Israel Internship Experience

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1. OVERVIEW OF EXPERIENCE 2. PERSONAL GOALS Three Personal Goals: Global Communication Skills Creativity Research Skills 3. ABRAHAM HOSTEL OVERVIEWThe Abraham Hostel Founders 4. PROJECT REVIEW PROCESS 5. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Specific Skills that have improved since this Internship include: - Professionalism and Work Ethic - Problem Solving - Communication 6. PERSONAL REFLECTION Classes that prepared me for this Internship were: -Concert Production-Ticketing-Food and Beverage Concentrations-The Special Events SocietyAmir Lev a famous Israeli performer Joined us at Abraham Hostel for a private Intimate concertWe were able to take a tour of the first Distillery in the Middle East. I was able to connect my beverage appreciation course towards the tour. The volunteers with one of the Owners Yaron Burgin. This took place At a Israeli Palestinian Peace Concert