Intel My 1 st MECOP Internship Experience Ryan Bakker

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Text of Intel My 1 st MECOP Internship Experience Ryan Bakker

  • IntelMy 1st MECOP Internship ExperienceRyan Bakker

  • Job CharacteristicsJob DescriptionWeb Developer responsible for the creation, management, and testing of new/existing features and data pertaining to the ARK product database

    Hours40 hours/week8am 5pm

    Wages$21.34625 /hour

    Overtime?Permitted, but I didnt take advantage of the offer

  • Intel as an EmployerPlenty of lateral movement available (Rotation Engineers Program)Dedicated RCG (Recent College Grad) hiresBenefitsGifts (part of the Intern Program)Friendly AtmosphereEmployee Care

    Too many acronyms!!!

  • ProjectsMySMG Web PartMulti-Core Migration GuideExcel UploaderSales Lead EmailsBrand BadgeTechnology Info PopupContinuous Integration Dev Environment

  • Multi-Core Migration GuideAn online guide to be used by companies that wish to migrate their product from a system using a single core processor to one with multiple cores; contains methods for optimization of software and points to consider when making the decision to migrate. Also featured are a set of IA (Intel Architecture) systems that meet the requirements specified by the user.

    The purpose of the guide is to provide all the information the users company would need to migrate their product and improve their time-to-market using IA technology.

    ROI Me (High)ROI Intel (High)

  • MySMG Web PartA module that allows access to the auto-complete search available on MARK (the internal version of ARK) as well as other helpful pages on the website.ROI Me (Medium)ROI Intel (High)Excel UploaderUploads one or more excel files to the server and checks that they are in a specified format.ROI Me (Medium)ROI Intel (Medium)Sales Lead EmailsSends emails to contacts within Intel telling them what pages users have been visiting in CARE (the protected version of ARK).ROI Me (Medium)ROI Intel (Medium)

  • Brand BadgeAdded the brand badge image to the cpu pages in the form of a portable user control.ROI Me (Medium)ROI Intel (High)Technology Info PopupAdded a popup box that displays information about an Intel Technology when the user hovers over the technology name.ROI Me (Medium)ROI Intel (Medium)Continuous Integration Dev EnvironmentAdded functionality to automatically upload source code from source control to the development environment whenever a developer checks in code to the source control.ROI ME (High)ROI Intel (Low)

  • What Ive LearnedSkillsASP.NET (including AJAX)C#

    Courses that HelpedCS 195/295All my coding courses

    All in all, one heck of a time!