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Presentation on how libraries can use social media in their work, delivered at the International Young Librarians Academy, Latvia, August 2012.

Text of Your Library 2.0

  • 1. Your Library 2.0Young Librarians Academy August 2012
  • 2. Web 2.0 Services Content created by users User participation Social media, blogs
  • 3. Library 2.0 User-centered Multi-media experience Socially rich (IM, wikis, blogs) Communally innovative
  • 4. Your Tools Facebook (pages, events) Twitter (#hashtags) YouTube Blogs (others and your own) Local social networks Social networks about reading and libraries
  • 5. Choose Your Tools Your goal? Your target audience? Your message? The right tool(s) and activities Where is your target audience? What is interesting and attractive to them? What do you want them to think, know and feel?
  • 6. Who Uses It?Data source:
  • 7. Measure Your Success social media tools and stats count your clicks Facebook Insights for Pages Facebooks built-in statistics tool
  • 8. A Social Library Seattle Public Library, USA ( Cares about target audience Sets goals Fun!
  • 9. Online Advocacy Iasi Country Library, Romania Iasi Country Library Deserves a Home advocacy campaign using social media Goal: finding a proper home for the library Inspiration: Matt Harding ( Tools used: Blogs ( Facebook Flickr YouTube
  • 10. Want More Inspiration? The Librarian in Black The Shifted Librarian Letters to a Young Librarian #libchat every Wednesday on Twitter
  • 11. Thank You! Silvina Furnadzhieva Portal Specialist Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria