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WPD Internship Experience

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  1. 1. WPD Internship Experience By Oliver Sangwa
  2. 2. Watershed Protection Department Interns Jennifer , Hassan, Rea-ann Oliver & Summer 2012
  3. 3. Austin Watershed Protection Department Mission: to protect lives, property and the environment of our community by reducing the impact of flood, erosion and water pollution.
  4. 4. As a Austin WPD OTC 12th floor Intern you get to Work side by side with certified Professional Engineers (PEs in civil engineering) and other city employees!
  5. 5. T-shirts Hats Shirts A badge to open doors Steel toed boats and vest for field work Sweet gift bags from the 11th floor(ERM) Candy from Ms. Perez
  6. 6. Exposure To Engineering Field GIS training and mapping Site plan analysis Field work Engineering terminology CIP project planning
  7. 7. Internship Activities Partner with Kathy Rock to advertise community Rain Garden Projects Attend community meetings at Amayas Call establishments to post flyers Work on the weekends to construct and clean up Rain Gardens Use GIS program to generate maps! Take and Report notes for supervisors
  8. 8. @ The Intern Corner we Hassans work space Olivers Corner Research and consolidate data into reports and maps, ex. Big Belly Report Attend Bi-weekly meetings every Monday Aid other employees . Ex. We created 75 information binders for the ERM , and document site plans in an excel spread sheets. Get involved with office activities like Toast Masters meeting and diversity reading. Get snacks from a the cube next door on long days, Thanks Ms. Erlinda!
  9. 9. Places Visited! Hornsby Bend Treatment Plant Holly Neighborhood City of Austin learning and Research Library The Commons at UT Austin restaurants Barbara Jordan Elementary Gus Garcia Middle School OTC Floors
  10. 10. @ WPD you can learn How to Construct and manage rain gardens What happens to rainwater runoff and sewage water How to operate ArcGIS to produce maps and locate data How to operate workplace technology like copy and printing machines Engineering terms like RSMP, Culverts, Easements, impervious cover and adverse Impact Networking and working collaboratively with different professions The City of Austin is a diverse and unique place.
  11. 11. Benefits! Wider point of view of the City of Austin Better knowledge and understanding of storm water infrastructure and management Exposure to Engineering work field. .Also Shade from the scorching Texas heat!
  12. 12. Overall as a WPD summer Intern you get an unforgettable summer experience! Thank you WPD Oliver Sangwa