Web …Library 2.0 Web 2.0 + Library = Library 2.0 Its all about technology Implementing Web 2.0 ideas within library services delivered via the WWW – e.g.:

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Web Library 2.0 Web 2.0 + Library = Library 2.0 Its all about technology Implementing Web 2.0 ideas within library services delivered via the WWW e.g.: Library web pages Library OPAC Creating services that evolve to meet the changing needs of the users Moving towards the read-write library Slide 2 Weblogs University of Worcester ILS Blog Peter Scott's Library Blog Angela Newton (Leeds) Electronic Information for London NHS Gateshead Central Library RCM Midwifery Information University of Saskatchewan Library University of Calgary Library Slide 3 Web Services Web services allow software and services from different companies and locations to be combined easily to provide an integrated service. OCLC xISBN Project Huddersfield REST Interface to HIP Mashup a combination of 2 or more web services (e.g. xISBN + Amazon Covers)xISBN + Amazon Covers Slide 4 Instant Messaging A virtual reference desk on the cheap Use Open Source software that supports AOL, Yahoo, MSN, iChat, etc see Library Success web siteLibrary Success Slide 5 Library 2.0 OPAC Ann Arbor District Library Weblog portal, RSS feeds, catalog(ue) cards North Carolina State University Faceted/pivot browsing Casey Bissons Weblog OPAC Comments, tags, RSS feeds, etc Huddersfield RSS feeds, tags, RSS/email alerts, suggestions, Greasemonkey scripts, etc Slide 6 Taxonomy vs. Folksonomy Taxonomy: Created by experts Controlled vocabulary Precise Exclusive Structured hierarchy High cost Yahoo Folksonomy: Created by end users Open vocabulary Vague Inclusive Tag clouds Low cost Google Slide 7 Ajax Asynchronous JavaScript And XML is a Web development technique for creating interactive web applications. webcat.hud.ac.uk:4128/modperl/ajax.pl Slide 8 Library 2.0 Library 2.0 is not about technology. (Michael Stephens, Tame the Web)Tame the Web If a miracle occurred one night and all of the problems with your library were gone (or we miraculously reached library 2.0 overnight), how would you know that a miracle had occurred? What would be different? What would the library be like? (Meredith Farkas, Information Wants To Be Free)Information Wants To Be Free Slide 9 Library 2.0 is not Slide 10 Huddersfield Developments RSS Library Account Feeds People who borrowed this Renewals via Email Keyword Search Alerts Serendipity Suggestions A9.com OpenSearch REST Interface to HIP Firefox Web Browser ( = Library 2-ish) Slide 11 RSS Library Account Feeds (1/2) Slide 12 RSS Library Account Feeds (2/2) Slide 13 People who borrowed this Slide 14 Renewals via Email Slide 15 Keyword Search Alerts Slide 16 Serendipity Suggestions (1/2) Slide 17 Serendipity Suggestions (2/2) Slide 18 A9.com OpenSearch (1/2) Slide 19 A9.com OpenSearch (2/2) Slide 20 REST* Interface to HIP (1/3) * Representational State Transfer Slide 21 REST Interface to HIP (2/3) Slide 22 REST Interface to HIP (3/3) Slide 23 Firefox Web Browser