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  • LEARN ISLAM Ismail AlamiDecember 25, 2005www.dawahmemo.com


    Not to convert you to Islam.

    The goal is to simply present the religion of Islam to non-Muslims.

    To explain the basics of Islam in simple, and plain English

  • ISLAMIs a way of life and a philosophy of living that millions of people consult in their daily affair.True peace by submitting to Gods divine guidanceIt has its own answers to : Why are we here? Who is God? What kind of life should a person lead?What happens to us after we die?

  • ALLAHThe Arabic term for God


    The words of God revealed to Mohammed

    The meaning Recitation


    One who submits to GodIslam is NOT for Arabs only

  • DEMOGRAPHICS1.2 Billion (World Almanac 2001)

    1.6 Billion (CIA Worlds Fact Book + Muslim Education Trust Organization 1998)

    2nd Largest World Religion

    Islam annual growth rate 2.9%


  • Islam and other religions


    A person specially chosen by God to receive guidance and to pass this on to humanity

    25 are mentioned in the Quran

  • Names of Prophets in the Quran1.Aadam (Adam)14. Zulkifl2.Idrees (Enoch)15.Muusa (Moses)3.Nuuh (Noah)16.Haaruun (Aaron)4.Huud17.Daawood (David)5.Saalih18.Sulaimaan (Solomon)6.Ibraaheem (Abraham)19. Ilyaas (Elijah)7.Luut (Lot)20. Alyasa (Elisha)8.Ismaeel (Ishmael)21. Yuunus (Jonah)9.Ishaaq (Isaac)22. Zakariyya (Zechariah)10.Yaquub (Jacob)23. Yahya (John)11.Yuusuf (Joseph)24. Isa (Jesus)12.Shuayb25. Muhammad 13.Ayyuub (Job)

  • MUHAMMAD The meaning The Praised one

    The final prophet and messenger

    Sent to all of Humankind

    Has the same message as all the previous prophets before him( Moses, Jesus, etc.)

  • PILLARS OF ISLAM CreedPrayersFastingZakatPilgrimage

  • CREED (Shahadah)

  • CREED (Shahadah)The meaning: witnessing

    The first pillar of Islam

    Ash-hadu Alla ilaha il-allahu wa anna Muhammadar rasulullah

    I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.

  • PRAYER (Salah)



  • 5 PRAYERSFajr (Morning)

    Zuhr (Afternoon)

    Asr (Late Afternoon)

    Maghrib (After Sunset)

    Isha (Night)

  • ZAKAH (Charity)Meaning to purify their material possessions and money by donatingMoney goes to the poor, needy, orphans, etc.(1/40) 2.5% of surplus income (once the Muslims own and family needs have been taken care of

  • FASTING (Sawm)Muslims must fast in the month of Ramadan (9th month of Islamic lunar calendar)They must abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunsetThe purity and self-control is the more important aspect of the fasting than going without food

  • PILGIRAMGE (Hajj)Pilgrimage to Makkah, during the 8th to 13th of the month of Dhul Hijjah (12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar

    If Muslims have the means to do it they should do it once in their lifetime