Using Web 2.0 tools in the library

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Presentation given at the CILIPS event 2nd July 2009


  • 1. Practical uses for Web 2.0 inyour organisation Phil Bradley, Freelance Librarian and Internet Consultant.

2. Libraries and Web 2.0 Its not about the tools Its about the mindset Its about the activity Its about freeing up time Its about taking control 3. So! What is it that libraries and librarians do again? 4. Communication - weblogs 5. Minimum expectations 6. But how about...? 7. Flickr 8. But expand the use! 9. 10. Bookmarks/Favo(u)rites Share resources Network with colleagues Take a feed and place it onto an appropriate page Use it as a search engine 11. 12. Google RSS reader to sharecontent 13. Wallwisher 14. Nik Peacheys Wallwisher 15. Glogster 16. Home/Start Pages Netvibes Pageflakes Virtual library pages or portals Ease of updating Interactive 17. Social networking 18. Ning 19. Google groups 20. Wikis Self created websites Single/multi authored Public/private Quick and dirty/Very professional Short term task Long term project 21. PBworks 22. Disposable web pages 23. Google docs 24. Xmarks 25. Google Custom Search 26. Search with RSS 27. Instant chat 28. Ask a librarian! 29. Twitter 30. Add a Twitter feed to your blog 31. Yammer or Shoutem 32. Screentoaster 33. Instructional videos 34. 35. Embed presentations 36. WizIQ 37. Mash-ups 38. Podcasting 39. Audacity recording software 40. Multimedia 41. VoiceThread 42. One trick ponies They do one thing, very well. 43. LibraryThing 44. Bookseer 45. 46. And then... Blend it all together Web sites are now of different importance Everything should link to everything else 47. In summary ITANTTS (Its the activity, not the tool, stupid!) If a tool only does one thing, drop it Forget loyalty Try it and see what happens; understand what you want to achieve Combine and blend Take control! 48. Thanks to: (For the ask a librarian cartoon)