Pathways to Wholeness Internship Experience

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Pathways to Wholeness Internship Experience. By: Chanessa Stanley. Getting Started as an Intern. Excited and anxious due to learning new things as an administrator Nervous about internal changes due to new learning environment Excited due to coming towards the end of my degree - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Pathways to Wholeness Internship Experience

Pathways to Wholeness Internship Experience

Pathways to Wholeness Internship ExperienceBy:Chanessa StanleyGetting Started as an InternExcited and anxious due to learning new things as an administrator Nervous about internal changes due to new learning environmentExcited due to coming towards the end of my degreeExcited about the challenge as an intern for an up and coming non profit agencyWorried about reaching the goal of hours from home

Getting Acquainted Agency Context most Learned:Exposed to the community of the agencyInteracted with staff members, executive director, IT staff, and site supervisorInteracted with job preparedness clients at partnered location(Friendship House)Involved and exposed to funding processAttended staff meetingExcel training by IT

Intern View of Agency ContextNational and Local Context due to women empowermentContinue gaining knowledge due to beginning processNot exposed to many of discussed contract assignments due to lack of funding

Developing Ethical CompetenceNo unethical observations at my internship due to given virtual tasksCurrent Employment Unethical Observations:No consistent weekly supervisionFalsifying DataExternal hiring without internal posts Solutions for Unethical ObservationsProfessionally discuss concerns (unethical hire)Adapt to possible change Observe environmental effects, which drives or decreases my attempts towards change

Using SupervisionThe first Supervision meeting consisted of Site Supervisor and Executive director, discussing intern goals during internship experience to convert into a contractSupervisions, located at the Panera Bread and few times at scheduled outings (library, state building, and Friendship House)Discussed questions, comments, and concerns of given tasks

Supervisory Challenges, Learned Problem Solving Tactics, and Expectations of a SupervisorChallenges Faced as an InternOver talked during a discussionProblem Solving TechniquesDiscuss concerns when askedCorrelate Cultural Competence Give time for things to work themselves outSupervisor Expectations Through ObservationFollow-up with staff feelings Thorough explanation of employee expectations to ensure employee successImprovement with Supervisory RelationshipImprove my questions to correlate with my concerns

Integrative Processing ModelStage Two: Reflecting, mostly relates to my work ethics as a change agent and as an internAssessing your reactions to situationsIt describes my ability to critique myself in order to provide adequate services Demonstrates me being open-minded during interactions during the job preparedness program, located at the Friendship HouseI ensure non-judgmental body language during interactions to ensure effective interventions and participations

Communication with ClientsEmployment Experience:Childrens Partial Care Case Manager(Previous)Community Interventionist (Full-time Employment)Community Living Specialist (Per Diem)Gained various experience in diverse settings:CommunityFamily SessionsIndividual SessionsParental Group FacilitatorInternship Experience Life Skills ExperienceMost Job ExperienceDe-escalation tactics with children and familiesLeast Experience GainedLife Skills Training

Communication with Clients (Continued)Most satisfying atmosphere as a change agentParent Support Group FacilitatorAdolescent InvolvementReasoning Behind Group ChoiceBoth groups are very vocal about their feelings and receiving honest feedback of interventions

Developing Cultural CompetenceDuring my internship I have not encountered minimal cultural differences due to the agency is an up and coming agencyConsistent contact with my site supervisor, who is of Ghanaian CultureInvolving cultural competence as an intern to increase understanding of possible reasoning of communication during between myself as the intern and my site supervisorGained Cultural insight as an InternCulture was not the focus during my internship, but instead the discussed goals of the programSocial Locations gained as an intern is having the ability to adapt to diverse client and staff personalities to accomplish the set goalsWriting and Reporting within Your AgencyWrote about my experience as an active participant with their job preparedness program, located at the Friendship HouseReports also involved documentation and researching data to input into an excel database , involving possible funding, existing donors, and development of fundraising activitiesStrengths of my reports are my ability to provide a complete view of staff informationImprovement for my reporting strategies are to decrease the sight of nervousness during presentingContinued growth with my reporting involves delivering through messages in a briefer manner

Taking Care of YourselfThroughout my internship experience I have learned my stressors, strengths, and ways to handle stressors.Internal StressorsFeeling of overwhelmed incomplete goals discussed due to lack of staff assistance External StressorsSporadic meeting cancelationsPending assignments due to failure of reschedulingUnmet deadlines of requested items by the internStress ManagementNot to take on more than can handleAsking questions to assist with effective completionStrengths as an InternIndependent assignment completionConsistently met assignment deadlines

Ending Your InternshipLearned Professional IndependenceGained administrative skills to assist with future endeavorsMinor things I should have looked further into is not looking further into an agency that could provide future employment and staff members with more to time provide to intern exposure to more administrative rolesNo Regrets due to the time schedule correlating with full-time employmentMy wants, feelings, and needs after the internship completion is to further grow as an administratorHow I plan continued growth is continuing education as an administrator and receiving continued constructive criticism for effective leadership

Planning Your Career My short-term goals are to continue to plan for the long-term goalsOverall goal is to continue my passion for advocacy through human services policy formulationGoals grow and change as I do as a personPlans of Goal CompletionCompletion of Masters DegreeAttend Networking EventsResearch Guidelines for set goalsSurround myself with professionals with correlating goalsAttend trainings and forums to continue education in career interest