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Saint Barbara Catholic Church

St. Barbara Catholic Church - Page 1 -

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 3, 2014

TODAYS READINGSFirst Reading All you who thirst, come to the water! You without mon-

ey, come to the feast! (Isaiah 55:1-3).Psalm The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs (Psalm

145).Second Reading Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ

(Romans 8:35, 37-39).Gospel All ate until satisfi ed; they collected twelve baskets of what was

left over (Matthew 14:13-21).

GRACE IS EVERYWHERE Grace is everywhere. People of faith act on this belief. As Christians we are called to reach deeply into ourselves and fi nd Gods presence there. We are called to reach outside ourselves and fi nd God there, too. The reality of grace has sustained and nourished people beyond num-bering. The church never tires of telling the story of the loaves and fi shes. It is narrated no less than six times in the four Gospels. We imagine the hesitant apostles reaching into the baskets and fi nding bread, always more bread. We anticipate the ending. The apostles will wear out before the bread runs out. At another time and place, Isaiah also spoke of an abundance, this time of water, sweet honey, and rich milk. Always, always God is a gift-giver, and we the receivers. Our response is doxology, or praise. In the second reading Paul provides the words and attitude. Praise is everywhere.

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION Most parishes are now aware of the catechumenate and the journey of new faithful in the RCIA, but this form of sacramental initiation disap-peared from view in the thirteenth century along with many other ancient practices. Life back then was hard, and often too short, and priests were increasingly insistent about the responsibility of parents to baptize children in danger of death. Since everyone in that society was under unimaginable threat from famine, warfare, and plague, the liturgical rites changed quick-ly. Everyone was in danger of death all the time. No longer were babies immersed in fonts, being lowered into the water, although the ritual books never backed down from immersion. Infusion was the new way, a simple pouring of a few drops of water on the childs forehead. The catechumenate collapsed, being reduced to the recitation of the Creed and an Our Father at every baptism. Amazingly, any provision for adult baptism was shelved, so that as late as the 1950s, a person being baptized was presumed to be an infant, unable to answer for him or herself. Questions of creed and commitment were put to the godparents, not to the person being baptized. Even Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, famous adult converts, remained mute at their baptisms while their sponsors an-swered for them. In hindsight all this appears strikingly odd, yet it was ac-cepted as the way things were. We have good reason to give thanks for the vigorous reforms of the last fi fty years!

MASS INTENTIONSAugust 2 - 8, 2014

Saturday 8:00 AM Felix C. Remigio RIP 4:00 PM All Souls RIP 5:30 PM Maria & Giuse & Dominic RIP 7:00 PM Peter & Paul RIP 8:30 PM All Souls RIP

Sunday 6:30 AM All Souls RIP 8:00 AM Francisco Xavie RIP 9:30 AM Martin Leo Stafford RIP 11:00 AM All Souls RIP 12:45 PM Genaro Rosales RIP 4:00 PM 1 Person SI 5:30 PM John Borg RIP 7:00 PM Leocadia Duenas Robles RIP

Monday 6:30 AM Guise & Maria RIP 8:15 AM Giuse Maria Hoang Kim Thanh RIP

Tuesday 8:15 AM Vincent & Andre RIP 5:30 PM Giuse & Michael RIP 7:00 PM Rocio del Carmen Carranco RIP

Wednesday 6:30 AM Peter & Maria RIP 8:15 AM Teresa & Peter & Giuse RIP

Thursday 6:30 AM Francisco Xavie RIP 8:15 AM Francisco Xavie Nguyen Doan RIP

Friday 8:15 AM Ngo Dinh Hoa SI 5:30 PM Maria Tran Thi Thinh RIP 7:00 PM Rocio del Carmen Carranco RIP


Your donations for the week of:July 26-27, 2014

$22,957.00Your weekly support have been used to sustain the ministries and ongoing

operating needs of our parish.

St. Barbara Catholic Church - Page 2 -

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 3, 2014

THONG BAO Hoi Legio Maria co hop sau Thanh Le 6:30

sang CN tuan nay ngay 3 thang 8.

oan Lien Minh Thanh Tam, Hoi Cac Ba Me Cong Giao co hop sau Thanh Le 6:30 sang Chua Nhat ngay 10 thang 8.

Xin quy v c s thng mai bao tr cho Hoi Ch Mua Thu cua Giao X bang cach ang quang cao. Hoi Ch se c to chc vao nhng ngay 19, 20, 21 thang 9, 2014. Moi chi tiet xin lien lac Van Phong Giao X (714)775-7733. Hoac anh Tue Tran (949)292-3984. Xin cam n.

Lch cac gi le, Le c Me Hon Xac Len Tri(Le Trong va Buoc)

Th Nam ngay 14 thang 8: - 5:30 chieu: Anh - Fr. Tom - 7:00 toi : Viet - Lm. Long - 8:30 toi : Me - Fr. ManuelTh Sau ngay 15 thang 8: - 6:30 sang: Viet - Lm. Kiem - 8:15 sang: Anh - Fr. Tom - 5:00 chieu: Viet - Lm. Kiem - 6:30 chieu: Viet - Lm. Long - 8:00 toi: Me - Fr. Manuel

Prayer of the Faithful for the SickHung Nguyen, Loan Nguyen, Cath-erine Wisdom, Merle West, Antonio Chargualaf, Louis Nguyen Quoc Hung, Ivan Torres, Lillian Stednitz, Amy Cirelli, George J Shuput, Velma Myers, Ben Paulino, Francis Walker, Monique Villasenor, Mary Vlod

Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, you have shouldered the bur-den of our weakness and borne our sufferings in your own passion and death. Hear this prayer for our sick brothers and sister whom you have

redeemed. Strengthen their hope of salvation and sustain them in body and soul, for you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Prayer of the Faithful for the DeceasedAntonio Chargualaf, Leticia de la Cruz, Teresa Nguyen Thi Duom, James E. Martin, Maria Bui Thi Gam, Maria Tran Thi Nho, Tran Thi Xuyen, Vincent Luu The Ruat, Maria Tran Thi Thinh, Dominico Do Ton Uong, Maria Nguyen Thi Huong, Ma-ria Nguyen Thi Don, Matthew Nguyen Dinh Diem, Phr Tran Van Tru, Millie Arnold, Marcelino Gomez, Anna Freche Nga Ho, Mary Gonzales, Giuse Pham Dinh Can, Maria Guadalupe Camacho, Arturo Rodolfo Moreno Jr., Donald MacIsaac, Paul Yanchus, Richie Krawczyk, Maria Tran Thi Nhuan, Michael P Trabert, Edilma Brewer, Jessie Granados, Karen Hiezman, Clothilde Souza

God, our shelter and our strength, you listen in love to the cry of your people: hear the prayers we offer for our departed brothers and sisters. Cleanse them of their sins and grant them the fullness of redemption. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryHoly Day of Obligation Masses Schedule

Thursday, August 14th, 2014 Assumption of Blessed Virgin Vigil Masses 5:30 PM English 7:00 PM Vietnamese 8:30 PM Spanish

Friday, August 15th, 2014 Assumption of Blessed Virgin 6:30 AM Vietnamese 8:15 AM English 5:00 PM Vietnamese 6:30 PM Vietnamese 8:00 PM Spanish

St. Barbara Catholic Church - Page 3 -

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 3, 2014

rao hon phoirao hon phoiSamuel Vu Tran &

Maria Nguyen T. My Hanh

cau cho ngi qua icau cho ngi qua iTrong niem tin vao s Phuc Sinh cua c Kito,nguyen xin Chua ban Phuc Trng Sinh cho :

Anna Hoang Th Quyetqua i ngay 23 thang 7, 2014.

Hng tho 83 nam.


Nien Khoa 2014 - 2015

LP 1 en LP 8T 2:00PM 5:00PM

taiDay ban hoc sinh an tra

Vao cac ngay 1. Chua Nht ngay 17 thang 8 2. Chua Nht ngay 24 thang 8

3. Th By ngay 6 thang 9 4. Chua Nht ngay 7 thang 9

Xin qu phu huynh vui long mang theo phong b co so ky danh gia nhap giao x St. Barbara, hoac giay chng minh gia nhap giao x. Nhng ai khong thuoc Giao X St.

Barbara, cung c ghi danh nhng phai ch i (waiting list) neu con cho.

Shift I: hoc t 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Shift II: hoc t 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

(ch danh cho cac em thieu Nhi Thanh The)


Lien lac: Sr. Kim Le 714-775-9475 x 239

Xin Quy V tiep tuc ong gop nh a ha cho chng trnh Quy Muc Vu va chng trnh Ton Vinh Chua Kito Muon i. Tat ca cac phong b ong gop c at tren ke ngay cac ca ra vao Nha Th. Xin Thien Chua tra cong cho tat ca nhng ong gop cua Quy V.

St. Barbara Catholic Church - Page 4 -

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 3, 2014

LECTURAS DE HOYPrimera lectura A ver ustedes, que andan con sed, ven-

gan a tomar agua! (Isaas 55:1-3).Salmo La mano del Seor nos alimenta; responde a todas

nuestras necesidades (Salmo 145 [144]).Segunda lectura Nada podr apartarnos del amor de

Dios que encontramos en Cristo Jess (Romanos 8:35, 37-39).

Evangelio Todos comieron hasta saciarse (Mateo 14:13-21).

LA GRACIA EST EN TODAS PARTES La gracia est en todas partes. La gente de fe acta segn esa creencia. Los cristianos estamos llamados a bus-car dentro de lo ms profundo de nuestro ser para encontrar la presencia de Dios all. Estamos llamados tambin a buscar afuera de nosotros para encontrarlo all tambin. La realidad de la gracia ha sostenido y alimentado a la gente por encima de todo. La Iglesia nunca se cansa de contar la historia de los panes y los pescados. Se cuenta seis veces en los cuatro evangelios. Nos podemos imaginar a los dudosos Apstoles metiendo la mano en las canastas y en-contrando pan y ms pan. Anticipamos el fi nal. Los Apsto-les se cansaron antes de que se acabara el pan. En otro tiempo y lugar, Isaas tambin habl de una abundancia, esta ve