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My internship Experience . Michelle Goodyear Senior, Health Education SIUE February 10- April 28, 2014. Environmental protection agency. February 10 th Collinsville, IL Pulled charts from surrounding counties Read their water fluoride readings 1.0 was considered an ideal reading . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My internship Experience

Michelle GoodyearSenior, Health EducationSIUE

February 10- April 28, 2014My internship Experience

February 10th Collinsville, ILPulled charts from surrounding counties Read their water fluoride readings1.0 was considered an ideal reading Environmental protection agency

February 18th Jerseyville Public Health DepartmentShadowed family planning nurseLooked at different handouts/brochures on STDs, family planning, and birth controlLearned about their WIC services

February 27th Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation in East St. LouisCassandra JohnsonMet with a Health EducatorLearned about HIV program: community outreach, testing at local WalgreensFamily and Children Clinic in Centreville, IL Shadowed Case managers Bibs and Booties program

Family planning clinics

Blue Prints

Environmental HealthAlphabetized by county, then city.Re-filed Took days..!

Listened to a tobacco cessation webinar.

Listened to a tuberculosis webinar. Webinars March 17th Attended a presentation by third year dental students from SIU. How to care for children/people with developmental and learning disabilities (Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy). Ease into cleaning their teeth Need more time Anderson Hospital

March-April1st ever PreziUpdated power point into Prezi

Sexual Coercion Prezi

Granite City, ILListened to modules on WIC services and the importance of breast feeding.Counseling skillsWIC 101Talked with a nurse and Oral health worker about what they do.Shadowed breastfeeding Coordinator/R.D.Cheerio Activity

Department of human services April 9th

Presented power point on Recent trends and relevant research on Tuberculosis at BiTE meeting in Granite City, IL. TB nurses from Madison County, St. Clair County, Jersey County, and St. Louis County Listened in on their meeting discussing current or past cases of TB.Bi-State TB elimination meeting April 10th April 17th Calhoun County Talked about ways to promote the Quitline Talked about their grant/how they are spending their money

Tobacco cessation grant meeting

Completed 300 hoursThank you