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Library 2.0

~Zwink Tech-spectations

Library 2.0

What the Library CANT Do

We cant serve burgers, but heres what we CAN do

Provide Curriculum Support ResourcesApproximately 8,000 books; selections based on CurriculumStudent interestHighly Recommended/ReviewedWhat the Librarian likes We will be adding to this collection throughout the year teacher input/ requests are HIGHLY encouraged and appreciated!

Professional Support ResourcesCurrent (as in not ancient!) professional books are available for check-out from the Professional Library (PLC room)Professional books are also available to you in your mod storage area as well as from you AMAZING Reading SpecialistMentor Texts will be available in your mod storage areaProfessional journals will be available beginning in late September in the PLC room your input is needed!

Online Resources and Support

Where Do I Find the Online Resources?

StudentNetZwink Library webpageZwink Teacher Resource pageThis page also contains instructions on how to use many of our resources as well as techie tipsWhat You Can Do!Look up library books needed for your lessonsPlace books on hold if they are currently checked outRequest books from other campuses through InterLibrary Loan (ILL)Be prompt for scheduled library timesStay and participate with your class during library time we are a team!Help with checking out booksHelp with returning booksUse the library reading areas as part of your reward system either individual or whole group!





How Do I?Look up library booksPlace books on hold if they are currently checked outRequest books from other campuses through Inter Library Loan (ILL)Check out booksReturn books

Scheduled Library Times Might Include:Lessons Read AloudsDigital CitizenshipGamesReaders TheatreSilent Sustained Reading time (SSR)The possibilities are endless!!! Library schedules coming soon!


Teacher WebpagesPlease update your webpage on a weekly basisExcellent tool for parent/student communication, such as -HomeworkGrading GuidelinesSchedulesUnits of studyUpcoming tests/projectsDisplay student workAdd an RSS feed to your page and encourage parents to sign up for your RSS feed

Teacher WebpagesCheck with parents to see if they allow photos of their child on the webpage Student work is always allowed on the webpage as long as the students name is not visibleIf you use student names, only use first names, last initial (never the childs full name)

Teacher WebpagesNeed help with your webpage?Ask a teammateCheck in Eduphoria(eduphoria/helpdesk/Knowledge Base/NetStart)Check the Teacher Resources page on the Library webpageAsk your Librarian I am always here to help!

Web EtiquetteEvery employee is responsible for reading Klein ISDs Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)Be VERY careful about anything you post on social networking sites (pictures, text, etc.), as well as pictures that friends post and tag you inAlso, be mindful of whom you friend in the Zwink community

Email EtiquetteAlways be polite and professional in emails (say hello, please and thank you, never use ALL CAPS, etc.)Be sure that every email you send is appropriate your email does not belong to you and is archived by the district!When in doubt, pick up the phoneRefrain from sending chain emails

Email SignatureTo be consistent school-wide, please include a standard signature in all of your emails

Name: Joan EvansTitle, School: Librarian, Zwink ElementaryPhone: 832.375.7758Mission Statement:High Expectations, High Support(Zwinks official font is Modern No. 20, but is not required as your signature font.)Please have your Signature set up by Friday, August 24th.

Daily Sign-InPlease sign in on your computer each morning when you arrive on campus.To sign in, go to -http://knet/default.aspx?name=campus.signinTo have the sign-in page open automatically when you turn on your computer, put the link in your Startup folder Go to Start All Programs Startup Right click on Startup, Open Open the link by copying the above URL in your web browser. Click and hold the URL from the sign in page and drag and drop it into your Startup folder

(All of these instructions are on the Teacher Resource page.)

CopyrightPlease go to the Teacher Resource page on the Library Webpage and watch the Copyright PowerpointYou will need to sign to verify that you have seen the Powerpoint at our first faculty meeting

Not good problem solversHere in the Zwink Library, we ARE problem solvers Let us help you!