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    St. Barbara Catholic Church

    Saint Barbara Catholic church

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church

    July 28, 2018 Aug 3, 2018

    Saturday 8:00 AM One person SI 4:00 PM Maria Pham Thi T RIP 5:30 PM Celso sr. Abrrau RIP 7:00 PM Margarita NguyenT.BachTu RIP 8:30 PM All Souls RIP Sunday 6:30 AM Giuse Tran Tan Mui RIP 8:00 AM Ane Tran Thi Do RIP 9:30 AM Giuse Hoang V. Tan RIP

    11:00 AM Anton Nguyen Van Mui RIP 12:45 PM Natalia Angel de duenas RIP 4:00 PM Anton Dao Quang My RIP 5:30 PM Anton Uong Dinh Ngoc RIP 7:00 PM For Parishioners Monday

    6:30 AM One person SI 8:15 AM Martha De Vu RIP Tuesday

    8:15 AM One Family TX 5:30 PM Giuse Uong Dinh Nhi RIP 7:00 PM Almas Benditasdel pulgatorioRIP Wednesday 6:30 AM One Family RIP

    8:15 AM Teresitas Yting RIP Thursday

    6:30 AM Le Anh TX 8:15 AM Sick & Dying SI Friday 8:15 AM All Souls RIP 5:30 PM Le Roy Flora SI 7:00 PM All Souls RIP


    The Sunday collection for the week of July 21 - July 22, 2018

    $ 27, 716. 00

    Thank you for your continuing support to sustain the ministries and ongoing needs of our parish.

    TODAY'S READINGS First Reading -- When they had eaten, there was some left over, as the LORD had said (2 Kings 4:42-44). Psalm -- The hand of the Lord feeds us; he an-swers all our needs (Psalm 145). Second Reading -- Strive to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:1-6). Gospel -- Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to those who were reclining, and also as much of the fish as they wanted (John 6:1-15).

    READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Jer 13:1-11; Dt 32:18-21; Mt 13:31-35 Tuesday: Jer 14:17-22; Ps 79:8, 9, 11, 13; Mt 13:36-43 Wednesday: Jer 15:10, 16-21; Ps 59:2-4, 10-11, 17-18; Mt 13:44-46 Thursday: Jer 18:1-6; Ps 146:1b-6ab; Mt 13:47-53 Friday: Jer 26:1-9; Ps 69:5, 8-10, 14; Mt 13:54-58 Saturday: Jer 26:11-16, 24; Ps 69:15-16, 30-31, 33-34; Mt 14:1-12 Sunday: Ex 16:2-4, 12-15; Ps 78:3-4, 23-25, 54; Eph 4:17, 20-24; Jn 6:24-35


    Sunday:Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Monday: St. Peter Chysologus Tuesday: St. Ignatius of Loyola Wednesday: St. Alphonsus Liguori Thursday: St. Eusebius of Vercelli; St. Peter Julian Eymard Friday: First Friday Saturday: St. John Vianney; First Saturday

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church


    Fr. Richard Kennedy, Marian Mahl-man, Gustavo Hernandez, Steve & Melinda, Walker Champion, Refugio Cardenas, Catherine Mendoza, Cristo Alfaro, Flora Saragosa, Jorge Martinez,

    Vera Leon, Rose Browning.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, you have shouldered the burden of our weakness and borne our sufferings in your own passion and death. Hear this prayer for our sick brothers and sister whom you have redeemed. Strengthen their hope of salvation and sus-tain them in body and soul, for you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

    Anton Dao Quang My, John Nguyen Huu Thoan, Giuse Vu Van Huan, Maria Nguyen Thi Chung, Phero Bui Van Phu, Sandra L.Runkle, Catarina ang Thi Nha, aminh Nguyen c Toan, Lorenzo Do Trong Xuan, Anton Uong Dinh Ngoc, Giuse Henry Hai Tran, Maria Ngo Kim Tieng, Serafin T. Santos, Lorraine Goole, Esperanza Hernandez, Giuse Pham Van Cuong, Larry Bill Ramirez.

    God, our shelter and our strength, you listen in love to the cry of your people: hear the prayers we offer for our departed brothers and sisters. Cleanse them of their sins and grant them the fullness of redemption. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    WEEKLY MIRACLE This week marks the beginning of a kind of "liturgical detour." We have been listening to Saint Mark's Gospel during this liturgical year (Year B). Today we begin to hear a long sec-tion from John's Gospel, starting with the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish-es. This miracle story is a prelude to the Lord's statements that we will begin hearing in a few weeks, in which Jesus refers to himself as the "bread of life." Each week we witness a mira-cle at Mass. We do not see a multiplication of loaves before us. What our eyes of faith allow us to see is the miracle of the transformation of common elements--bread and wine--into the Lord's Body and Blood. Once we have received the Lord, the multiplication begins, for in the Eucharist we are strengthened to multiply our efforts to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, and bring comfort to the despairing.

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church

    St. Barbaras Parish News

    TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION Last Wednesday, the greatest pilgrimage in our tradition ended with the feast of Saint James at his shrine in Compostela, Spain. Every year, as many as a hundred thousand persons walk a portion of the medieval way of the pilgrim, earning the right to wear the scallop shell symbol of this journey of faith. In legend, this city on the northern coast of Spain is the final resting place of the apostle, and the full name of the cathedral is "Saint James of the Field of Stars." There is a tradition that Saint James the Great preached there. In the Roman Catholic tradition, the pilgrimage, like any procession, is a symbol, life's journey distilled, a powerful sign of our journey toward a certain goal. The perils of the road, the support of companions, the con-templative slower pace of life, have the potential to transform and renew the pilgrims in ways that last a life-time. Along the way, the distinctions between rich and poor fall away, and everyone shares humble rustic food and stops for the night in hostels or under the stars. After a long walk, the experience of entering through the great doors into the vast cathedral filled with incense, light, and song is a foretaste of heaven. The pilgrims often say that their whole lives are redirected toward that moment of entry into the heavenly Jerusalem. The most memorable feature of the cathedral is called the botofumeiro, an incense burner on pulleys and chains that sweeps through the cathedral in immense circles, swirling clouds of sweet-smelling incense around the vast nave. --Rev. James Field

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    St. Barbara Catholic Church

    CONG OAN THANH GIUSE Chn tri truyn gio C Thnh Giuse, GX St. Barbara Qu Cha v qu Cng on Dn Cha thn mn, Nm nay, ban Gio L D Tng cn thm qu Anh Ch Bn Tr cng cng tc v rao truyn Nim Tin Kit Gio cho nhng tm hn ang khao kht tm hiu, lng nghe, hc bit chn l c Kit. Kha hc mi ca Nin kha 2018-2019 s khai ging: Chiu Cha Nht 19/8/2018 Ghi danh v khai mc: 1:00PM - 4:00PM C th ghi danh trc qua in thoi Thy Ph

    T Nguyn nh: (714) 965-0777 Qu ng B Anh Ch Em! xin tip tc tm kim v gii thiu thm nhiu cc hc vin mi. Cc Bn Tr! Xin hy rng m ci lng v i tay m p nguyn vng chng nhn Tin Mng trong Cng on Gio X chng ta.

    Chn thnh cm n Qu ng B Anh Ch Em v cc Bn Tr.

    Thy Ph T Giuse Nguyn nh v Ban Gio L D Tng

    TRNG VIT NG THNG BO V m bo an ton v cho cc em c thi gian i chi vi gia nh , trng Vit Ng Gio X s thay i gi hc t 9:30 n 11:30 mi Ch Nht ( thay v 1:30 n 3:30 trc y ). Trng s ghi danh nhng ngy th By v Ch Nht sau y: Thng 8 ngy 18 v 19 , thng 9 ngy 8 v 9 t 11g sng n 3:30 chiu, ti dy bn n tra. Ngy Khai Ging Ch Nht ngy 16 thng 9. Trng khng ghi danh ngy khai ging v s tip tc ghi danh ngy 23 v 30 thng 9 t 9g n 11g sng. V cc lp hc c gii hn nn s khng nhn n khi y. Xin qu ph huynh ghi danh sm cho cc em.

    Chn thnh cm n qu v ph huynh.

    Hiu Trng V Dip

    Knights of Columbus - Hip S ca CHA KIT Chi on THNH TM CHA St Barbara 7309.

    Tn ch ca ngi Hip S l : Phc v Gio X - Gio Hi trong BC I v tnh HUYNH tng thn, tng a....

    Qua s ch bo, hng dn ca cha Chnh x Phm Ngc Tun v thy su Nguyn Ho; Sau mt nm hot ng, Chi on hin c 45 Hip S ang tham g