and the electrical contacts, followed by a detailed check of the used materials.These tests guarantee that all Hagus products are safe and reliable!

    Mirrors are becoming more and more complex, so also a function test of the indicators, the motors, the fold-in func-tion and the temperature sensors are executed.

    Material test

    Function test

    Complete mirrors Mirror covers Mirror glasses Caravan mirrorsUniversal mirrors

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    Top Quality Engine Cooling and Airco Parts for the Spe-cialistsThe high quality standards and quality tests required for the Equipart range are also applicable for the engine coo-ling and climate products of International Radiators.

    From radiators, heaters and intercoolers to compressors, fans or receiver dryers:The International Radiators products make the difference by their precision of fitting and the choice of high quality materials.

    The constant quality control ensures that all products comply with the demands and standards which apply to OEM products.

    Engine Cooling

    Radiators HeaterOil cooler

    Intercooler Electric fansVisco fans & clutches

  • www.vanwezel.be10

    International Radiators Thermal systems guarantee:

    High reliability and durability High cooling performance Easy installation and perfect fitting Corrosion and vibration resistance High availability and fast delivery Technical support throughout the entire sales pro-


    CompressorsThe International Radiators compressors are all comple-tely new -not remanufactured or reworked- and made of high standard elements.

    Due to the big success of the compressors, International Radiators will furth