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    St. Barbara Catholic Church www.saintbarbarachurch.org

    Saint Barbara Catholic church

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church www.saintbarbarachurch.org

    Oct 21 — Oct 27, 2017

    8:00 AM Jovita Bugarin Abella † RIP 4:00 PM MariaNguyenT.Nguyethang †RIP

    5:30 PM Jose Perez † RIP 7:00 PM Margarita NguyenT.BachTu †RIP 8:30 PM All Souls† RIP

    Sunday 6:30 AM All Souls† RIP 8:00 AM One Family SI 9:30 AM Giuse Hoang Văn Tân † RIP

    11:00 AM Maria Naval † RIP 12:45 PM Bishop Cirili Flores † RIP

    4:00 PM Theresa Hoang SI 5:30 PM All Souls† RIP 7:00 PM Danny Gomez † RIP Monday 6:30 AM Vicente & Maria† RIP 8:15 AM Tomaso & Maria † RIP

    Tuesday 8:15 AM Anes Hoàng Thị Mẫu † RIP 5:30 PM Rev.Giuse Đinh Viết Thục † RIP 7:00 PM Serafino Ortega † RIP

    Wednesday 6:30 AM Vicente & Maria † RIP 8:15 AM Souls in Purgatory † RIP

    Thursday 6:30 AM Vicente & Maria† RIP 8:15 AM One person SI Friday 8:15 AM Phero Nguyen Bang † RIP 5:30 PM Vicente & Maria† RIP 7:00 PM Hector Alan Ruiz Valdez † RIP


    THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY ! Your financial contribution for the week of Oct 14 - Oct 15, 2017 $27,412.00 Your weekly support is used to sustain the ministries

    and ongoing operating needs of our parish.

    TODAY'S READINGS First Reading -- The LORD said to Cyrus, his anointed, "I am the LORD, there is no other" (Isaiah 45:1, 4-6). Psalm -- Give the Lord glory and honor (Psalm 96). Second Reading -- Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy to the church of the Thessalonians: We thank God always for all of you (1 Thessalonians 1:1-5b). Gospel -- Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's (Matthew 22:15-21).

    READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Rom 4:20-25; Lk 1:69-75; Lk 12:13-21 Tuesday: Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21; Ps 40:7- 10, 17; Lk 12:35-38 Wednesday: Rom 6:12-18; Ps 124:1b-8; Lk 12:39- 48 Thursday: Rom 6:19-23; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 12:49-53 Friday: Rom 7:18-25a; Ps 119:66, 68, 76-77, 93- 94; Lk 12:54-59 Saturday: Eph 2:19-22; Ps 19:2-5; Lk 6:12-16 Sunday: Ex 22:20-26; Ps 18:2-4, 47, 51; 1 Thes 1:5c-10; Mt 22:34-40

    TODAY IS WORLD MIS- SION SUNDAY— a day that leads us to the heart of our Christian faith— lead- ing us to mission! Your generosity on World Mis- sion Sunday supports the work of priests, religious and lay leaders in the Mis- sions who share our faith with those most in need. This year we can even “chat” with our chief mis- sionary Pope Francis, and

    learn more about his missions and missionaries. Learn more at Chat- WithThepope.org.

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church www.saintbarbarachurch.org

    Steve & Melinda, Walker Champion, Refugio Cardenas, Catherine Mendo- za, Cristo Alfaro, Flora Saragosa, Jorge Martinez, Vera Leon, Rose Browning, Victor Sanchez.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, you have shouldered the burden of our weakness and borne our sufferings in your own passion and death. Hear this prayer for our sick brothers and sister whom you have redeemed. Strengthen their hope of salvation and sustain them in body and soul, for you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

    Đ.O. Phero Nguyen Đức Tiến, Rose M. Dorado, Maria Nguyen T Nguyet Hang, Giuse Pham Minh Quang, Rosario M. Mendez, Giuse Dat Bui, Armando Davila Lopez, Ana Maria Millan, Trinh Chuc, Da- minh Nguyen Ngan, Maria Nguyen Thi Xuan.

    God, our shelter and our strength, you listen in love to the cry of your people: hear the prayers we offer for our depart- ed brothers and sisters. Cleanse them of their sins and grant them the fullness of redemption. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    FATHER ANTHONY’S FAITH FORMATION CORNER Matthew 22:15-21: Give to God What is God’s

    GIVE TO CAESAR WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR, AND TO GOD WHAT BELONGS TO GOD! Most of us have heard of this famous line from Matthew’s Gospel. Throughout Christian history, this text has been used to support the doctrine of the separation between Church and state. While it is true that one’s obligations to both Church and state are of paramount importance: however, whether or not that rigid distinction was the intention of Jesus (and of the evangelist) is a different ques- tion… A little bit of historical/biblical background is needed to under- stand this passage. The two groups mentioned are the Pharisees and the Herodians. Their goal is to “entrap” Jesus by posing the question: is it lawful to pay the poll tax to Caesar, or not? During the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire had control over the land of Palestine. Jews living under Roman rule had to pay a certain census tax: paid in Roman currency, most notably the coin that bore the image and name of the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar. The Pharisees, for the most part, were reasonable people even though they opposed Roman rule. The Herodians, though also Jews, most likely supported the tax since they needed the Romans to remain in power. On the contrary, there were in Jesus’ time ardent Jewish nationalists who strongly opposed anything Roman. Against this background, if Jesus answers the question in the affirmative: not only would he lose face with the nationalists, but he would also be perceived as one betraying his own ancestral heritage. If he were to answer “No” to the question, he would definitely get into trouble with the Roman government. But Jesus wisely asks his questioners to show him the tax coin. Since it is the Roman coinage with the name and image of the Emperor, Jesus tells them: “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.” In fact, since that coin bears the image of Tiberius Caesar, Jesus simply demands that it be given back to Cae- sar where it came from… By his clever answer, Jesus gets out of the trap of the Pharisees and Herodians. But at the same time, he also challenges them to pay as much (and even much more) attention to those things that pertain to God as to those that pertain to Caesar. In other words, what began as a trick question eventually turns into a spiritual challenge. As I mentioned earlier, this famous line has been used to support the teaching of the separation of Church and state. But I do not think that it was intended by either Jesus or the evangelist. The main intention of evangelist was to show Jesus’ cleverness in getting out of the trap: and more importantly, to pose the chal- lenge of rendering to God what belongs to him… Ultimately for Jesus and for us, everything belongs to God and everything will ultimately be rendered back unto him!

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church www.saintbarbarachurch.org

    St. Barbara’s Parish News

    ANNOUNCEMENT Any parishioners who would like to celebrate their wedding anniversary mass here at St. Barbara, please contact our parish office at 714-775-7733. Thank you.

    Christmas Boutique and Craft Fair November 11th, 2017 9AM – 5PM At SR. FRANCIS ASSISTED LIVING HOME 1718 W. 6th Street Santa Ana, CA 92703 (west of Bristol St.) Christmas Holiday decorations, religious articles, bake sale Call the Home 714-542-0381 for more information.

    For 72 years, the Franciscan Sisters have been providing basic assisted living services for

    60 women, including daily Mass, meals, medication management, activities and more.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Craft Fair Call for Crafters!

    ATTENTION CRAFTERS The Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus is pleased to announce St. Bonaventure's 33rd Annual Saturday, November 11 ALL ITEMS MUST BE HAND- CRAFTED Please contact St. Bonaventure Church at 714) 846-