Academic Internship Orientation Academic Reflection Of Your Internship Experience

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Academic Internship Orientation Academic Reflection Of Your Internship Experience Slide 2 What Is An Academic Internship? An academic internship is any carefully monitored work or service experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she or he is learning through the experience. Academic credit is earned for the experience. The internship is overseen by a faculty or staff member at the University of Memphis and by a designated representative at the internship site. Slide 3 Whats the difference? Part-time Job Great source of income, limited new learning opportunities generally. Academic Internship Purpose is to learn something new, acquire new skills and knowledge for future job preparation. Slide 4 The Learning Experience Learning can come from many different sources: The work assignments The work environment The work team The community partners Events that occur during your internship experience Slide 5 Get Prepared To Learn Be Open To New Experiences Start With A Great Learning Attitude Learn As Much As You Can Anticipate Your Experience Be Open To Feedback Become A Keen Observer Slide 6 Your Site Supervisor and Feedback Feedback is how we learndont be afraid of it! If youre unsure, ask for feedback! Learn from the feedback if youve made a mistake, learn from the mistake and excel in that activity next time! Slide 7 Academic Reflection Reflect Upon Your Experience and Ask Yourself These Questions: What did I learn through this experience? How have my previous courses prepared me for this? What would I do differently if I could repeat this experience based on my new knowledge? Slide 8 Your Academic Portfolio A Summary Of What Youve LearnedFor Now and For The Future Use The Outline In Your Internship Orientation Packet To Guide You Sample Student Portfolio Slide 9 Getting Started Learning GoalsWhat Do I Hope To Accomplish? Connecting Your Coursework To Your Internship Internship Site Research check the website, what does your employer provide to the campus or the community? Slide 10 Learning About Yourself Career Assessments Does this experience help you know more about your future goals? services/Focus services/Focus 2 Career Preparation Update your resume with your new skills, include in your portfolio Ask your site supervisor for a future reference Slide 11 Learning About The Experience Portfolio1-2 page typed summary Evaluate what skills youve acquired The new knowledge youve obtained The soft skills youve learned-teamwork, etiquette, culture, communication and more! Slide 12 Journaling and Time Log Time LogsKeep track of your hours; it will be too difficult to do at the endsample time logs in your packet. Personal JournalKeep notes of what you learn in a personal journal. Youll be able to recall experiences easier for your summary at the end. Slide 13 Program Evaluations Using the forms provided, gather evaluations from: Your faculty advisor (at the end) Your internship site supervisor (at the end) Your personal evaluationmidterm and final Copies of form in your packet, email Mrs. Tuberville for electronic forms to submit. Slide 14 Using This Experience In The Future Take Your Portfolio To Future Interviews for internships and Jobs, Scholarship Interviews Show What Youve Learnedinclude photos or project samples; demonstrate your experience creatively! Save on a DVDyou can keep it easily and share with future faculty and employers Slide 15 Resources Available Office of Academic Internships Career Services The Internship Team Members Faculty Advisor Slide 16 Remember This Is A Learning Experiences Education is revelation that affects the individual Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, 1780 It gives meaning to everything you have learned and makes practical sense of something youve known as theoretical. Student Intern Reflection Slide 17 An Internship Experience Will Be What You Make It Do Your Best and Make It A Great Experience!