The HR Internship Experience

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  1. 1. The HR Internship Experience Integrys Edition Antonio Porter Summer 2014 HR Management DePaul University
  2. 2. About Antonio O Born and raised in Chicago Southside O ASPIRA Early College HS Belmont/Pulaski O Worked at Showplace Icon, Chicago Botanic Garden and The Container Store O Senior at DePaul University O Orientation Leader O Resident Advisor O Supervisory Resident Advisor O Interested in Law Enforcement and HR
  3. 3. Overview of Internship O Amazing opportunity THANK YOU! O Gain real world experience O Hands-on experience in the workplace O Useful contributor for projects O Correlates to material covered in courses O Recommendable internship and place to work
  4. 4. Internship Projects Client & Workforce Relations Recruiting Talent Services
  5. 5. ICE Project O Assist in creating modules used for training on new Open-cIS system O Create presentations for trainings O Efforts to standardize processes across all business units
  6. 6. Arbitration Case O Prepared case for legal counsel O Cross-functional project O Investigative work O Grievance steps O Useful knowledge for career O Fulfill information requests O Create flow charts to organize information and explain the complexity of the case
  7. 7. Ochoa Case O Marco Ochoa lived at an address where a gas diversion took place. O Gas diversions were found at five (5) other locations O Case: Had knowledge of the diversion and didnt act appropriately O Arbitration was postponed until Oct. 7th
  8. 8. Investigation Assistance O Note taker for Chris for an interview involving an employee using company property for personal usage O Data analysis O Checked how much overtime was paid to employees based on their loafing O Research and investigate O Computer/Internet Research from GPS records to find out employees
  9. 9. Recruiting & Staffing O Assist at job fairs O Answer general questions about the company O Provide profiles for current openings O Explain postings to attendees
  10. 10. Corrective Action Data Entries O An effort to input corrective action data into PeopleSoft O Learn patterns of PGL Culture that helped in other projects O Learn types of disciplinary infractions and the actions that correlates
  11. 11. Engineer Engagement Project O Assist in creating a survey that seeks engineers feedback about working for Integrys O Understand job culture amongst engineers O Brainstorm on effective ways to increase inclusion and cohesiveness in leaders
  12. 12. Internship Events Manlove Field Taste of Chicago Sox Game
  13. 13. LNG Tank
  14. 14. Mahomet Line
  15. 15. Valve Replacement Project
  16. 16. 2014 Summer Interns
  17. 17. White Sox Game
  18. 18. PGL Shop Ride Along North Shop Central Shop South Shop
  19. 19. North Shop O Portage Park Main Project O AMRP Construction work O Valve Replacement O Distribution Side of PGL
  20. 20. Central Shop O Service Side of PGL O Turn-On Requests O Service Meter Changes O Change meter location of a three- flat building
  21. 21. South Shop O High pressure main replacement project O Main pipe hit by contractor O Halsted O New services to houses O Sewer replacements O Watch & Protect
  22. 22. Impact on My Life
  23. 23. Graduation June 2015
  24. 24. Life & Career Decisions
  25. 25. Feedback HR Internship The Internship Program
  26. 26. Feedback O The overall experience was great and enjoyable. O Projects and tasks given to interns are informative and HR related. O No busy work O For projects from other departments, have clear expectations and deadlines. O The workload helps get a glimpse of full-time work life. O Start to introduce work-life balance O Go on a ride-along O Knowing the business helps to support them O Field employees appreciate your gratitude and curiosity
  27. 27. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!